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  1. built a Mp5k n years ago with a new German n barrel date coded J8 1e and has proof. cant find any info on that date coding on mp5k barrel online and am gearing up to sell and want to represent it correctly. any help would be great. purchased barrel 8-12 years ago new from adam hk parts. big fat penny if i remember correctly.
  2. after playing with a bit it sure would be nicer to just have a dedicated search bubble in the forum area that doesn't need 4 clicks to get to the point of searching the forum your in. and a simple back button at search results. just sayin..... Matt
  3. thanks for the info, look forward to using this Matt
  4. so am I understanding correctly that you pay/ subscribe to be promoted or am I missing some area that explains that ...saw where it breaks down what user rights the rank has but not the transition from rank to rank? seeing multiple ranks about makes me inquire.
  5. New to updated site but wondering if I missed it or there will be a way to search within NFA ,Semi or Parts for sale forums?
  6. Looking forward to the new format and ease of use. hope it continues to keep the spam and cheats out..... will miss the posts from Buddy zapping people...you should give him his own forum for people that miss a little of the old iron fist days