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  1. Anybody reloading .55 Boys?

    I really dont think the 50 conversion hurts value, i actually think it raises the value.. Ammo is easily and cheaply available, and if you need to sell quickly no waiting for paperwork. That being said, if there was plenty of cheap 55 boys ammo around, then yes original is better. There is a very super small market for guns where ammo is extremely hard or exspensive to get. I will tell you this, i have shot alot of 50s, and the boys kicks the worse.
  2. Anybody reloading .55 Boys?

    Why dont you get it converted to 50bmg? Friend of mine wanted a boys, but like you ammo was prohibitive. He found one converted, and best of all, no special paperwork. There was 2 of the converted guns that just sold on gunbroker. I think the went for about 4 grand.
  3. AK 47 Underfolder Conversion

    Well, that depends if its a bring back original or a conversion gun. Original, yes quite a bit. Conversion not much. You have to cut the back off for the wood stock. Not a big deal. I have done this a few times on the norincos to get rid of the thumbhole stocks. I have also opened up the wasr 10s to take 30rd mags. With the right equipment not a difficult job. However, when you take the folder off your going to have 2 big holes. You can either weld over them and smooth them out or plug them for use later. If you plan on keeping it for a long time no big deal. If you plan on selling it in a few yrs leave it alone. A good metal welder can easily do the conversion and bring it back, but it wont be cheap as the gun will have to be refinished everytime you change it.
  4. I have for sale a very rare gun. It is a rnd maufacturing 338 lapua semi auto. Model is 3000. Has one detatchable magazine. It is basically an ar15 on steroids. It has a 6 to 34 power nightforce scope on it that cost 2600.00 It comes with a super nice military green drag bag. Also comes with 100rds of hornandy match ammo that cost 500.00. These guns were made by loyd desentis, and are known for their reliability and accuracy. If you are looking gor a wow! Or a what in the hell is that! gun, you found it. These seldom ever come up for sale. I took it on a trade deal, and just dont need it as i have a few 50s and a anzio 20mm. If interested, call me at 715 523 0122 Thanks. Kirk
  5. Would be nice if you answered your texts or phone or emails. I have tried all with no responce. Apparently you don't want to sell anything
  6. I have for sale new in case full concealed folding glocks for sale. I have model 19s and 43s for sale. Your choice 650.00 each plus 15.00 shipping. Thanks. Kirk 715 523 0122
  7. crooks! ripped off by armed response llc in missouri

    I finally got the sear back. He texted me saying here is the tracking number, i then politely said thank you. Then a minute later he sends another text saying here is another tracking number. I think he gave me a false tracking number first thinking i was going to tell him what a pile he was. Once i was polite then he aends me a real tracking number. So glad im done with that loser.
  8. WTB: MG34 MG42 Parts
  9. I have for sale an assortment of parts for the mg34. I had a full auto mg34 and the guy i sold it to didnt want the extra stuff. I have 2 very good barrels. Numerous steel belts and links and starter tabs. Factory hand cranked belt loader . numerous bolts, pins, springs, and stuff i dont even know what its for. Probably enough parts to keep 3 guns going. I just always have a habit with the beltfeds i own to continually buy any parts for them when i see them for sale. I am asking 1000.00 for all of it delivered. Im sure i have twice that amount in it. Will not seperate any parts. Must buy it all. Thanks. Kirk. 715 523 0122.
  10. WTS .40mm hornets nest

    I have for sale 3 of the 40mm hornets nest launchers. Two of these fire 18 rds of 22 at one time and the other one fires 10rds of 22 at one time! These are super fun a crowd pleaser. Takes a large pistol primer. All of them work great. These seldom come up for sale. These will not fit in 37mm launchers. The 18 shot are 800.00 each deliverd. The 10 shot is 700.00 delivered. Any questions? 715 523 0122. Thanks. Kirk
  11. crooks! ripped off by armed response llc in missouri

    Whoa. Just finally got this crooks full name. It is david kenik. Google him in Missouri. Wow! He is a scammer! Shut down by the feds for scamming people with a false charity to help police. This guy is a real turd! Yep, next step im contacting the police, im sure they will help once they run this crooks name!
  12. crooks! ripped off by armed response llc in missouri

    Yeah, i think gettibg law enforcement involved is next step. Address is Armed responce llc 14304 hennick rd Sainte geneveve mo. 63670. Phone number is 401-465-8484 Thanks
  13. crooks! ripped off by armed response llc in missouri

    He has a registered post sample lower, so his sear isnt registered, just the glock lower, so he can buy parts without a transfer. But yes, between 2 dealers it is a form 3 unpaid transfer. I gave him a deal of 300.00 for the sear because i actually thought he was a nice guy on the phone and the other sear he bought from another dealer wasn't working, so i thought i wouls help him out. I normally sell them for 5 to 600.00. This is what i get for being nice! There was nothing said about him tryibg it out and then paying me, he said he would send me a check as soon as i said his gun worked. I dumped 2 mags and sent him tracking number. He called and said thanks and seemed happy and i figured he would send a check asap. Fast forward 3 weeks after he recieved the gun back and all communication from him ceased. I finally got him to respond by being nasty to him. Apparently thats the only way he likes to communicate according to the text messages from him. I have sold over 100 of these with no problems. Its going on 1 1/2 months now and no payment. I told him to send his gun back and i would see whats going on. He said nope as i wouldnt send his gun back to him. Not only would that be a major federal felonie, im not a low life like him. I tried everyrhing so as not to have to exspose him on here, tried everything, just wanted to get paid. Oh well, at least others will know not to deal with him or get the money up front. I doubt he will ever pay me, as he just seems and acts like a total douchebag.
  14. crooks! ripped off by armed response llc in missouri

    I thought about the batf also, but dont think there is much they can do. Im sure im not the first person that has had problems with this nut job. I ran 2 mags through the gun, worked perfect. I really dont know what his issue is. Told him to send the gun back and the sear even though i still havent been paid for it and i would do what it takes to fix whatever he thinks is the issue. He said i would keep his gun if he sent it to me. The guy is a douche bag, i am not. Not only would that be illegal on my part, the batf would be all over that. I go out of my way to make my customers happy. He hasnt even paid for it, and im still willing to try and make him happy. Unfortunately im too trusting. If he had a pronlem with it all he had to do was say , hey kirk im sending it back , see if you can look at it. As soon as he got the gun and sear, all communication immediately ended from him. Took 3 weeks and me getting nasty to finally get a response. Now his responces are nothing but idiotic ramblings and swearing. Seems that is the only way he wants to respond. Its a shame you cant trust fellow gun owners.
  15. crooks! ripped off by armed response llc in missouri

    He just texted me now again. This time swearing at me because i misspelled and used words incorrectly according to him in my last text message to him. This guy is an absolute nut job! Stay clear of any dealings with this lunatic. He obviously is dilusional and still thinks that somehow i ripped him off? Even though he has the sear and hasnt paid me yet. Why did my first crook have to be a nut job also.