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  1. Use an EMPTY mag to keep the slide locked back during handling. EMPTY MAG !!!!
  2. WTS: C&R MG34 $43000 and spare parts

    try BRP guns for parts
  3. Gun is in like new condition. Shot very little. On form 4 in Michigan. Will transfer Directly to C&R license holder. $25000. PM for more info.
  4. Suggestions for next MG.

    An alternative. Look into converting your gun to 9mm. Or a Thompson dress up kit. They used the same receiver tube on many styles of guns. Talk to BRP Corp (Brian) for more info. Have your serial number handy when you talk

  6. SOT-Not Renewing & ATF not approving Form 3 w/ LE Letters

    When a manufacturer builds a post machine gun or any other NFA item, they are required to send notification to ATF (form2?) when they build it. There is a time limit on notification, I think 24 hours.
  7. My first full auto

    You must have a very strong china cabinet for a M2HB. I think you need to decide what you want to do, shoot them or look/collect them. Sideplate guns have had the original REGISTERED part of the gun removed and replaced with a new registered sideplate. Original sideplates were removed and destroyed because they were not registered before 1986 and became illegal.
  8. Is this a Hammer for HK Sear Pack used with the M249?

    Only one sear notch. Why?
  9. WTB Bren Mk1 Rear Sight

    Try BRP Corp. they have lots of Bren parts
  10. One last MG thoughts?

    Look into a browning belt fed gun, 1919A4 or 1917 water cooled gun. easy to work on and parts are available. sideplate guns are reasonable with the 1917's seeming to be the lowest priced. 30-06 and be changed easily to 8mm and 308. even 7.62 x54r with some difficulty.
  11. SOT-Not Renewing & ATF not approving Form 3 w/ LE Letters

    Had FFL and SOT 30 years ago. I let them lapse. Got new FFL and SOT last year. No problems.
  12. American 180 S&S

    Do not use Winchester Ammo. Some rounds do not seat completely in the chamber. The fixed firing pin on the bolt fires the not completely seated round. Results in a bullet stuck in the barrel. And then a bulged barrel. Federal seat well. Check your ammo choice for seating. The last round in the drum may not seat or fire all the time. Always turn the gun over and check for the last round. Some guns do this. Others do not.
  13. M3A1 springs.

    Personal thoughts. I think if you use a suppressor on the gun, you will want the weaker springs making the sound suppression better. Swapping bolt groups means twice as many parts to clean when I get home.
  14. M3A1 springs.

    I run the parts that came in the gun and don't worry to much about the wear. The sear and the sear notch can be welded up and remachined if needed. I also have spare parts.