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  1. Three magazines sealed in wrap from 1992. Colt type 45acp Paper markings 1005-00-550-8694 MAGAZINE ASSEMBLY P/N 5508694 DAAAO9-91-C-0675 1 EA. 5/30/92 $20 each plus $10 shipping
  2. The RP46 unit coverts your Magazine fed DP28/DPM to a belt fed gun. The RP46 fits onto the gun where the pan magazine fits. No modifications to the gun. Installation takes about a minute. This is a Chinese unit. Added picture of Markings. The price for the RP46 is $5500 Spare barrel in excellent condition for the DP28 is $250 Ammo cans and belts are $50 each, Cans have some rust but are usable. Belts are good. Package deal, RP46 unit, Spare barrel, and 4 ammo cans with belts $5000. All sales are plus shipping.
  3. Three magazines, 7 rounds each for Colt type pistols. Government issue. Markings on the bottom of the mags: 19200-, ASSY 5508694, MFR 30745. $20 for all three, plus $10 shipping
  4. Pre WW2 or WW2 mag Pouch. Leather. Holds four MP40 mags. MAGS NOT INCLUDED. $50 plus shipping. Now $25 plus shipping
  5. FS Vickers MG belts

    All sold pending funds.
  6. For sale 11 Vickers machine gun belts. $25 each or $200 for the lot. Plus shipping. These are British commonwealth military issue belts for the 303 British cartridge. They are reloadable as I have reloaded them many times. All have been used in my Vickers and worked perfectly.
  7. Two WW2 Mag pouches. good/excellent condition. holds 5 twenty mags. $100 plus shipping.
  8. Purchased 25 years ago and never used. Original oil and dust included. Sold pending funds.
  9. they are yours pending payment. Please PM me for details.
  10. 10 magazines for sale 4 are marked "J". These are USGI Korean war mags $60 ea. These are excellent functioning mags. sold pending funds 3 are marked "M2". Origin? These are also excellent. functioning mags. $50 ea. sold pending funds 3 are aftermarket mags. One unmarked and two marked "Jay Scott" $30 ea. Still available. Pictures: 4 on left are "J", 3 on right are "M2". Standing are aftermarket. Plus shipping
  11. Sold pending funds
  12. FS Five M11 9mm Magazines

    Sold pending funds. 1100hp, you are second in line.