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  1. Looking for an H&K MP5F Full Auto carrier. The F is the latest version of the carriers. Can reach me quickest by text, (573) 521-8745. Thanks, Stephen B
  2. I am selling a new Transferable Fleming Sear “On Form 4” Plus a brand new MP5K-N as its host. The host is brand new “Test fired once 90 rounds” genuine 100% German. The MP5K-N started life as an SP5K-PDW. The weapon is left unaltered from the factory, MEANING, I have not had it remarked or refinished. Wasn’t worth it to me. I had no desire to send off my pristine weapon to have one letter changed on it and refinished. Example, Change a letter S to a letter M…SP5K-PDW TO MP5K-PDW..That requires a refinish to the entire upper weapon..Once/IF you ad an optic mount, IT WILL NOT BE SEEN OR VISIBLE ANYHOW. Wasn’t going to trade off that flawless genuine German Oberndhorf factory finish to have a letter changed. YOU DO THAT IF YOU WANT TOO, Hell, I’ll even SPLIT the cost with ya, IF IT’S thats important to ya! You’ll have approx 9 months anyhow to decide if thats what you wanna do and to get it done. This means, This is NOT a gunsmithed weapon. The Tri lug/threaded barrel was FACTORY installed at the Oberndhorf factory & so was the magazine paddle release! Mr Curtis Higgins “S&H ARMS” properly installed the sear in a brand new H&K 4 POS trigger pack and double checked everything, Safe, Semi, 3 Round Burst & Full. Everything works FLAWLESS This is the total package, The weapon will come as pictured with its own H&K factory case, A Pelican case, the correct genuine H&K marked stock, H&K clipped an pinned Pictograph lower housing, H&K grip forearm, H&K optic rail/mount & F/A Bolt carrier & 4 brand new H&K OEM 30 round mags. Also worthy of mentioning, This H&K machinegun host started its first and only transformation straight into a machinegun. Meaning, I never SBR’d it. My name and town IS NOT engraved anywhere on this weapon. So long as the sear remains in this host, Its not neccessary to do that. When only the best & PUREST will do, Accept no substitutes. YOU CAN NOT UPGRADE THIS WEAPON! I REPEAT, YOU CAN NOT UPGRADE THIS WEAPON! $48K and I cover shipping/Insurance and first stamp to your SOT. All funds upfront to begin paperwork. Text with any further questions, 573-521-8745. Kind Regards, Stephen B
  3. Hello, Yes I still have this & its avail. I’ll get you a pic or two of it. Feel free to text me your # and I’ll get them to you.
  4. SOLD~10 S&W M&P 9MM Shield 8 round magazines. 8 of which are new in package, 1, 7 round used without package and 1used blued without package. Was $215 for all 10 with free Shipping! New price of $165 & includes free Shipping. Texts usually work best, 573-521-8745. Thanks for looking, Stephen B
  5. WTB: Transferable AK-47

    Looking to buy a transferable Polytech/Norinco etc AK chambered in 7.62x39. Fixed stock or underfolder is fine, However not particularly looking for a converted 223 but not a deal breaker. Milled reciever would be ideal. NOT LOOKING for amnesty registered war trophies. What ya got? Feel free to email me pics, Email is or phone is 573 521 8745, I prefer texts as they usually work best. Thanks, Stephen B
  6. Selling a brand new never used bolt carrier out of my SP5. It was welded up to FA specs by S&H Arms. $275 and that includes shipping. For more info or pics, Feel free to contact me at 573 521 8745. Texts usually work best. Kind regards, Stephen B.
  7. New/unused H&K MLI picatinny rail. Removed from packing for pics. $600..Free S&H. Any questions feel free to contact me 573 521 8745. Thanks for looking, Stephen B
  8. Thanks for sharing the story, Very interesting piece of history indeed!
  9. Wow, If only that one could talk. Yeah, It’d be really interesting to hear the story of how it came to be
  10. WTS HK SP5K New

    I’ll take it