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  1. This is an incredible investment opportunity. This is the only TRANSFERABLE MK19 Mod 3 in the United States!! It is complete and unfired since leaving the factory and is serial # 001. This weapon is complete with transit chest, titanium tripod, manuals, feed chute, ammo boxes, and close to 150 rounds of linked practice ammo and even more reloading components. Trades considered $235,000
  2. The lower is not marked LMG
  3. This is a very low round count gun, as far as the LMG goes, I will have to check as I don't remember seeing it
  4. This is a Colt two position lower squad automatic machine gun. The lower is safe and fire . This is an original Colt lower and not a conversion. $37,500
  5. This is a transferable Winchester M14 that came from the DOE , It has a number 3 inscribed into the receiver . This gun is in excellent shape and would make a great addition to any collection ! $40,000
  6. This is the lightweight FN machinegun that is belt fed without the magazine capability of the M249. The marines asked FN to build this weapon for them that was lighter to carry . it comes standard with a fluted barrel . This gun is new unfired since leaving the factory. $50,000
  7. this is an original Boatman radio gun in excellent condition, it comes with the original zip up case which came with the gun. These guns look like a radio but quickly transform into a 9mm sub machine gun that uses Uzi mags $ 25,000
  8. Here is a NIB Singapore Ultimax 100 which is a Pre May. There are only two pre may's in country and the rest are post may's . This gun comes with two 100 round drums, one long and one short barrel and in original box. $55,000
  9. gun comes with transit chest, manuals, linked practice rounds & everything in pictures
  10. here is an HK MP5/40mm as new registered receiver double push pin 4 position 2 shot lower with flash hider, last shot bolt hold back, and Knight Armament suppressor that was built by Terry Dyer $50,000 plus shipping ( red dot not included )
  11. This is an original H&R M14 that is pristine, you wont find one any better $37,500
  12. This is an original Dave Boatman radio gun in like new condition with the original case . This gun is transferable $30,000
  13. WTS NIB Pre May Ultimax 100 1 of 2 in USA $50,000

    no, I still have it
  14. I will take it, please send mailing instructions thanks Greg