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  1. .223 M60 Parts - A closer look

    If you are looking for investors in the project, count me in. What about the 6.5 Creedmoor? I bet the Military would give a second look at the M60 in that chambering. Interesting that I recall the Brits were looking at a .260 when we were testing the .223.
  2. I've always dealt with push pin versions / conversions of the HK roller lock series gun, mainly because pre-samples are available and affordable, and push pin conversions are the closest to "the real thing". Parts interchangeability is also an advantage. Since I recently bought my first registered trigger pack, I was curios about the durability of the design. Not that I would ever need to test it, but was curious if the front of a registered trigger pack could ever become worn or damaged to the point of rendering the gun unreliable? If enough opposing forces were applied, could the front of the trigger pack be deformed or even fail? If Bruce Willis had tied the sling to the trigger guard in "Die Hard", would he have fallen down the elevator shaft? All kidding aside, has anyone ever reported a problem? I am certain that HK Engineers retained the front pushpin in the design for a reason.
  3. Looking for transferable or pre May dealer samples. I've never seen a Galil SAR other than Post Samples, so curious if available. I'd like to find a PPSh 41 and AK 47 that are amnesty registered and in good original condition. Thanks for your time and consideration! Tom
  4. Looking to find a good home for my S&H registered receiver MP5K-N. Comes with two trigger packs (S-E-F , and Navy 3 round burst ambi picto, 3 magazines (one original to gun with same "IG" date code), and compact B&T spring loaded, three lug silencer. Suppressor is perfect for gun since it keeps it short and compact. Push pin swing down lower has its advantages since all MP5K M.G. parts can legally be installed or replaced. (I'm sure there are competent gunsmiths that can switch out registered sears to different trigger packs a lot quicker than I can, but being able to just switch trigger packs is a lot less of a hassle!). The conversion is very well done with smooth welds and consistent correct finish. If I keep it I would have the roll marks re-done since like most early conversions, they are not "spot on" and they could be made more consistent with the real deal. Overall excellent condition with low round count. Other than markings it is difficult to tell any difference from my HK MP5K-N Factory post sample (both aesthetics and performance). Overall a great conversion that could easily be turned into a "safe queen" if the buyer so desired. Priced to sell at $39,900. Currently in inventory on Form 3 and can quickly be E-Formed to your Dealer. Thanks for your consideration!
  5. Looking for any and all accessories for the ULTIMAX 100. Especially interested in original manuals, advertising materials, or other documentation. Thank you!
  6. WTB: Pre May Sample

    Take note that the importer, "Sherwood Intl." was located in CA! I can imagine that some present day politicians on the left coast, heads would explode, if they knew about this!!!
  7. WTB: Pre May Sample

    Here are some pics of the Ultimax. Open bolt, full auto only. All numbers match and it still has original grease in the barrels and gun internals. I shot one before (Post Sample) and was most impressed that it is the definition of "Ultimate" firepower in a very compact (and light) package. It can be fired without the butt stock and is about the weight and length of a S.B.S.! I believe (was told) it is one of two pre-samples in country. I would be interested in hearing from other owners if they are out there. My understanding is the gun was a joint development effort, and I understand that the magazines were developed by an American who later gained fame with the "Beta Mag". I was also told that the Navy Seals got some trigger time on the gun before the Minimi was adopted.
  8. WTB: Pre May Sample

    HK MP5, MP5SD, HK53, and G3 FS (SG1) all correct original in padded wood case with original Zeiss optics and SG1 trigger pack. FN FAL G1 sniper, all matching with original Hensoldt optics. M249, MK46 and Ultimax 100 - all new with extra barrels, mags/ drums, ammo pouches, etc. Action Arms UZI, Walther MPL and MPK, as new. MPK comes as NIB with test target and all.
  9. I sure wouldn't send any NFA until I got a printable approved signature.
  10. WTK CA Gun laws for pistols

    No I don't. But I would be interested in knowing what I can't sell to the Republic Of CA!
  11. Where are the transferables??

    Try asking! Plenty of FFL/SOT's with transferables ready to go on E-Form 3's. Not every dealer has a website, but if you ask you may be surprised with what is available!
  12. First time MG recommendations

    Spend a little more and get an UZI, S&W 76, or even a AC 556. At least you will probably be able to make some money when you go to sell it, if you decide to sell it. Buy a M-10,or equivalent, and you will probably.decide to sell it after a few mag dumps. Lots of sales competition if you do
  13. M14 Information

    Do you have serial # X40?
  14. Selling an LLC with NFA items?

    If your LLC is an FFL/SOT and you have kept it current and active, there should not e a problem.