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  1. If the deal with Funtogun falls thru I will take them - thanks!
  2. WTS NIB-PMAG-D-60-drums

    Hi Markopolo: Would you take $190 for two, since they can ship in the same box? Thanks! Moskito
  3. Hi RRO LLC:

    What sizes, condition and number of ACH helmets are you looking for?


  4. WTS: American 180 metal drum lower price

    Hi Cimg: You said make me an offer, so would you take $190.00 including insurance and shipping to PA? Also is the inside carrier of the drum aluminum or brass? Thanks ! Moskito
  5. WTS: American 180 metal drum

    Hi CIMG: I would like to ask you a few questions about your AM 180 magazine. Please email me at Remove the NOSPAM to reach me. Thanks Jim
  6. WTT / WTB semi auto and NFA items

    Hi Shohola PA: I am interested in your SG42 bayonet that you listed in your ad in StG. Unfortunately I do not have anything for trade that you listed - would you consider selling it rather than trading? Fire back when you can - my email is - thanks ! Jim GO ARMY - BEAT NAVY!
  7. Hi Rodney: I will accept your offer - mark them SOLD! How do I email you? - the email I got said not to reply to that email address. Sorry I am not very computer literate - thanks again Moskito
  8. Hi I would like to make you an offer on these three AUG mags - if you can take $85 for the three of them shipped I will take them. I don't have an AUG but maybe this will push me into getting one! Fire back when you can thanks!
  9. WTS: M2 AP 30.06

    Hi NickB: I will take this ammo! Email me at Thanks Jim GO ARMY - BEAT NAVY!
  10. WTS: M2 AP 30.06

    i nick B:
  11. Hi Mbell556 can you contact me at about your stock - thanks!
  12. WTB: M3 Tripod, T&E & M2 cradle

    Hi, have you found your tripod or are you still looking for the tripod & mount? Fire back and let me know thanks! Jim
  13. Hi Robert C: I might be interested in your Fox Demro can you send me more info on it? What all comes with it; mags, paperwork in box, etc. and do you have photos of it and the box? Are you the original owner, have you shot it - any idea of rounds down the tube? Thanks I will wait to hear back from you. Jim
  14. Hi JustinC: I had a few ? about your AM180 mags & stuff - do the E & L mags work well? - I don't know anyone who has ever used them. Is everything else you listed new and not used? Will everything be shipped insured for the full amount. Do you have any references? Are these the latest E & L version mags? Why are you selling them? - thanks Jim
  15. WTB: Looking to buy a Ruger MK II 10" barrel pistol in either Blue or Stainless - let me know what condition it is - from used to NIB - and what your asking for it. Contact me at : (remove the XXX to contact me) - I forgot to do this in the email last night - sorry! Thanks for the boards Buddy!