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  1. PM me your email please
  2. For sale Chatellerault 24 parts

    Yes they are
  3. Wts Lewis Gun Bipod $575

  4. For sale Lewis Gun bipod. This is the bipod the ground gun with the radiator. Looks all correct with decent finish, proper wing nuts and the bipod leg locking strap is unbroken. It has new felt. Marked " Mount Lewis gun 303 Nottingham." $575 shipped
  5. Wts 1919A6 kit

    New price of $600
  6. Chatellerault Magazine Haversack

    You already got yours!
  7. Colt M35 Tripod $1750

    Pm me with a email and I will get you pics
  8. M35 Tripod for the Colt watercooled Browning, original paint, has chains and pins,traverse stops are present, missing brass plate,.$1750 plus shipping
  9. New Old Stock magazine Haversacks for the Chatellerault 24/29, large model holds about 12 magazines $75 .... .small pouch holds 6 and the monopod $50
  10. Chatellerault 24/29 Butt Stock with spares

    Sadly no I do not, nice talking to you! Though
  11. For sale Chatellerault 24/29 butt stock in good to very good condition with ejector rod and rear takedown bolt in their compartments. $300
  12. For sale very good condition Chatellerault 24 complete barrel group with flash hider, front sight, early bipod with Brass feet, gas block, barrel, gas tube and op rod Very good condition trigger group Butt stock assembly $1000 Will separate
  13. WTB Walther MPL magazine

    Looking to buy a MPL or MPK magazines. Virtually any condition