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  1. 22 Full auto questions

    I use an Atkinson conversion kit with a dedicated barrel and have several of the original mags for it. BUT I also have a 22 belt-fed upper from Lakeside Machine (no longer in business) which I really like but it requires changing out the buffer spring, not a big deal but more than simply changing the uppers. Eric Gratz(sp) was the owner of Lakeside, and the website is still up but little activity on the forums now. Others are making beltfed conversions now as well. google is your friend.
  2. Practically brand new AUG A3, only 150 rounds through it. Comes with sling, cleaning kit, manual 2 30 rd. Mags and one 42 rd. Also a Trijicon Reflex RX30 sight with amber dot, a $550 value, and a Steyr soft case. $2200 for everything. The gun looks brand new. Belongs to a friend with two kids in college, need I say more?
  3. I have found five Swedish K mags for my now-sold gun. Two are original K mags, the other three are Suomi mags converted and all functioned perfectly in my gun. $105 for all five plus shipping.
  4. WTB-HK MP5 mags

    I have quite a few, all are in good condition but I don't know if they fall into your definition of "pretty." What are you looking to pay? I can send you some pics.
  5. 30-40 Krag 1898 Rifle FS $800

    Fort Payne
  6. 30-40 Krag 1898 Rifle FS $800

    Price drop: $800
  7. Leather mag pouch for 4 coffin mags for the Swedish K M45 sub gun. Original, not a reproduction in overall good condition, no cracks, tears or damage other than aging. $65 shipped.
  8. I'm putting my .30-40 Krag Jorgensen up for sale, model of 1898. From the photos you can see it has a rich patina as all the bluing has disappeared over time. "The smoothest action of any bolt rifle ever made" so the saying goes, and it is butter smooth. I also have some modern ammo for this gun that I'll make available to the buyer if so desired. From the pic you can see the stock was replaced in 1900, and it is a nice one with no dings or cracks. Springfield Armory issued .Shipping extra.
  9. I have six M-1 Carbine magazine pouches I need to move. One is an Arnold Mfg. Co. 1944, three are Aldon, 1945, one is Tweebie Footwear 1966, and the other I cannot make out but it looks to be older than the rest. I'll take $50 for the lot and pay for shipping. Ignore the M-16 cleaning kit pouch in the pic.
  10. Incoming: Universal Enforcer carbine, $9800.00

  11. Sorry, it was sold an hour ago, I priced it too cheap if I got four offers in two hours, but I'm fine with the price.  sorry.  Bill

    1. lonniejt


      Bill - I figured you priced it to move!  Some folks are panicking right now and scrambling for cash, so there are some buys out there.  I have picked up a couple lately and really could not spare the cash myself right now, but you did have her priced to move.  I was not sure if you had one or two of them as it looked like duplicate type ads.  I think I remember you living in Fort Payne and on Terripen Hills Golf Course.  Holler at me sometime at 256-679-0001, if you are unsure of the market and such.  I got my FFL/SOT couple of years back, so I am a Dealer too.  Would be glad to help you in any way!  Lonnie Joe of CFE

  12. Nice little Universal M-1 Carbine Enforcer, made in Hialeah, FL, converted to M2 in the 70's. I know the gentleman that did the conversion, it has been fired very little, stock shows some dings but is in excellent condition. One 30 rd. mag included. On a Form 3, should transfer in 2-3 days.
  13. Value of Furr Arms Gatling Gun

    I just saw a Morphy auction with another 1874 model like mine go for $11,000.
  14. Post Sample M3A1 Grease gun

    Does it run well?
  15. Value of Furr Arms Gatling Gun

    I looked further, one sold in April for $13,200, functional as is mine. Mine us also complete with all matching numbers and one extra bolt. Reading over these posts, I remembered that Mr. Furr estimated he made 125 of the 1/3 scale guns in total. He quit because the ATF was in his shop repeatedly inspecting, he just grew tired of it.