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  1. Transferable HK53 Double Push Pin

    P.M. sent.
  2. Pre May Dealer Samples For Sale

    P.M. sent. Thanks!
  3. WTS Savage 28 PreMay Thompson

    Not sure what you mean by "splitting the package"? I only see a gun with no mag. Are upper and lower matching? Thanks
  4. Auction Houses

    Crazy for a standard model! Someone must have really wanted that config. I can understand the original M60E3 pricing. Quite a bit fewer on registery, and N.I.B as shipped from Maremont.
  5. Auction Houses

    John is an awesome guy. He speaks well for the Company.
  6. Auction Houses

    Mike, Did you bid on the PPsh-41? That was one of the nicest I have seen. One of the MP-40's was a really nice gun as well.
  7. Beretta AR70

    Thanks Ben!
  8. Auction Houses

    Great information and I agree. I was in Denver, PA at the end of Oct. First time with Morphy. Interesting that 3 Gatling guns were available and never met reserve. Lots of "antique" C&R NFA in great original condition that got very little attention. Several M16's that went for outrageously high prices ( before premiums were added!) LOTS of very collectible lever actions and S.A. pistols. I think sheer volume was too overwhelming even for the hard core collector/ bidders. Just my observations for the week Secret Service transferable UZI sold at $40K (no provenance!). NIB Maremont M60E3 set benchmark for most expensive M60. The most NFA I have seen at an auction in a while - lots of phone bidders!
  9. Raufoos .50 BMG ammo

    Thanks Buddy!
  10. Beretta AR70

    Anyone have deactivated parts kits for sale? Magazines? Especially new magazines? If so, what price? I know original steel mags were pricey when I saw them for sale. Really nice, accurate guns and quite solid feeling in full auto. I can't believe parts are so hard to find. Weren't they mass produced for the Italian Military and others? Where is all the surplus? I'm sorry now that I sold what I had!
  11. Raufoos .50 BMG ammo

    Is the ammo still available? Did ATF ever issue an open letter on sale restriction or ownership? Just curious why I never see it for sale anywhere.
  12. Auction Houses

    If you buy or sell NFA through an auction house, which do you prefer and why?
  13. Madsen M50 buffer question.

    Hey n0mad, No, this piece should be present and shooting the gun without this and the rubber washer buffers runs the risk of cracking the rear of the receiver. I've got the Factory complete assembly in stock as well as other spares for the Madsen 50 SMG. You can contact me at remove the nosp from the address. Happy shooting! BDMERC
  14. Colt M16A2 with extras

    Do you have a picture of the lower internals?