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  1. WTS: Glock 18C Post Sample

    I have a pair of excellent condition Glock 18C's ready to transfer out of an LE agency. They have consecutive serial numbers. They are $1750 each. A demo letter is required for the transfer.
  2. WTS: Colt 6933 SBR LE Trade-In

    I have a few Colt 6933 short barrel rifles just in from an LE agency. They are in good condition and will transfer out on a form 3. These have the 11.5" barrel, Surefire forearm light, and detachable carry handle. Price is $625 shipped.
  3. WTS: HK 416 D Stripped Receiver $300 shipped.

  4. This is a stripped HK 416 D post sample full auto lower receiver. This requires a demo letter. Price is $300 shipped.
  5. WTB: HK416D and M249 Post Samples

    I have a 416D stripped lower if you are still looking for one.
  6. WTS: Colt Thompson Model 1927 - All Original

  7. WTS: Colt Thompson Model 1927 - All Original

    This is an all original Colt Model 1921 that was converted to a Model 1927. This has all the original Colt converted semi parts in the trigger housing. The upper and lower have matching numbers. This is a rare Colt for the Colt collector. The bore is excellent. The exterior finish is in about 85%. The internals are in excellent condition. This is a fully transferable machine gun and C&R. Former LE gun, but no LE markings. Price is $47,500 shipped an insured.
  8. I have a couple very good condition HK MP5A3 Navy parts kits available. They will come with a threaded barrel, retractable stock, an 4 position trigger group; 0-1-2-full. Price is $1200 shipped.
  9. WTS: Bridgeport Thompson 1928AC

    Skunk, The barrel is very good to excellent. It isn't from St. Louis. Roger
  10. WTS: Bridgeport Thompson 1928AC

    This is a very nice condition Bridgeport Auto Ordnance Thompson Model 1928AC. All parts are original, with matching numbered upper and lowers. It also has the original finish; 90% or better. It will also come with the original Auto Ordnance stick magazine and the oilier can in the buttstock. Price is $23,000 shipped to your FFL/SOT dealer.
  11. WTS: UMP45 Parts Kit

    I have a few HK UMP45 parts kits available. They are each in good condition. Each kit will come with a magazine and there is plenty of room on the rear stubs for the UMP/USC conversions. Price is $750 shipped.
  12. WTS: HK MP5 Pre-86 Dealer Sample

  13. WTS: HK MP5 Pre-86 Dealer Sample

  14. WTS: HK MP5K-PDW Post-Sample $3000

    I have a post-86 dealer sample factory HK MP5K-PDW in very good condition available. This requires a demonstration letter and will transfer on a form 3. This is available only to FFL/SOT dealers. It is $3000 shipped.
  15. WTS: HK MP5 Pre-86 Dealer Sample

    Still available.