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  1. Where to source replacement trips for rdias?

    We can service your dias we make custom trips and set it up so no stupid shims etc
  2. dias work let me know. But dias does have some limitations vs a link. No ar10 mk47 or 12gauge. But an arv should work
  3. Also now specializing in drop in auto sear work host set up repairs custom trips etc.
  4. death during transfer?

    Nope it'd a real pain in the ass. Have to cancel the form 4. Then form 5 it to the heir then another form 4. Figure year to year and half
  5. Guys just started doing a few iof these arv's for a registered link. Good little gun from psa. Takes scorpion mags and runs like a top. Even with a 4 inch barrel. Set it up with a modified burst kit for select fire with the link. Would make a great pdw. Stay tuned we might have another awesome pdw host in the works from sig Lightning links are the one of the most undervalued items in the registry. Contrary to popular belief they're rather robust especially with a kns. And easily repaired if you know what you are doing..... Check out the channel videos of our other hosts for lightning link host possibilities. Even in 12ga.
  6. I am a current 07 sor holder lot of you know me.of we done so business over the last 15 years. I might be moving to the charolette area. Which state is more ffl friendly nc or sc? Am looking in york county sc. And looking to start up another ffl there. Any mfg out there can tell me any of the state gotchya's in NC pr sc or any additional state requirements ot licenses. I read something about mfg must notify sled of each mg manufactured? NC has some stupid mg prohibition? Also have several premays and some tramsferrables in a pre Obama 51p trust. Any issues moving those into the state? Also what about shooting any good ranges in the are there what about shooting on private land outside any city. Thanks John C Owner JECIII
  7. Anyone converted a genisis 12ga to f/a

    Give me 2 weeks i bet u can get it to work with a lightning link.. I've been following them.for a while they finally have product? From the pic of the bolt should be possible like a jts12 is.
  8. Lost river shoot range in yellow spring wv. I'm sure Kevin the owner would love to have you come out. We had a mini gun last time. Google it's great shoot 3x a year
  9. No only possible with a lightning link not a dias. Geometry isn't right for a sear. Ypuncpuld maybe make a custom on but it'd be a ground up design and you'd have to design a hammer with a hook. All the FCG is stf ar15 except the hammer which is a little longer.
  10. I need a drum can anyone help. Jts m12ar is the model
  11. Now working with the 10 round mags. Running on #7 birdshot. Check out the new video link. Also check out my channel on the other host conversions possible. Also will be posting some videos specific to registered link owners
  12. HK21 HK23 beltfed host - questions

    I can say when they run they are one of the best sear platforms out there. I love my mm21/23e. He's been doing it for over a decade and can service the gun. I've had mine atleast 10 years. I'd recommend also he stands behind his work which is important in gun builds. Below is mine in action.
  13. Nick. I don't take credit cards. Paypal and other cash apps ban gun or ammo transactions so I can take check or mo. Sorry.
  14. Have a sealed spam can 7.62x54r silver tip 80 mfg I believe. Still sealed 250 shipped John ciszek 770.365.1423