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  1. WTS: RARE Pre Sample MK5k MG Exec Condition

    1979? Transferable? Only if HK were building them in the U.S., which they were not. What makes you think it would be transferable? Just curious as I have bought pre sample SMG's that turned out to be transferable, and more often, transferable SMG's that turned out to be pre samples. I always assumed that import markings were what identified a foreign mfg. NFA as being a pre sample, since this was required by G.C.A. '68.
  2. HK93

    Who did the conversion?
  3. I saw a ad in a military publication talking big about the "new modular M249" and its capability of being converted between the two calibers. That was last spring and I have heard any talk regarding re-work programs or purchase of new guns that can be switched between calibers, i.e. "two guns in one". I wonder if actually testing didn't go so well. Yes the M249 tears up 5.56 casings. I would think the 7.62 chambering would tear up the M249!
  4. What all has to be done to the M249 receiver in order to shoot 7.62? I guess it really shortens the life of a M249?
  5. WTS/WTT: M3 Grease Gun Pre-May Dealer Sample

    Just sent you a P.M.
  6. Do you still have your Grease Gun, pre may sample? I've got a number of transferables.... what are you looking for?

    1. BDMERC


      My email is

      Thanks again,


  7. Looking for one or two. Also looking for parts kits that don't look like they were dug out of a garbage disposal. Would prefer Guide Lamp or Ithica, but may be interested in any "really niz" builds! Thanks! Tom
  8. WTS: Colt IAR Upper Receiver - Pics

    Maybe I overlooked it. Price? Thanks, Tom
  9. Do you still have your mini UZI barrel? Is it OEM?


    Looking for PPSh 41 mags and drums!!!!

  10. Well actually it is probably more an issue of economics as opposed to Colt "giving in" to the gun grabbers, or trying to score political points with the socialist democrats. With most distributors, and even dealers, there is a glut of AR-15's on the market. By temporarily discontinuing production, Colt is probably hoping to see demand come closer to equaling supply. By taking the temporary halt in production "personal" and refusing to buy Colt products, you are only doing what the gun grabbers would hope you would do. Just my opinion.
  11. I know of a few more who aren't in jail (yet).
  12. Post Sample Going Out of Business Letter Sample

    Ask your NFA examiner. From what I understand it isn't something that requires a letter. You sell the gun as a "No Law Letter" and when ATF inquires, you inform them that you will not be renewing your SOT under your current FFL. Just don't plan on renewing your SOT in Spring unless you have applied for/gotten a new FFL!
  13. Two less MK 760's - no big loss to the NFA community. Too bad he didn't have a West Hurley collection!