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  1. Pre may Swedish K 8500

  2. Original magazine and WWI pouch for the 3006 chauchat 1918 2300 plus shipping
  3. Pre may Swedish K 8500

    Wts Pre May Swedish K, Swedish manufacturer , blue finish with mag and drum 8500
  4. Original steam cover 850 shipped
  5. Maxim bipod nice condition 550
  6. Wtb T-Gewehr Bolt

    In need of a complete T Gewehr bolt ..
  7. MG 08 Sled Chamber cleaning tool

    2 left at this time
  8. Mk1 flash hider for the US Navy M2AC $150
  9. WTB Schwarzlose 07/12 Parts and Accessories

    Still looking for the buttstock
  10. Replica chamber cleaning stick that fits the Maxim MG 08 sled $75 shipped
  11. Early pre war M3 tripod ,dated 1940 , Rock island mfr.. with correct and unusual T&E, correct pin and nut for the T&E,locking degree wheel, appears uncut,unrefinished and totally correct for a pre war Colt M2HB..very similar to the rear cover diagram in The Browning Machine Gun IV by Dolf Goldsmith $4500 plus shipping
  12. WTS German Maxim Sled Oil caps

    $99 shipped