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  1. Mk760 with 5 mags

    Pm sent
  2. Wts Vickers/Lewis bipod $500

    Still here
  3. Mk760 with 5 mags

    For sale good looking MK760 with 5 mags. .$6900
  4. Soumi drums.$55 nice

  5. I believe this is for a Winchester model 12 GHD ordnance wheel marked with sling swivel cut out. Lightly sanded $175 OBO... money back if you don't like it
  6. 2 nice used soumi drums $55 each plus shipping
  7. Complete Schwarzlose 07/12 bolt with extractor, erector and firing pin. Modified for modern primers $750 Easy conversion to 7.62 Russian
  8. 1919A6 Bipod, barrel bearing, flash hider with clamp $350 A6.308 barrel $125
  9. Mortar rounds 60mm and 81mm

    Practice 81mm $75...60mm practice $60... Empty 60mm HE $75.. All have tail fins Remove xxx
  10. Includes stripped bolt and top cover, with barrel ,cartridge stop and extractor $450
  11. Wts. Semi 1919A6 $2500

  12. Wts. Semi 1919A6 $2500

    For sale used semi 1919A6 with flash hider, bipod, stock and carry handle. In 308.,..$2500 plus shipping Also owner built semi 1919a4 in 762x54r $1800
  13. Wts Vickers/Lewis bipod $500

    Hello Alan pics are sent! 920.660.4867