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  1. WTS: Nice Vector UZI-$12,995.00

    Very Nice Vector UZI for sale on form 4 in Boise Idaho area. I purchased the gun, sling, case, and 6 israeli magazines new in January of 2002. It has been fired very little (less than 1000 rounds at most) and it is in excellent condition. Asking $12995.00 Price includes sight adjustment tool, mag loader, and one $200.00 transfer and shipping to your dealer. Please contact me with any questions. (Phone/text: 208-484-1583 or email at Thank you, Brent Bowman
  2. Colt Light Machine Gun upper $2500.00 I purchased the Light Machine Gun upper new and have shot it very little. It came without a bolt or charging handle and I just used it as a closed bolt gun with my M16A1 bolt carrier group and charging handle. The Colt LMG upper ran flawlessly using my regular Colt M16 bolt group and standard A2 rifle buffer and spring. I have a new Colt M-16 bolt carrier group and charging handle that I can include with the gun for an additional $100.00 if you want to use it as a closed bolt gun. The following pictures show the Light Machine Gun upper on an AR-15 Carbine because I got lazy and didn't want to find a gun with a full stock, so it doesn't look quite like an original Colt Light Machine Gun in the pics, but I am sure you will be able to recognize what a cool variant of the M16 the Colt Light Machine Gun is. Contact me with any questions via email at, or call/text me at 208-484-1583. Thank you, Brent Bowman
  3. Sold Pending Funds-Nice Colt M16A1 for sale on Form 4 in Idaho for $23,995.00. Price includes newer Colt 14.5" M-4 upper with bolt carrier group, and complete all Colt Sub Machine Gun Conversion with 8 Colt 30 round magazines, Colt SMG buffer, Colt Mag Well Block, and Colt Magazine Loader. The 9 mm SMG upper was purchased new and has been fired very little. Also included are the original M16A1 upper receiver (pretty much stripped except forward assist, sights, and ejection port cover), four 30 round Colt M16 Magazines, one $200.00 transfer fee and shipping to your dealer. Original Colt handguards that came with the M-4 upper are also included. The M-4 Colt upper shown on the gun has been test fired only. I have owned this gun since 1999 and it has been my favorite firearm all this time, but I have not shot it very much, maybe 2000 rounds at most in all of these years. The gun is supposed to have come from a Police Department somewhere and has an unusual hole in the front of the magazine well that supposedly served some purpose in the PD, but I am not sure what the purpose was. Please contact me with any questions at cell/text 208-484-1583, or email me at Thank you, Brent Bowman
  4. Sold Pending Funds-Nice FNC-$13795.00

  5. Nice FNC with 3 shot burst on Form 4 in Idaho for $13795.00. Price includes rare FNC bipod, 3 M-16 magazines, owners manual, one $200.00 transfer fee, and shipping to your dealer. I purchased this gun as a semi auto that had been fired very little and Curtiss Higgins of S&H arms installed the sear, burst kit, and did all of the conversion work for me in June of 2004. I have only fired several hundred rounds thru this gun since it was converted in 2004. This gun runs great and is in nice condition. Contact me with any questions via phone/text at 208-484-1583, or via email at Thank you, Brent Bowman
  6. Sold Pending Funds-Super nice HK MP5 built for me by Terry Dyer in 2006. I shot the gun several times and then stashed it away in my safe so it looks brand new. The gun is registered on Form 1 as an SBR.Included with the gun are the collapsible stock, original fixed stock, old style fore end, 7 hk magazines, case, and owners manual. Asking $6600.00 including one $200.00 transfer and shipping to your dealer. Contact me with any questions by email at, or cell/text at 208-484-1583. Thank you, Brent Bowman
  7. Get Your SAWs Out! Linked 5.56 ammo

