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  1. Does FA fire give probable cause?

    Not sure where you are shooting (going back to the original poster from here in GA) but machine gun shooting has never resulted in any L.E. response for me. Where I live we have fences and posted signs. Most uniformed officers are not going to rip their uniforms on barbed wire just to satisfy a nosy neighbors complaint, especially when it involves trespassing, and not knowing where the bullets are flying if they don't know my "set up", they usually stay in the car. Also since my family has lived here in the same location in the county for several generations, and we have all been into recreational shooting for years. The calls usually go 10-22 once they identify the location. Another good idea is to let the Sheriff know in advance of shooting the big guns. I think timing of your shoot and the duration of the shoot can go a long way towards keeping peace with the neighbors. I try to shoot on weekdays when most people are at work, kids are at school, etc. Also my shoots are usually to demo a few guns for a potential buyer, for fun, or to function check a build. Not sure why anyone would want to burn thousands of rounds over many hours. Maybe I'm getting old and just don't get the same thrill out of it that I use to! Its sort of like the guy on the Harley with straight pipes that runs up and down the road continuously versus the guy just passing through. Good advice on Not being confrontational or taunting others to "knock the chip off your shoulder". Only bad things will come your way if you become a continual nuisance.
  2. Selling Colt Thompsons

    Thanks Mike for all of the good advice! I figured as much, that they me be the part of my NFA collection that I don't get around to selling.
  3. Unissued Pre-Sample. L.E. guns. Appear unfired. Lots of spares, mags, and accessories available. Several consecutive serial number pairs available. Trades for transferables considered. $10 K each with mag and sling.
  4. WTS: Ruger AC556F 13” Blued Folder L-NIB AC556

    Trades available if interested: S&W 76 G3 Pre sample MP5 Pre sample UZI
  5. Transferable Iver Johnson M2 Carbine F3

    I'm FFL/SOT and gun is on F3, E-Form transferable. If we can do a deal and you later decide you want to undo the deal, no problem. I to am just looking for something different I have more than one M76.
  6. Transferable Iver Johnson M2 Carbine F3

    Any interest in original mint finish S&W M76?
  7. SW76, “Tool Room” Consecutive Pair Available

    Original finish? Any interest in trade for Fleming MP5 sear pack (SEF)?
  8. Guide Lamp, M3A1, Keeper

    Second that. Is barrel chopped? Also does inside of dust cover still have felt fully intact? I thought I saw a full length barrel gun pictured on your website. Is that the same gun?
  9. XM177 commando info needed

    Thanks for the history! I knew that the model was a rarity since whenever you mention it people immediately think you are talking about the Colt SMG 9mm, Model 639 (Thanks Colt for adding confusion to the situation!) I guess the experience was such that Colt would rather forget about ever producing the original MOD.639. The most interesting part of the story is that ATF apparently first started "flexing their muscles" in the early '70's with this Moderator/Slencer controversy. Back then $200 was considered a bit more money than it is now, and being TOLD by a federal agency that what you paid for and had transferred to you by ATF, was "ex post facto" now being determined to actually be a gun requiring two tax stamps since the "moderator" had been reclassified as a "silencer"! My gun (#56) was owned by an Alabama attorney who never paid the additional $200, and, as the story goes, had ATF pay for having the Moderator/ "silencer" professionally engraved. The original owner's son showed me the back and forth correspondence with ATF, but what I read seemed to indicate that ATF stood their ground. Leaves me wondering though, how many people gave up their moderators in exchange for a Colt bird cage flash hider, either because of cost or perceived Govt. intimidation, making a true configuration MOD.639 that more rare!
  10. XM177 commando info needed

    Cool stuff! Thanks for sharing! Any idea on how many went into U.S. circulation, or how many kept their "silencer" (moderator)? Not that I would be surprised by inconsistency with ATF Rulings, but isn't the XM 177 "moderator" just like the one on the MOD.639? Does it too require registration? I wonder what value is attached to these guns currently? Thanks again for your input!
  11. XM177 commando info needed

    Mine is not a Commando, but I understand it to be the export version of the XM177E2. Moderator looks the same as yours, and is the reason I asked if it required a separate registration as a "silencer" like mine did.
  12. Who Can Repair HK Claw Mount?

    Buy a new one!
  13. XM177 commando info needed

    Just curious... does your "moderator" have a serial number on it? Know that ATF classified the E2 moderator as a suppressor and required it to be registered as well. or removed, surrendered, and replaced with a standard flash suppressor.
  14. Need value on unique M2 carbines

    JMHO: Is the Enforcer a machine gun and not a semi auto? I know they sold semi-auto pistols by the "boat load". If it is an amnesty registered m.g. in nice shape it may be something worth listing high and be willing to negotiate. I know that there weren't a lot of full autos produced, and at the time, the primary buyers were L.E. (while there were a good number of machine gun dealers back then, not so many machine gun collectors or "qualified" buyers). First thing I would do with the Postal Meter M2 is find "correct" U.S.G.I. parts to replace the chrome parts and get the receiver parkerized. I mean, DAMN! A chrome plated carbine! If it is a M2 marked receiver and you restore it to original issue specs., it should go for top dollar. All govt. issue M2's I have encountered are Inlands, so a USPM M2 (if there is such a thing) would be quite a departure from what is most often encountered. I am speaking on this as a non-expert on M2 carbines, so I'm sure some individuals on the boards can advise you as to production numbers from different manufactures, and military conversions versus original production M2's. I've encountered many converted M1/2 "strike throughs" from various manufacturers. My late uncle who was in Italy in WWII told me that there were a lot of "field conversions" of the M1 Carbine, as he converted his carbine to full auto only, without advice, approval or assistance!
  15. Selling Colt Thompsons

    I know sales are slow this time of year and it seems to be "hit or miss" when selling a gun. I'm still not sure which websites get the most traffic. If you were going to sell really nice original condition 1921, 1921AC, and Colt Navy Thompsons would you list them yourself, consign them, or go with an auction house?