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  1. PM sent with contact info
  2. AN/PAS13B V3 Heavy Includes super rare video/ power cable. Includes 2 batteries. The batteries are available on Ebay regularly. It has a big (about 100mm) lens and optical and digital zoom. Includes manual, video/power cable and soft case. I uploaded a quick video of it at: VIDEO LINK The video shows the two position optical zoom. Price is $2000 shipped.
  3. Mag58 Tripod. Fits 1919a4 with adapters included. I bought this several years ago, stripped it and repainted it. All gears and adjustments work. $600 plus shipping from zip 30039 Extra large box so it goes by dimensional weight.
  4. WTS FN MAG58 M240 Armorer's Manual $100

    Still available
  5. WTS M192 Tripods for M249

    Received in today in great shape. Super fast shipping. Thanks Again
  6. WTS FN MAG58 M240 Armorer's Manual $100

    Still available
  7. NIVISYS TAM14 Weapon mounted. Includes new throw lever mount. Pretty easy to use. Multiple reticles and easy to sight in. Maintains center cross hairs while adjusting reticle so you can just hold center crosshair on aiming point and move reticle to point of impact. Google search for TAM 14 thermal has all sorts of info (manuals etc) Uses 2 CR123 batteries. Will operate with one so you can change batteries on the fly. Has some minor repaired cracks in housing. Good starter scope at a good price. Check out the youtube video from this scope. Probably not the best as I held my phone to the eyepiece. Range is aprox 100 yards. Range to the far end of the street is 425 meters Youtube video taken through actual scope Another video-not mine Datasheet $1,000 shipped Crossposted
  8. WTS FN MAG58 M240 Armorer's Manual $100

    New Year's Bump. Still available.
  9. 400 rounds(8) 50 round boxes I will trade for a can of M855 These are not factory seconds as sold by others. Bullets are grey 62 gr bonded w/ brass case. I pay shipping to you. You pay shipping to me. Federal datasheet