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  1. Crux Axe 9 Saxon 5.56

  2. Crux Axe 9 Saxon 5.56

  3. Crux Axe 9 Saxon 5.56

    I have for sale a couple of crux suppressors, brand new ready to form 3 to your dealer. AXE 9 $500 shipped $450 SAXON 5.56 $500 shipped $450
  4. FS InterOrd USAS-12

    Excellent condition USAS-12 with full parts kit minus receiver, 3 stick mags and 1 drum with case. Pics should speak for themselves but if you have any questions please ask. $4000 plus shipping and insurance. All NFA rules apply. Contact:
  5. M60D kit for sale

    I sent you a message for pics.
  6. WTB Tactical Innovations AM15

    I'm looking for a tactical innovations am15, if you are looking to sell let me know what you have.