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  1. WTB: BRP XMG MG34 Belt fed AR15 Upper

    I have a customer that may be trading one in,if your interested
  2. WTB Schwarzlose 07/12 Parts and Accessories

    Hello, that would be awesome! I believe I have the correct muzzle gland,mine has round spanner holes in the face. That would be greatly appreciated
  3. wts transferables and MINT C+R MG'S private collection

    Outstanding assortment of rare iron!
  4. WTS Swedish K stuff

    Put me down for the night sights
  5. WTB Schwarzlose 07/12 Parts and Accessories

    Good idea! Maybe i can beg them off a dummy gun for a hefty sum!! I grabbed a 7.62x 54 R round and it's a few thousands large in the 8x50 Freak Rimmed bolt face!? Am I missing something? What about a conversion to 8 X 56 freak rimmed? What would that entail? On the net they say 8x56 R has a much larger bullet diameter (.327) which I don't believe(or hope it's not). They also say the original 8 X 50 R round is .317 (El wrongo) Speaking of bolt faces, have you ever had a slam fired with modern shaped primers(the 1935 8 X 50 R round has a large radius on the primer cup in the shape of the projection ) because the the .200 by .013 projection on the bolt face? And what is the projection for specifically? I could hazard a guess but I would be probably wrong. Can you think of ANY other gun that uses that projection,,,, the Schwarzlose is incredibly fascinating in design and execution!!
  6. WTB Schwarzlose 07/12 Parts and Accessories

    Thanks Bubba for the information, as always highly highly informative! Seriously I don't know anyone in the world with more real time hands on experience..... I was trying to shake the tree and see what fell out.what I NEED is the cone thingee (coneous flash hiderious)on the front and the curved thingee (curious buttstockious) on the back. If read my Latin correctly.
  7. WTB Schwarzlose 07/12 Parts and Accessories

    That's a great idea, do you have current contact information you could PM me?
  8. Looking for Schwarzlose 07 ,07/12 belt fed parts and accessories . 7.62 X 54R conversion ,bolt, parts kit,tools or loader,...whatever you have
  9. WTB Lahti L39 Anti Tank Rifle Parts

    Hello Tom, I will give you a call
  10. Looking for charging handle,bolt retracting sLider, ,recoil spring,rear take down pin,gas regulator and gas piston
  11. Any C&R or Trans M73s out there?

    Seems to me there was another floating around that I heard of but never saw. I know the guy that registered it,,,i will ask him
  12. WTS Original C&R MG 08/15

    Hello Ron, I just sent you a email
  13. WTS Transferable Erb Sterling $12k

  14. WTS Maxim Lock Box

    I am looking for a Russian or German lock box that was attached to the mount.thanks