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  1. I have a MP5 40/10mm complete semi trigger group. Includes clipped and pinned housing with BHO cut. Complete With ejector. $300 John C Columbus Ohio +1.510.406.4193
  2. I have some MP5 10mm parts in near new condition. These were backup parts for post sample we sold. Parts are new but have probably been put in a gun. RCM Bolt head complete 10mm or .40 $200 RCM Full auto Carrier $150 ATI Collapsable stock $125 Complete mp5 10mm/40 Semi Trigger group clipped and pinned with proper relief for BHO $375 John Ciszek 1.510.406.4193
  3. WTB; MG3 Belt loaded

    Looking for a MG3 belt loader let me know what you have. Has to be for 308 Thanks John 510.46.4193
  4. Reciever was manufactured by DJ Getz
  5. If you have a M37 you know what this is. Main spring rod unique to the m37 only. These do wear out and are extremely hard to find I had a M37 premay and sold a few years back just found this in the parts drawer. This one is NOS stock and unused $125 plus shipping John Ciszek 07SOT +1.510.406.4193
  6. I have an almost complete MP5 40/10mm parts build kit. Has everything but barrel firing pin BHO sights and takedown pins.. All parts are in new to excelant shape receiver is striped and will need refinished. Part of estate of a late customer of mine he acquired these parts over the last few years to build a 10mm host for his sear. $975 shipped Below is what is included: 1 RCM complete bolt- almost new was only test fired in another gun 1 RCM Full auto carrier new. again test fired only 1 RCM Hi Locking Piece 1 collapasable retractable stock complete has 40/10mm BHO reliefs in stock 1 standard black plastic forearm 1 complete 40/10mm semi auto pack and clipped and pinned SEF lower. Has 40/10 ejector installed 1 Trunnion for 40 cal not sure of maker 1 Stripped MP5 10mm Reciever fully formed welded and ready to go (requires FFL) Thanks John Ciszek 07/SOT Columbus Ohio +1.510.406.4193
  7. can you send pics of the m2
  8. Looking for Mini uzi parts or parts kit. Primarily the open bolt with feet and a top cover. Also interested in closed bolt parts. Very interested if anyone has a 45 heavy open bolt for sale. (Mfg by Barrelexchange) Thanks John C 07/SOT 510.406.4193
  9. I am a 07 SOT in Columbus ohio. Looking to make a postie VZ61 never messed with these before what is the easiest way. Looks like a fun little pistol and I happen to have a boat load of 32. Parts kit and totally new receiver? Source of blanks specs? Is it possible to build a registered conversion sear or device for a semi host. Is it easier to convert a semi and form 2'd Thanks John C 07/SOT
  10. Looking for a shooter grade AMerican 180 Pre-may dealer sample. May be interested in a transferable for the right price. I am in the columbus OH area I believe there was a guy last year that had one but I lost your info. Thanks John C 07/SOT Columbus ohio 510.406.4193
  11. I have a DJ Getz mp5 10mm reciever avaliable. Not sure of the history but bought the reciever and trunnion a few years back for a build that never happened. This is a completed reciever not a flat! Also comes with a mp5 10mm trunnion (Seprate not in the gun) but the trunnion will need the feed ramps installed. Properly marked 10mm ready to go for your next build. Also the gun could be built into a 40 as well. Currently registered as a SBR, which I can remove it from the registry if you want. Thanks John C 07/SOT Columbus OH 1.510.406.4193
  12. WTS: Valmet Pre Sample MG

    contact info? Also what is the exact model is it a 78 or 76?
  13. AR15, Lightning Link

    Ruben, I think I own the sister link, my serial is only off by 1 from this one.
  14. I have a DJ Getz mp5 10mm full sized pistol host for sale. Customer is selling off their collection and the sear went with the 21E, so I have a 10mm and 9mm k host left. The gun has had about 250 rounds through it. Mainly to test it and get it rockin with a sear. Runs great in Full auto. Has SEF pack, and ready for your sear pack. Also comes with both high and low impulse locking pieces a must in the 10mm. Please note this has one of the nice barrels that has both the 3 lug and threads. Have original box and DJ Getz warranty card. Comes with 1 mag. I have many additional mags available including the old LE marked mags. Price is $2100 including shipping. 10mm are more rare guns and really fun to shoot especially suppressed! I am also a 07/SOT so I can register it as a SBR if you are interested. Cell is best during the day, or email. Thanks John C 07/SOT Columbus Ohio +1.510.406.4193 mobile text 740.936.5499 shop. .
  15. Looking for mini Uzi parts kit or postie Thanks John c