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  1. C&R, WWII, Savage M1 Thompson

    Any info on SHPD marking? Is front stock supporting bar milled or riveted M1A1 style? Nice gun!!!!!
  2. Like NEW Vollmer MP5

    Who is the mfg of the sear? Is the transfer for a SBR and for a sear, or are they on one form? Thanks, Tom
  3. Price reduced to $49,000. I have seen a number of these and this is the nicest I have come across. Package includes all stocks (3 different mil spec), links (4,000 plus), ammo boxes and nut sacks (10 plus in every camo design), link loader, and 5 extra barrels (some new, others used, mostly short assemblies). Gun is NEW!
  4. Could you please provide a picture of the mfg. markings and internals? Thanks!
  5. Is "AOC" stamped anywhere on the upper receiver? Pending?
  6. Withdrawn. Please close this topic.
  7. HK MP5K, MP5/40, MP5/10 S.B.R.

    Withdrawn. Please close this topic.
  8. WTS: Pre-May Dealer Samples, Etc

    Repeat business and always the best. Many of his pre-samples appear to be unfired! Great prices and always a pleasure to deal with.
  9. WTS: RARE Pre Sample MK5k MG Exec Condition

    1979? Transferable? Only if HK were building them in the U.S., which they were not. What makes you think it would be transferable? Just curious as I have bought pre sample SMG's that turned out to be transferable, and more often, transferable SMG's that turned out to be pre samples. I always assumed that import markings were what identified a foreign mfg. NFA as being a pre sample, since this was required by G.C.A. '68.