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  1. Coastal MAC 10 suppressor

    This is a used but good condition suppressor for the MAC 10 or MAC 11 in 9mm. I got this can for my MAC, sold the gun and no longer need the suppressor. Works great, just cleaned and all baffles polished to remove powder residue. This can has the MAC thread adapter and can be used with other firearms once the proper adapter is secured. $250 + shipping on Form 3.
  2. Need value on unique M2 carbines

    Update: I have secured copies of the original transfer/manufacture papers on these two guns. The Postal Meter carbine was registered on a1964 Form 1, Application for Registration of Firearm from the U.S. Treasury Dept. IRS. (ATF didn't exist then). It is dated Jan 7, 1966 for the approval date and was filed on Jan 5, 1966. TWO DAYS! One simple page. The Enforcer was registered on a Form 4467, amnesty registration paper on Nov. 29, 1968, and approved on Jan 21, 1969. It also includes a letter from the transferee and a letter from the sheriff of the county certifying that the transferee was a deputy sheriff. Cool stuff.
  3. Looking to get my first beltfed, any advice is welcome…

    I have a Lakeside Machine upper on my M-16 that is so much fun it should be illegal. I use a suppressor so it's almost silent, and fire it from a table with a blood so so crawling in the dirt. Even at inflated prices of a couple of years ago it is cheaper than anything else. No longer made, but they are available. The Lakeside website is still active so you can search the archives for lots of useful info on running it.
  4. Need value on unique M2 carbines

    I got the Form 4's on both these guns, and I have also bought them, pending approval of the Form 4's to me. At least ATF has cashed my check. The Enforcer is registered as "M1 Enforcer converted to M2". and the Postal Meter gun is similar, "M1A1 converted to M2." I am pretty sure the M1A1 part is wrong, but you go with what you got I guess. So, the receivers are both the registered part as I see it, and once I have them in my inventory I'm going to offer them for sale. Neither has an overstamp that I find, certainly not on the top of the receiver as is usually the case. I have a box of extra parts some of which are spare M2 parts, and an M1 slide and an M1 trigger housing that appears to me to be made of either an alloy or a composite, no numbers on it I have found yet. I can get access to the guns most anytime I want and plan to take a lot of pics both to facilitate the future sale and for my own use in identifying all the pieces of these guns. BTW, it is Nickel plating, not chrome, I'm told. The plated Postal Meter gun was once owned by the asst. police chief of a Birmingham, AL suburb.. Thanks for all the comments on this subject, more later.
  5. This rifle was orignally made by MidWest Tactical, but the suppressor was re-configured with new internals by Liberty Suppressors. It has a few hundred rounds through it but is very quiet still. Selling for a client but it will go out on a Form 3 to any CIII Dealer. $600.
  6. Guide Lamp, M3A1, Keeper

    Why is the barrel so short? I've never seen an M3 with this short a barrel.
  7. Need value on unique M2 carbines

    Thanks for that info, good to know. FWIW, I have a couple of ammo cans of .30 Carbine that came from the 70's that I KNOW is original, b/c my friend had it left over from his Father's store that closed way back when, the ammo has been stored all this time and is the real deal. I've come up on some of the cheap 30 round mags and agree fully with your assessment of them. I've loved the M-1 Carbines ever since I was a boy playing Army after watching the war movies from the 50's and 60's. I bought one from Sears in around '66 or so, when I was only 17.
  8. Need value on unique M2 carbines

    Thanks for the additional info. Are you a candidate for this gun? I'm guessing(again) that the number of Carbine fans is small when it comes to the full auto versions.
  9. Need value on unique M2 carbines

    I'm not very well versed on the enforcer series, except I know all the commercial M2's use lots of non-military parts so they don't interchange. Is the trigger housing military? I thought not. Even so, I guess a registered trigger housing would bring more than the lever.
  10. Need value on unique M2 carbines

    I don't know, I haven't seen the Form 4's yet, the owner is still digging for them. Thanks for the help.
  11. Need value on unique M2 carbines

    I'm trying to determine the value of a couple of rather unique M2 Carbines for a friend, and hope to broker them if he's open to offers. He has a Plainfield "Enforcer" pistol type carbine, pistol grip but no butt stock and about a 10" barrel. I haven't been able to find any listed anywhere so I have no idea of its worth. I know few military parts will interchange but the gun is a good shooter and in good shape. He also has a US Postal Meter M2 conversion, all military parts but the receiver, barrel, band and most other parts that "show" are chrome plated. The plating has chipped off the barrel in a couple of places and the receiver shows some evidence of pitting before the plating was applied. Again, nothing out there similar, so what is the collective opinion?
  12. Value of Furr Arms Gatling Gun

    Yep, it's exactly like the one I got. After discussions with the heirs I ended up buying it myself, and I'm having a couple of minor items repaired to original specs before firing it. I called Mr. Furr and had a nice discussion with him about the guns he built, fascinating stuff. He's retired now but he is sons each operate a machine shop in Orem, no gun mfg. anymore though. His country of the total number they made was 125.
  13. Value of Furr Arms Gatling Gun

    Thanks, Trent. I've informed her of your interest, she is talking with her Mom and sister about what to do, we'll get in touch with you soon I hope.
  14. I was recently contacted by the daughter of a good friend of mine, now deceased, about selling one of her Dad's guns. We were old shooting/reloading buddies and after he died the mother and two daughters moved far away from here, but I had thought all his guns were already disposed of. She has a Furr Arms 1/3 scale replica of a Colt Gatling Gun brass and steel in .22 short. The gun appears to be complete on the two wagon wheel carriage, and from the pictures she sent it is in excellent condition and a beautiful piece of work. I've tried to find some for sale but not much recent comes up, I"ve seen for sale prices ranging from $4000 up to about $12000. Anybody have an idea of its true worth?
  15. What are Post-86 sample Colt 9mm M16's going for now? I don't find any for sale (at least my searches haven't turned up any current ones) and I have a PD wanting to unload a few. Thanks in advance.