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  1. WTS: No letter postie's

    Nate, its your old buddy kirk in wisc. I will take the aa arms postie for 500.00 if you want.
  2. Thompson 1928 a22 magazines

    If i remember correctly, those magazines also worked in the mitchell 22 copy guns.
  3. Value of a Sionics M14 suppressor?

    I was watching one on gunbroker a week ago. It started at one dollar. Sold for almost 400.00
  4. Tippman .22 Semi 1919A4 current pricing?

    I bid on one on gunbroker about 2 months ago. It sold for 4500.00
  5. Its simple supply and demand. The market demand sets the price. My local gun store cant keep mosins in stock at 300 to 350. He routinely gets 350 to 900 for sks rifles. Think of all the hoarders out there. I have over 100, 000rds of ammunition and just bought another 5000rds on black friday. What good are guns without ammunition! The days of cheap surplus are gone. Most of the countries that used to sell it are now using it themselves because they are in a war, or are shipping it to other countries that are in a war. 40 to 50 cents a rd is cheap compared to what new ammunition costs. I buy as much as i can.
  6. Need help fixing Glock Select Fire

    I am a class 2 manufacturer and have about 50 auto sears for the glocks. Yes, the select fire versions wear fast, it is always the semi auto position that goes bad, but who cares. I keep all my sears locked in full auto. I have some sears with over 6000rds on them and they are still running great. I can make you a full auto only sear if you can get a letter, or see if i can fix yours.

    Mike, do the 4473 with his new address, and when that is approved, he should send in a 5320 to the batf notifying them of a permanent move.
  8. What good is I'll gotten gains when your burning in hell for it! I simply have a hard time buying from old people as I pay too much because I don't want people to think bad of me and I just plain feel bad for the elderly. Friend of mine died about 2 yrs ago, he had about 900 guns . Sold off alot and was down to 58 guns when he was at death's door. I tried and tried to get him to let me take them and get top dollar for his wife, he always said some day. Well , some day never came, . Local dealer swooped in and bought all the guns and ammo for litterally next to nothing. Then dealer is laughing to me how cheap he got everything. Some of the guns he made over 1000.00 on. How can you rob a widow? I've actually dispersed a collection for a widow before. Didn't make a single penny on it, nor would I. Character is very hard to find today.
  9. Recommended dealer request

    This has been going on for yrs. I'm a class 2 manufacturer in Wisconsin. Wish I could help. When I transfer something in, the only time I touch it is to verify the serial number, then have the customer inspect it, then it gets put away until approved. Friend of mine bought a 1919 from Bob Landis many yrs ago. He seen the gun in person, it was mint condition. Landis even told him to take what parts he could so it wouldn't get fired, but he trusted the dealer in Wisconsin. Needless to say, when the gun was approved, mind you back then it took only about 45 days, the gun was completely shot out! The dealer said Landis must have switched parts! Riiiggghtt! That dealer is out of business, wonder why. Unfortunately it is hard to find a reputable dealer. Good luck.
  10. Possible SCAM AlERT -

    Well, a couple of things set off red flags. The Uzi is way too cheap. The mark 23 is way too cheap. There are quite a few sentences that aren't 100% correct use of English, usually a good giveaway of a scammer. Finally, the Glock is for sale on this sight in the semi auto section. Same exact description! For sale by leonidas. So, it would appear someone is scamming?
  11. WTK: Arsenal AK SA M-7 A1 semi auto value

    I would say between 8 to 900.00 max. nothing really special about them. They still make very similar versions for under 1200.00. It has been my experience after yrs in the business, that the only ak47 that sell easily and for big money are the polytechs and Norinco.
  12. WTN :Opinion on MP 40 Kit

    Seems high for the amount of damage to it. Larger show I was at seen complete mp40 there, it was battle used, but in a good way. All there except one section of receiver. He wanted 1800.00 and it was still there at end of show.
  13. New to forum New to MGs

    I bought a factory 556 with 3rd burst many yrs ago. Paid 1100.00 for it. Also bought m16 same time for 2000.00 the ruger was a reliable gun as long as using factory mags, but overheated very quickly, after about 4 mag dumps. 22 kit from ciener jammed alot. After about 2 months of owning it, I never shot it anymore because you would have to let it cool. The m16 I just simply changed uppers and kept shooting. Ended up selling the ac556 and bought a stemple and 2 Mac 10s in 45 and 2 Mac 11s in 9. Never missed the ruger. My advice would be to spend the extra and get a m16. You will be much happier with the m16.
  14. WTK EFile 5320 Form

    You will NOT get anything back from them saying they received it. Time line? HA! It's the government! Every single 5320 I sent in before I was a dealer, came back approved AFTER I had already went to where I needed to go with my class 3. I just took a copy of the sent in forms. Never a problem. I had one 5320 come back 2 months after the date I needed! Government workers are even more pathetic than union workers!
  15. Raufoos .50 BMG ammo

    Lots of fake rds! A couple yrs ago on gb there were a few hundred that gb refunded money back if I remember. No way would I buy a 75 to 100 each rd without proof.