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  1. WTB: Colt Factory 4 Position FCG

    I assume you're looking for a Colt 4-way kit. DPMS also made a 4-way kit. Colt 4-Way Kit on GB Colt 4-Way Kit by Specialized Armament
  2. Item sold

    What is the model designation listed in box 4d? Thanks in advance
  3. 2 HK sears for sale

    Who is the manufacturer listed on the form of your HK sears? Can you post pics of the sears themselves?
  4. WTS: HK MP5 with extras, $24,000.

    Sorry guy...but you don't know what in the h*ll you're talking about. Do yourself a favor and read Tom Hoel's "THE MECHANICS OF THE HECKLER & KOCH NFA CONVERSIONS" from Small Arms Reveiw. It's not hard to find and it will help you understand HK conversions. IIRC...Hoel wrote a similar piece on Uzis as well...I suggest you read that one too. Good luck.
  5. WTS: HK MP5 with extras, $24,000.

    The sear you reference is a "trigger" sear, of course...found in every HK 9x firearm (semis, sear guns, factory full autos etc. etc. etc.) The unserialized full auto conversion sear can be clearly seen in pics 5 & 6, installed in the pack. It is of the variety where the trip is integral to the full auto sear...several makers made their conversion sears this way back in the day to include HTA, Ciener and David's Gun Room. The OP would need to clarify his pics, but I suspect some of the parts you question are extras or spares. The point is with a Registered Receiver with clip-on lower, the BATF considers the unserialized full auto sear a conversion device in and of itself...and cannot be separated from the registered receiver...just like a unserialized slotted bolt can't be separated from its RR Uzi. Thus, it's permanently married to the gun...unlike a registered (Fleming, Qualified or S&H) sear which is "married" to an unregistered short bbl'd host which can be divorced, once the short bbl'd host is registered. No play on words.
  6. WTS: HK MP5 with extras, $24,000.

    You both would be wrong. The receiver is the registered component, correct...but without alteration. The gun's conversion to full auto is accomplished via a non-serialized conversion sear. And yes, that non-serialized conversion sear is permanently married to the receiver...married to that unaltered receiver in exactly the same way a slotted conversion bolt is married to a registered receiver Uzi.
  7. WTS Colt AR-15 Machine Gun

    ??? The Colt pictured in this thread is not a Colt factory AR15 Model 614. It is clearly marked "SP1" on the mag-well, fire control markings are only "Safe" & "Fire" and the owner states it's an RPB conversion.
  8. WTS C&R, Transferable and Gatling Guns. $2800 up.

    pm sent
  9. WTS: Yankee Hill Machine Suppressors

    Do you answer your PMs? I sent a PM last night BEFORE you edited your ad for price increases.