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  1. Auto ordnance tommy guns full auto

    Thanks for the pics. Those are way nicer than these. These are definitely repos. I appreciate everyone's comments and help. Its helped me out greatly. Thanks.
  2. Auto ordnance tommy guns full auto

    The drums are just standard drums, not colts. I don't know how to tell if the cases are real?
  3. Auto ordnance tommy guns full auto

    Any idea on value?
  4. can someone help me out with identifying and putting a rough value on 2 thompson machinegjns. Sorry, no pics are able to be obtained right now. Person has 2 auto ordnance tommy guns. Select fire, transferable. He has owned them for at least 25yrs or more. They both are in fbi cases with 50rd drums and a few stick mags each. Both have been fired, but not since he has owned them. He swears they are salesman samples, but have no other markings on them except auto ordnance west hurley. They are consecutive serial numbers which are 789a and 790a. I would like to know if possible what year they were made and roughly value. He thinks they are worth 100,000 for the pair, and claims he was offered 75,000.00 for the pair about 10yrs ago. Thanks for any info. Kirk in wisc.
  5. Who do you use to ship firearms?

    How are they going to know if its actually parts or a gun taken apart? If they asked i always told them gun parts. Shipped no.less than 30 handguns this way. Never a problem. Its not like they are going to open the package and try to assemble it.
  6. Colt Thompson Price help

    My dealer friend just sold one with alot of extras and a drum on gunchoker. Started it at a 1.00. It was made in 1943. It ended at 24800.00 30 to 40 seems way high. Auction houses might bring more, but it takes months by the time you send it to them and to get paid. Then they hit you.very hard with fees.
  7. Who do you use to ship firearms?

    Very easy way to get around the usps non dealer handgun ship is to simply take the gun apart and ship it as gun parts. Did this many many times before i became a dealer.
  8. I shoot all my machineguns all the time. Dont care what their worth. What is the point in having something if you cant enjoy it. I know quite a few people that have machineguns but never shoot them because it costs too much, but yet they will never sell them until their dead. I know one guy in particular who has owned 4 machineguns for over 35yrs and has never ever shot them even once. He prints out a paper every year to show people how much they have gone up since he bought them, but he would rather die than sell them. So what good did they do him? I had one of my first m16s that i fired at least 20,000rds through it. When i sold it, i made 10,000.00 profit off it. So shooting it didnt hurt it at all. I wouldnt care if i had a gun worth a million dollars i would still.shoot it. Dont even get me started on people who collect cars or tractors and then just leave them sit for years.
  9. WTB: My first machine gun preferably FN FNC

    Thats the beauty of a machinegun. All other rules dont apply. You can put as short a barrel as you want on it or any stock length you want. I have a 6 inch barreled upper with a tiny collapsable stock. Alot of firepower in a tiny package. You want to convince your wife, simply look up and print out for her starting in 1985 how much per yr m16s have gone up. In my opinion m16s are actually underpriced. They are the most versatile machinegun out there. What other gun has such cheap parts availability and ease of maintnance. If you look around im sure you can find a dealer who will take your 8000.00 as half down on a m16 and let you make payments until the transfer is approved.
  10. Form 3 eForm is great!

    No. Efile is only for dealers. Most of my dealer to dealer transfers are approved the same day through efile. There is no reason this cant be done for form 4s. They just dont want to. They want to discourage people from buying class 3 items by taking as long as possible so people say forget it.
  11. looking into my First Transferable Machine gun

    My very first subgun was a mac11. Paid 600 new in the box. What a pile! Cheap plastic mags that jammed and broke all the time. Had andrewski convert it to sten mags. Big improvement but gun was, is cheaply built. Broke the rear of reciever off right away. Welded it back on. Semi quit working right away( didnt care) these guns before 1985 were only 100.00 and thats all their worth in my opinion. The novelty wears off quick when your mag empties in less than 2 seconds . sure you can get slow fire uppers, but its no mp5. If its all you can afford then yes get a mac. Forget the reisings, as there are no mags available or parts available. Stens are ok, i own one but mags are real finicky. I have several ak47s. Excellent guns and always a crowd pleaser. You cant go wrong, but buy it in 762x39 caliber. I have 2 mp5s. The grand daddy of subguns! If you can afford one then yes get it. Thousands of rds through mine with absolutely no problems. My recommendation, If you can save more, get a m16. Get hot when shooting?, simply change the upper and keep shooting. Want a beltfed? Change the upper. Tons of different calibers also just by changing uppers. It all comes down to budget. If your limited, buy the mac, it will get you by for awhile, but you will get bored with it. If you can afford extra, go with the 16.
  12. WTB: My first machine gun preferably FN FNC

    I have seen converted transferable ar15s listed for 15,000.00. My advice would be to sell something or save a bit more for the m16. You will be MUCH happier than with the fnc. 5 or 6 full mag dumps with the fnc and its too hot to keep shooting without risking damaging hard to get parts. Not only that, but every time you shoot it, its going to be in the back of your head that you have to take it easy as parts are non existant. To me they are artificially overpriced. Reminds me of the 2 ac556 (basically ruger mini 14s converted to full ) that i owned. Worked good, but overheated very fast and good mags are hard and exspensive to get. Id run 4 or 5 mags through them and then had to leave them sit until they cooled. Extremely glad i got rid of them. Parts are scarce on them also. I bought 2 m16s and have quite a few post samples also. We shoot them all day non stop. With a 16 who cares. Parts wear out, just replace them. Ive got a 16 that ive put over 20 thousand rds through it, and who knows how many before me. Ive got 6 different uppers for my 16s. Only thing i ever broke was a charging handle and one extractor which i blame on a cheaper bolt i bought. When people ask me what first gun they should get i always tell them a m16. Cheap and available parts, super easy to maintain and can run all day long. What other machinegun can you say the same thing about?
  13. WTB: My first machine gun preferably FN FNC

    Just my opinion, but i would pass on the fnc. Good guns, but parts are scarce. First gun in 556 hands down a m16. Parts are extremely cheap and you can put any length upper on it you want because its a machinegun. You can also litterally shoot it non stop 24/7. When one upper gets hot simply change it out in a few seconds. Lots of drums available. Also get a shrike upper and now you have a beltfed.
  14. SOT dealer moved during transfer

    As long as YOU havent moved before the transfer took place, your fine. The dealer legally has to notify the batf that he was moving and they would inspect the new premises and issue a updated license to him. This might delay your paperwork a bit as the batf is a typical incompetent government entity. Now they hopefully can find the paperwork and send it to his new address and not his old address.
  15. Warning! Crook alert! JOE GERLACH

    Yes the gun was in the crate. The gun wasnt secured at all. Just rolling around. The cocking handle was just rolling around inside also. Instead of a wooden top cover he just put a piece of cardboard on the top and roughly taped it on. The cardboard was almost completely torn off.