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  1. Value of Furr Arms Gatling Gun

    I looked further, one sold in April for $13,200, functional as is mine. Mine us also complete with all matching numbers and one extra bolt.
  2. Value of Furr Arms Gatling Gun

    Thanks, Mike. Yes, it uses the Broadwell magazine, 15 rounds per stack, 240 total. After each stack is exhausted the operator turns the drum to the next one, just like the original. I only have the one drum.
  3. Value of Furr Arms Gatling Gun

    Tga, I sent you an email regarding the Gatling gun, this thread is 2 years old but if you are interested in the Furr gun let me know.
  4. Universal Enforcer Carbine, M2 conversion--$8,400

    Reduced to $7500.
  5. Universal Enforcer Carbine, M2 conversion--$8,400

    Price drop, $8400.00
  6. Universal Enforcer Carbine, M2 conversion--$8,400

    Price reduced to $9,800.00.
  7. Nice little Universal Enforcer carbine, M1 converted to M2,originally registered in 1968. Some scratched on the stock as evidenced by the photos, stored for last 15 years. $7500 plus shipping and insurance, can go out on a Form 3 E-file.
  8. Anyone heard from Bill Fleming?

    Thanks for the update, anyone have any more recent account of him?
  9. Anyone heard from Bill Fleming?

    I haven't seen/read anything about him in a few years. I wrote to him when he was in prison, and know that some time after he got out his wife got cancer and there was an effort to help with her medical costs as they had no insurance. I've lost contact with him and seeing a post about one of his guns made me think of him. Anybody know his situation?
  10. Incoming is a Universal Enforcer M2 Carbine. This gun was registered during the 1968 amnesty and a copy of the original registration will be included with the sale. I anticipate having it in my possession by the end of July, 2019 so I will entertain offers at this time.
  11. Grease Gun & M2 Parts

    I just sold two M3 bolts and a barrel on GB, got lots more than I expected, almost $1000 for all three. Just to give you something to go by.
  12. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

    I have several pre-86 guns, including an HK33, a Thompson M1A1 and maybe a couple others I'd be willing to part with. Contact me at bmitch1948(at) gmail for pics, price and info.
  13. Value of Furr Arms Gatling Gun

    I've frequently extolled the advantages of machine gun ownership, telling folks they usually out-perform the stock market and are much more fun to play with.
  14. Value of Furr Arms Gatling Gun

    Update to this thread: I got the gun back from Mr. Keith Furr, who very graciously repaired it and also polished it to a fair-thee-well. It is beautiful and now I have to polish the carriage parts to match. I shot it a couple of weeks ago and the only problem I had was the rounds would stick in the magazine and I ended up feeding them by putting downward pressure on each stack. Once down to the breach they fed fine and it's a hoot to shoot. Keith gave me a couple of suggestions for helping the feed problem and I'll try them next time. I've made wooden storage boxes for the barreled receiver and magazine to protect them during transportation, tried to use hardware that sort of matched the period. I'm no woodworker nut they turned out decent. I'll probably go enjoy this a while and then shop it around, it should be cared for and used by someone that appreciates it and I won't be around forever. I'll try to post some pics when I get to my computer.
  15. Sig,


    I have a customer wanting a Savage Thompson if possible, his Dad carried one in the War.  Are you firm on the price?  I'm passing on the pictures and details about the gun to him to gauge his interest.  Thanks.


    Bill Mitchell 

    1. Sig 357

      Sig 357

      I have reduced the price several times.  I have a tiny bit of room left.