    Great prices on linked ammo! 5.56 Tracers-200 round belt of IMI M855 linked 4/1 with Lake City M856 Tracers and 100 round belt Lake City M855 linked 4/1 with Lake City M856 Tracers. Price is $210.00 ($0.70/round) plus $15.00 shipping. 5.56 SS-109 62 gr FMJ manufactured by MKE in Greece 400 rounds in links. Price is $240.00 ($0.60/round) plus $15.00 shipping. Mixed belt left overs-Belt of 34 Lake City M855 and a belt of 48 Santa Barbara (Spanish) SS-109 62 gr FMJ. Price is $45.00 ($0.55/round) Pay with check, money order, or credit card. Contact me with any questions at or cell\text at 208-484-1583. Thank you, Brent Bowman
  8. I have been looking around trying to figure out how much my HK MP5 is worth without the sear and am not having much luck coming up with a price? Very nice condition 3 lug, threaded barrel, paddle mag release, clipped and pinned SEF trigger group minus the sear. Made by Terry Dyer, looks like it is brand new. Registered as a SBR in Idaho. Anybody have an idea of approximately how much it is worth? Thank you, Brent Bowman 208-484-1583,
  9. Sold Pending Funds-Nice FNC-$13795.00

  10. MM23-E with MM21-E Conversion and Fleming Sear on Form 4 in Idaho (See Price Below) Very Nice MM23-E with MM21-E conversion and a bunch of genuine German HK23-E and HK21-E parts and accessories. The gun has probably been fired less than 1000 rounds in 5.56 and approximately the same in 7.62 x 51. MM23-E comes with: 2 heavy barrels with M249 SAW barrel bag Gun was built with scope rail on receiver, Burris AR-536 Prism sight on the gun is included. Factory HK23-E Newer Style Adjustable Height Bipod Factory HK23-E Belt Box Factory HK Forward Grip Factory HK23-E Sling MM23-E Belt Box NIW M249-SAW box adaptor with a variety of approximately eight 100 and 200 round M249 belt bags and boxes included. MM21-E Conversion Kit Includes: Standard MM21-E feed mech and bolt group. Two 7.62 x 51 barrels, one 24” and one 18” barrel with M249 SAW barrel bag that easily carries the complete MM21-E conversion kit, barrels, etc. Complete Factory HK21-E bolt head with slight modifications required to work correctly in an MM21-E Factory HK21-E #17 locking piece and # 9 locking piece Includes maintenance parts like extractors, firing pin, etc. Includes nice Boyt hardcase (like a Pelican Case) that the gun came from MM in. Will include multiple german MG42 non-disintegrating belts and M-60 links, the gun works great with either. Price for everything is $49,995.00 and I will pay one $200.00 transfer and shipping to your dealer. Contact me with questions, or to set up a time to come look at the gun. Email me for links to short youtube videos of the gun being fired. Thank you, Brent Bowman Phone\Text: 208-484-1583 Email Me At:
  11. What is an MP5 SBR by Terry Dyer worth?

    Thanks Guys, I appreciate the info. I am going to put ip for about $7200.00 and see what happens. It is a super nice gun. Brent Bowman
  12. About the Armalite AR-10B for sale: I wanted as much of the accuracy, velocity, and reliability of a full size Armalite AR-10 as possible, but in a lighter and more compact package to use as a hunting rifle so I built this AR-10. I purchased this rifle new as a 16" barrel carbine with an Armalite match trigger. I purchased a standard 20" barrel and the simple aluminum freefloat tube handgard from Armalite and had a local machine shop mill out the slots in the handguard to reduce weight. I sent the barrel, handguard, full length gas tube, and the original 16" upper receiver to ADCO and they reduced the barrel length by 2", crowned and fluted the barrel full length, and put it all together using the upper and bolt group that came with the gun. The result was a very accurate, more compact, and lighter weight AR-10 that is totally reliable and has taken 5 elk and a bunch of deer. The scope is a very nice Leupold VX-III 4.5 x 14 x 40 with a 30mm tube and a Boone and Crocket BDC reticle that works very well with the .308 loads I have used for hunting. The gun includes the original unfired 16" barrel, original handguards, original stock, YHM backup iron sights, one 10 round mag, six 20 round mags(3 still NIW), and three 25 round mags (2 still NIW). You can build a 16" upper to use as a shooter and keep the scoped 18" upper for precision shooting. The gun has been packed in the field quite a bit, but not shot much at all since it has always been a dedicated hunting rifle. Asking $1450.00 for everything and I will pay the shipping to your dealer if you live outside of Idaho. Would consider taking a Mossberg 590A1 shotgun for trade. Please contact me via phone/text at 208-484-1583 or email at Click the following link to see pictures of the gun on Flickr. Thank you, Brent Bowman
  13. Sold Pending Funds-Nice FNC-$13795.00