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  1. WTB: G36 receiver pieces

    I know of someone with a complete G36K kit. They have a front and rear reciever piece that overlap, so it would work exceptionally well for a fuse job. They are asking $3,020 shipped. I can put you in touch with them if interested, just let me know your email. I'm not able to afford it.
  2. WTB: G36 receiver pieces

    Hi Chris. No luck at all with any pieces. Best bet is to watch GunBroker, as they come up from time to time. You could also try contacting dealers selling post samples to see if they will cut them up, but almost all, if not all do not want to cut them up.
  3. I'm looking to buy demilled G36 receiver sections for a build. The longer the pieces, the better. I'm looking for front, center, and rear sections. The front and middle sections are normally disposed of as they typically are not used in builds. sweersalex@yahoo.com Thank you!
  4. All prices include insured USPS shipping, flat rate priority mail in small boxes, to ensure safe arrival. All parts are factory new German Heckler & Koch. I accept discrete PayPal or USPS Money Orders as payment. Please contact me with any questions. sweersalex@yahoo.com HK RAL8000 fire selector switch set G28 / MR762 / HK416 /HK417 $40 shipped per set (2 sets Available) HK G36 "XM8 Style" ambi magazine release $22 shipped each (1 available) HK G28 RAL8000 muzzle cap $18 shipped (1 available) Thank you!
  5. I'm looking for an HK XM8 operator's manual / book. If you have one available for sale, or have any leads to one, please contact me! I'm also interested in other XM8 items. Thank you! Alex
  6. WTB: HK XM8 Items

    Thanks to all who have helped me acquire XM8 posters and flyers. If anyone else has any XM8 items you think I may be interested in, please don't be afraid to contact me. I'm still searching for manuals and any informational HK DVDs. Thank you!
  7. WTB: HK XM8 Items

    I'm looking for HK XM8 promotional or informational items such as posters, manuals, etc. Actual XM8 parts would be a plus. I have already found a promo pin, a project manager hat, and a bumper sticker Thank you!