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  1. H&K FA Sear with 223 Host

    Yes, It is a multi calibur sear. The paperwork says NA.
  2. Any gun with a hammer drop safety need a firing pin lock or a block. P38's have a lock. stories of it failing and emptying the mag are around. Walther PPK has a block that prevents the hammer from hitting the firing pin.
  3. H& K sear, Qualified Manufacturing, Caliber on paperwork NA. Host is a Century arms pistol, 10 inch barrel, With stock. Includes 4 H&K 25 round mags Runs flawlessly with Tula ammo and my reloads. Others not tested. $30,000 plus shipping.
  4. I have a colt Model 1928 tripod that I am disassembling to clean and restore. How do I remove the top half from the bottom half? There is a big bolt at the front of the top half that looks like it should come out and release the two halves. the bolt rattles and moves about an eighth of an inch. What next?
  5. What to know about mp40s

    When you reassemble the gun, make sure the rear of the recoil spring is in the mounting hole of the lower receiver. If not assembled properly, the little tubes of the recoil spring assembly will bend when the bolt is pulled back.
  6. Rarity of Orlite AR 30 Round Mag?

    I believe you have to have a better rank than seaman. I am two ranks higher than seaman and I can post pictures. The paper clip appears at the higher rank.
  7. Full Auto Ruger 10/22 with Norrell conversion kit. Good running gun. 99% reliable Stock has some safe rash. Gun is on F4 in Michigan. $17000 plus shipping. Video Available of gun being shot.
  8. 1919 colt MG

  9. First time MG recommendations

    Stemple is in Ohio. I assume you are also in Ohio by you name. Google them and make arrangements to visit. I believe they have guns in stock.
  10. Jap 96 in good overall shooting condition. Runs flawlessly. Converted to 7.62x39 using kit from Jim Langley. Uses slightly modified AK magazines. Original barrel is not available. Receiver has some light pitting that has been refinished. With Original? Barrel handle and repo flash hider. 4 mags included. This Type 96 was made by Kokura Arsenal which produced the largest number of Type 96s (approximately 22,000 based on available data). The other two manufacturers were Chuo Kogyo (previously Nambu Rifle Manufacturing Company) and Mukden Arsenal in Manchuria. This specific Type 96 was made in May of 1941 (based on the Showa date of'16.5' underneath the serial number) and is serialized within the second serial number block range allocated for Kokura production. This gun is C&R. It will transfer straight to your C&R license avoiding one tax stamp and the time of one transfer. Asking price $9,000. Email: Pictures available on request. George T.