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    Hey Dan, Yes, I do still have at least one box of 250rds. What's your zip & I'll start figuring shipping costs. Also my email is rrsonsint@gmail.com
  2. LC 7.62 M13 Links - New .015/ea

    I have a few thousand links from LC 7.62 x 51 ammo that was delinked by hand.
  3. Approx 50 boxes available most is Viet Nam era.
  4. Have approx 1,000 pieces - once fired. Also 2 cans LC2014 50 BMG FMJ at $250/can. 36lbs UPS Have 300 links from LC 50 BMG ammo that was delinked by hand - .02/ea
  5. Mikemike

    50 BMG Brass
  6. I'm only able to post to "Wanted to Buy". How do you select a different category?
  7. WTB 11.2x7.2 unprimed casings

    Unprimed casings
  8. WTS 30-06 TRACERS- $5 PER 20 RNDS

    CC would entail a 2% fee. You can send payment of your choice - chk, MO, cashiers chk..What zip code would it ship to?
  9. WTS 30-06 TRACERS- $5 PER 20 RNDS

    about 15 boxes - so that you understand this is WWll ammo - corr - may not fire. Sold as collector ammo or for components...
  10. WTS 30-06 TRACERS- $5 PER 20 RNDS

    Yes, I found some more!
  11. Starter tab is four dollars The belt is five dollars
  12. WTS IMI GALIL ARM .308 - $3500

    Action Arms. I'd be happy to take pics & send um to ya by text or email - let me know where to send them to. Thks - Mike
  13. -Very clean/excellent condition -3 mags total; One new in wrap, two in excellent condition -2nd owner -Test fired only