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  1. I believe this is for a Winchester model 12 GHD ordnance wheel marked with sling swivel cut out. Lightly sanded $175 OBO... money back if you don't like it
  2. Soumi drums.$45

    Several used soumi drums $45 plus shipping
  3. Complete Schwarzlose 07/12 bolt with extractor, erector and firing pin. Modified for modern primers $750 Easy conversion to 7.62 Russian
  4. 1919A6 Bipod, barrel bearing, flash hider with clamp $350 A6.308 barrel $125
  5. Mortar rounds 60mm and 81mm

    Practice 81mm $75...60mm practice $60... Empty 60mm HE $75.. All have tail fins Remove xxx
  6. Includes stripped bolt and top cover, with barrel ,cartridge stop and extractor $450
  7. Wts. Semi 1919A6 $2500

  8. Wts. Semi 1919A6 $2500

    For sale used semi 1919A6 with flash hider, bipod, stock and carry handle. In 308.,..$2500 plus shipping Also owner built semi 1919a4 in 762x54r $1800
  9. Wts Vickers/Lewis bipod $500

    Hello Alan pics are sent! 920.660.4867
  10. For sale Lewis bipod modified to fit the Vickers water jacket. Early Lewis bipod with the unmodified feet. There are many pictures during WWI of these in service. Usually mounted backwards. Good condition $430 plus shipping
  11. Used lock for the German Maxim MG08 or MG08/15 $450 delivered