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  1. Pre-May, IMI 365, Galil, Folder, 5.56mm, NEW

    Just curious.... both of my A.A. Postie SAR's came NIB from IMI with different mag and flash hider, yet are real close to your serial number and marking location is same. Possibly did this gun come from another FFL/SOT? Not insinuating anything, just questioning the differences.
  2. WTS premay HK MP5k demo marked SPF

    P.M. sent. Email sent. Please respond.
  3. Plastic stop at front of fore grip was an early HK design change to prevent shooter's hand from obstructing muzzle (it only takes one moron to result in design change!) Later production guns used wide fore grip. Modification can easily be removed and standard length pin installed.
  4. Yes, I have a few left. Thanks, Tom
  5. I've got a new Pre May "Keeper" Minimi with two original barrel assemblies for $48K. It is original Belgian mfg. prior to 1986
  6. NEW/UNFIRED TDyer HK51A3 Short Barrel Rifle

    Is it set up to go with a registered sear, no push pin lower?

    Glad you are pleased! Thanks, Tom
  8. Transferable HK MP5/10mm SBR

    PM sent
  9. .223 M60 Parts - A closer look

    Good deal! I hope that you get it! I'd love to be part of your marketing or production effort if you wanted help. I have some of the best machinists and welders who are always doing special projects for me! Thanks! Tom

    As for all the Thompson's in Morphy's last auction, I believe the nicest 21A was a re-blue, and not a very good job at that. I'm not one that believes that auction prices are a good indication of where market values are at today. The Morphy guns all had issues. I remember one had a cracked stock. The Julia guns (previous auction) were described as being nice condition, but I doubt they would have sold at what they did if they were premier collector guns. Glossy catalogue pictures can be deceiving!

    WTT : NIB SACO MAREMONT M60E3, NIB Colt M16A2 U.S. Property, N.O.S Colt AR15 MOD.639 (export version of U.S. XM 177E2) and N.O.S. older unfired flawless Fleming conversion of Beretta AR 70 with all Italian Military features (grenade sights, gas cut off, bayonet lug and original integrally mounted bipod) with 10 N.O.S 30 round mags - totally time machine examples, not available anywhere and if they were they wouldn't come close to the condition of my guns that have not even hardly been handled! All fully transferable (all on Form 3 and will go out on E-Form 3) WILL TRADE FOR : 6 (as new) Fleming MP5, HK53, G3 auto sears in modified packs, fully transferable, registered in all 3 calibers. Pictures available of all guns TO INDIVIDUALS SERIOUS ABOUT TRADING P.M. me and we will exchange emails. Please DO NOT inquire if you don't have what I am wanting to trade for, or ARE NOT serious about potentially doing the deal. Thanks, Tom

    I've got the NIB SACO MAREMONT M-60E3, with all contents, a mint original S&W 76 with 2 original mags and original manual and a mint Pre-May Guide Lamp M3A1 if you can come up with 3 Fleming sears. I'll include all the "extras' (spare barrels, extra parts kit (N.O.S) and a load of original blued M3 mags, extra bolt assemblies and 2 M3A1 barrel assembles.. Even include an A.S.I. OSS can for the M3A1 (looks wicked on gun!) or NIB SACO MAREMONT M60E3 and NIB Colt M16A2 U.S. Property, totally time machine examples that have not even been handled! Both fully transferable (both Form 3 and will go out on E-Form 3) for three Fleming (3 claliber) sears in false push pin lowers and modified packs, with little or no wear. I got the itch for something new and different! Act now before I go back to asking myself why I would get rid of irreplaceable machine guns for 3 little machined pieces of steel! Thats a steal!!!! Especially if you have had them a while. Not sure why I am offering to trade but its what I am willing to do for now, I guess I want new toys cause I get tired of looking at the old ones!
  13. NO, THEY DO NOT REQUIRE A LAW LETTER! These are Pre-May Dealer Samples. If you have a FFL/SOT you can buy them and keep them once you give up your license. E-Form 3 transfer as quick as 24 hours after I receive payment.
  14. These guns are all matching, including internals, and all German. They look new.. Awesome firepower in a MP5 size package! Buy 3 or more and I will do a quantity discount! I have 6 left and once they are gone, good luck finding an original HK53 in new condition!