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  1. My last MG transfer went through in three months door to door (Form 4 individual) and covered the 1/7/2016 to 4/8/2016 timeframe. There are two things going on from my point of view: After a recent debacle where MGs were gradually "morphed" into more expensive models, the ATF is actually monitoring form correctness much more closely. Unfortunately, because they did not do so in the past and were not strict, some transfer histories look out of whack. There also seems to be many new people at the NFA branch which is causing confusion and delays.
  2. Prefer USPS MO for payment. Can accept Paypal via gift or 3.5% markup. Although stock and upper are for sale separately, I won't sell the stock unless the upper is sold. Lage folding stock $160 shipped MAX-10/45 MK1 Legacy Upper. Includes speed bolt option. Barrel threaded 5/8"-24. Slot in front handguard professionally machined wider to allow removal with flash hider attached. Sights and flash hider NOT included. $700 shipped
  3. In general, any modifications to fit a legitimate, registered drop in sear would not make the underlying weapon subject to the NFA. However, this very much depends on the details of the conversion. Can you share them? I've never heard of an autosear for an M1A (doesn't mean they don't exist). If done improperly, the base rifle could be ruled a post-sample MG.
  4. Selling a Machine gun

    As an individual, one would fill out a Form 4 and send it to the ATF with $200 ($5 for AOW transfers) . This applies to an in-state transaction to an FFL/individual or out-of-state transaction to an FFL. When the approved form is returned to you, send the item off with the approved form, assuming all payments have cleared. Again, sellers hold all the cards in this hobby.
  5. Selling a Machine gun

    The ATF approved and stamped (if applicable) form is sent to the seller, so even that is moot.
  6. Selling a Machine gun

    In many ways, the seller holds all the cards. If you don't transfer the MG until all payments are clear, you will be protected. It's up to the ATF to approve or disapprove, so that shouldn't bite you either. I haven't heard of scams being run on the seller unless it involves a partial late payment that really isn't good. Maybe someone else can fill us in.
  7. WTS Ruger AC556 Parts

    BTT with price reductions
  8. WTS Ruger AC556 Parts

    Yes, but my rifle is wearing it.
  9. Parts are from an excellent condition, blued, series 192 AC556. Some parts can also be used on the Mini-14. Prices include shipping. Paypal accepted +3.5% or gift. Trigger group $450 SPF The original gun serial number has been electro-penciled onto the frame right where the mag enters. It's small and done relatively neatly, but I should mention it. Rocker arm and spring $50 SPF Op rod $50 $40 Rear sight set. Some wear on the ears and I think this is missing a small spring for the elevation detent $25 $20
  10. FOIA Response: MG Count

    The numbers are a bit more depressing when one considers that there are still some transferrables possessed by law enforcement agencies. While dealers may be able to trade some out for new posties, I suspect a large number of those guns are effectively post samples for all intents and purposes due to department policies against their sale. We'll be lucky to see those as parts kits. I wonder if anyone has any metric as to the "true transferrables"? i.e. Transferrables actually in the hands of individuals.
  11. I also wondered if this was possible. It's nice that the ATF is making an effort to keep all this legit. Thanks for the tip!
  12. Who sells 25-rd or 50-rd PKM belts?

    I had to go Google some images and I think I know what you're talking about now. Sounds like you can pull the last round in the belt and re-insert it to chain in the next 50 rounds. My belts are for my Maxim and aren't built that way.
  13. Who sells 25-rd or 50-rd PKM belts?

    I don't know who sells the shorter belts, but you can make your own from 250 round belts. RobertRTG sells the starter tabs and linking wires on this page. You could disassemble a long belt and rebuild it into what you want.
  14. Need suppressor for Mac 10

    The traditional look screws onto the factory threads. The threads are coarse, and the can unscrews easily, so it is generally a grip point when shooting the gun. There are a few manufacturers out there for this style. Invest in a "can lock" if you can. You can look for an old school MAC can for cheap, Gemtech has the Viper, Bowers has theirs, etc. Not too many are made though. A non-traditional alternative is to have someone thread the barrel for your favorite device. This can sometimes involve machining down the old threads to preserve barrel walls. Sam at Practical Solutions can do this.
  15. Blackside Suppressor on 45/70

    I think you'll certainly destroy the suppressor and possible injure yourself. I have one of those cans, and it has an aluminum body that will not withstand rifle caliber pressure. You might look at offerings by Bowers, Yankee Hill and others. The first two have wonderful customer service and are less expensive than other choices. As a side note, these questions are best answered by the manufacturer. There are surprising nuances to construction that affect performance across calibers.