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  1. MAC10

  2. WTS Colt M16A1/M4 transferable

    on the lower, maybe 5k
  3. WTS Colt M16A1/M4 transferable

    Correct what damcv62 stated. The original lower was sent to Colt for repair and came back an M4.
  4. WTS Colt M16A1/M4 transferable

    price drop
  5. MAC10

    INGRAM M10 9MM. Powder Springs with 1 mag. Runs perfectly. On a Form 4 in Nevada. Buyer pays taxes and shipping. $7500 obo Thanks for looking. Bob
  6. WTS Colt M16A1/M4 transferable

    The C on the hammer signfies Colt. The S I'm not sure, possibly period correct for a M4A3. The lower is not marked M4A3.
  7. WTK Colt M16A1/M4A3 price?

    Thanks for the input, only on Sturm for now, see what happens,
  8. I have for sale a Colt M16A1/M4. It's on a Form 4 in Nevada as Colt M16A1. It's one of 20? that is ATF approved. Runs perfectly with numerous uppers. Will discuss upper options available. PM me with ?'s $30,000 obo
  9. I cannot get pics to edit to delete in test section?
  10. . I have decided to sell some Class 3 stuff. I have recently read posts on here and GB and cannot believe how nuts prices have gone? So, whats it worth?, where should I start?$$$. The origional upper is long gone.. It's on a form 4 as M16A1 dated 2004.. It was sent to Colt for repair and came back as a M4A3, marked M16A1. Thing of Beauty!!! I believe it's 1 of 20 that were ATF approved. So where do I start on price? Thanks Bob
  11. WTB Colt M16A2, transferable

    I will be listing my Colt M16A1/ M4 here soon. I believe it's 1 of 20 that Colt recieved to repair as a damged M16A1 and returned as a M4A3, ATF approved on a form 4. Origional 14.5" upper long gone, dam!. I put a new Colt 11.5" on it. not cheap LMK