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  1. How to convert file to EFT for fingerprint cards

    I'll check with my UPS store, but I'm not very confident they can do it. I'm trying to figure how to complete the efile process without attaching the prints.
  2. New form 4 Fingerprints?

    I'm working on my first efile form 4, no eft print cards, my local LE don't do it, so I'll have to mail them in, but how can I get the form to complete and process without the prints attached in an eft file? Also, it keeps asking for a responsible person even though I checked individual transfer, so I get an error message.
  3. I'm doing my first e-file Form 4, I expected a steep learning curve, but everything has gone pretty smoothly except I cannot figure how to scan fingerprint cards into an EFT format that NFA Branch requires. Can someone point me where I can get this handled?
  4. Need help identifying this parts kit

    I honestly don't know what all is there, I just took the pic as I was inspecting everything in the estate. Should I get another chance to view it I will look more closely. I've made an offer on all the gun-related items, just waiting on the executors (yes, two sisters are both executors of the estate) to make a decision.
  5. PPS43 and FBP kits FS

  6. PPS43 and FBP kits FS

    Partial kits of the PPS43 and FBP submachine guns FS. Pics show what is included in each. FBP kit has no bolt/spring assembly included, and PPS43 kit has no barrel. $75 for each plus shipping.
  7. Need help identifying this parts kit

    Upon closer inspection, isn't that a stock peeking out on the lower right of the picture, justleft of the barrel? I think so.
  8. Need help identifying this parts kit

    Nope, haven't found any stocks for some reason.
  9. Need help identifying this parts kit

    The old Vet had these kits too, more SA 26 stuff?
  10. Need help identifying this parts kit

    A better pic of the kit, including the bore of the barrel.
  11. I found this old Ruger Standard pistol RST4 barrel, pretty good shape, great bore, shows some age and wear. 4 1/2". $75.00.
  12. Need help identifying this parts kit

    OK, yeah, the 24 had a wooden stock and the 26 the folding wire stock. So mine is a 26, thanks for the help. I'm trying to sort through the box of assorted parts I have to identify everything that goes with the VZ 26. I have the foregrip and half of the pistol grip, its broken. Anyone selling these parts kits or a complete transferrable or pre-sample of this, I've never seen one offered that I recall?
  13. AS part of an estate of a deceased Vietnam Vet I've been loaned this parts kit to identify, evaluate, and possibly sell for the relatives. I think it is a Czech SA 24 sub gun but I'm no expert on them so please help me with this. There are some other parts but I don't think everything (besides a complete tube) is included but there is a bakelite handguard, part of a broken grip, and maybe a trigger assembly.
  14. M203 launcher--NFA or class I?

    Here is a pic of the launcher. I've not found any online pictures exactly matching this configuration.
  15. M203 launcher--NFA or class I?

    There are no markings on this, no serial number, nothing. I'll see if I can post a pic.