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  1. Looking for a transferable Full auto M-14. Please let me know price, photos, etc. Thanks in Advance David Basha FFL/SOT in AZ
  2. Looking to buy a Advanced Armament (AAC) Titan QD 338 Quick detach suppressor. Please let me know what you might have. Thanks in Advance David Basha FFL/SOT in AZ dbasha@cox.net
  3. Looking for a Pre Sample HK33 or 33K. Please email what you may have available. Price, Condition, Photos, etc Thank you, David Basha FFL/SOT in AZ dBasha@cox.net
  4. no more.

    Nick, pm sent. thank you David
  5. WTB - SureFire FA762SS Suppressor

    Want to buy a Surefire FA762SS Suppressor. Looking for this specific model for a M40A5 Sniper Rifle Build. Please email Price, Photos, condition, Etc. Preferably one on a Form 3 as I am a Dealer in Arizona but will entertain one on form 4 if price is right. Email is Dbasha@cox.net Thank you in advance. David Basha Basha Class III Weapons 480.883.6184
  6. WTB Colt M16A1 or Colt M16A2

    Have a customer in AZ looking for a transferable colt M16A1 Or Colt M16A2. Any sellers out there please email me' price, photos, condition, form on and asking price. He is a serious buyer. He is looking for a gun to shoot not a safe queen. Would consider new in box if price is reasonable and not pie in the sky. Thank you, David Basha Basha Class III weapons 480-883-6184 dbasha@cox.net
  7. Up for sale is a colt AR 15 Sporter II. Colts was converted by G.U.N. Technology of Coolidge, Arizona. Lower was recently sent off to M 60 Joe to be converted to a small pin lower and refinished. Gun will now except any mill spec upper. Lower has a Troy industries retractable stock attached. Machine gun is currently set up in 300 blackout. Upper is a seekins precision with noveske 8" barrel and sure fire 7.62 flashider. Gun comes with Surefire socom 7,62mm mini suppressor as part of package. Gun will also come with complete original fixed stock and 20" upper (upper is still configured with large hole), complete BCG. Gun and suppressor on form 3 in AZ. Price $20,000 obo shipped and insured to your dealer thank you David Basha Basha Class III Weapons 480.883.6184
  8. Greg interested in m240 right hand feed tray and right hand top cover David Basha FFL/SOT in AZ
  9. Don I have a Saco defense Maremont gun in E4 mod 1 with complete E1 parts kit and M60D complete kit. Thanks david basha FFL SOT in AZ 480-883-6184
  10. WTS Michael's Machine MM23 NIB $11,500 shipped

    Gun is sold pending funds. Thank you for the new board Buddy! David Basha FFL/SOT in AZ
  11. Want to sell a new in box MM23E semi auto 5.56mm Beltfed. Gun is ready for your registered trigger pack or sear. Gun is brand new and never been fired except by factory. Gun. Comes in Boyd hard case that has been cut out for gun. Price is $11,500 shipped to your FFL. If paying by Credit card there is a 3% up charge for MasterCard and Visa thank you in advance David Basha FFL/SOT in AZ
  12. Suppressor's to South Africa

    Does any one have any knowledge or actual legal citation of traveling from the US to South Africa with a rifle suppressor. Going in June to hunt and it is not illegal to own a suppressor in South Africa and they hunt with them all the time. Consider rude in fact not to have one when hunting. I can have one made there but rather take my own. thank you in advance for any help David Basha FFL/SOT