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  1. It top cover brass or does it just look that way in the photo.
  2. True about the 50% pct never shooting a gun. Im an 07 so needless to say I own a lot of semi's and mg's. Anyway I had worked at my other job for about a year before anyone found out. Its pretty hard to demonize a friend or coworker after you've known them for a while just because they own a gun. I've been in a very for 10 years now. I actually have taken many libs out shooting and usually they tend change thier view aittle. Taken a few execs out on a range lunch. Even had one say now I see why someone would want one of these (mg with 30 rd mag) After he dumped the mag on my mp5 with a huge smile on his face. You'd be surprised how many lib myths on suppressors get busted with a trip to the range. "Wow ypu can still hear it". And then usually they can admit a non criminal need for a suppressor Its hard but we gun owners need to start to try and do this more to create interest and dispell myths. Mabye we should start a national take a libtard to the range day. Probably not going to work with Jesse Nancy or AOC but if we can change a few normal libs. Plus know a lot of libs that bought "assult weapons" recently.
  3. Have a few lightning link items avaliable. Contact me if interested 5.56 lowers ready to go ready relieved. Have auto position marked. Ready to ship Ar10 308 reiever set with handguard ready to go for the lightning link. I also will have cut bolt carriers after Christmas for the ar10. Tall ar10 paddles in stock. I also have 1 turn key ar10 host with 18 barrel. Ready for Christmas. After Christmas we will be taking custom link work again. Hosts bolt cuts etc. Also after Christmas we might have a few new surprises for link owners. Thanks John
  4. WTS. Federal 36grn 22lr CHP(4725rds)

    So ia it still avaliable?
  5. Shooting. 22 with a lightning link

    Already working on one. If it truly works yeah haw. I've been messing with a tipman 22lr for 6months it should work and works by hand but the pressure of the link paddle keeps it out of battery. Given this design more or less slams it and does not trap it between the link and the paddle it might work. I'm also thinking of other host setups thins might work. Thinking of the sig mix. If anyone has a full auto post sample you see what I mean as it has a trip in the upper I'll let anyone know if i can recreate the 22lr. Im going to try a cmmg kit as i have one here with the trip.
  6. If you take a step back and look at the whole thing you can see the plan is clearly discriminatory against lowere income people and minority communities. Rich dems will be able to afford the 200 tax even if they have to pay 1000's in tax for the weapons to protect themselves while the poor minority communities will not be able to afford. I also agree with Dan this is a talking point for them you could not even do such a thing in 8 years. Plus anything stupid like a ban or buyback could go to the Supreme ct and backfire and nullify ca state type bans. That was the lucky stopgap and trump knew the future was in the courts. Thankfully the senate had some balls or yes id be a little more worried. Right now even 9th circuit hi cap mags are ok. Did you ever think you'd see the day? We know where atleast 5 justices stand on the issue. What I do see them doing is increasing the fet tax on ammo and guns as i think that is administrative set as I believe it was Bush that put the 50 gun exemption in. I guess we will just have to see.
  7. Lightning link tfr on hold

    Congrads on the transfer welcome to the club of link owners. If you need any hosts or have any questions let me know.
  8. Just finished up a cmmg mk47 7.62x39 for a link. By far the smoothest 7.62x39 I've ever shot. The hybrid design is really nice especially in full auto. Also new ar10 link host ready to go. Even has the fa position marked Contact us for any additional lightning link needs
  9. Lightning link tfr on hold

    Yeah made the changes and it went through. Good news is is probably going to be aproved shortly. Usually within a month after the fix. I found that if you make a small mistake like that the process is axtually faster. I had a form 4 sent it in about 3 months i got a correction letter for adding a letter to model number. 2 weeks later the formnwas in the mailbox.
  10. Lightning link tfr on hold

    Sounds about right they had same changes on mine 10 years ago. I was like 22lr wtf that's the one thing it doesn't work in. And yes the previous form had it as autoconmector and they change to mg too. Total clownshow.
  11. I bought my lightning link that way 10 yrs ago. They guy had it before he became a ffl it was in his name on a form 4 for about 5 years. He became a ffl and atf required he run it through his ffl and it transfered on a form 3 in about 2 weeks. Funny thing it was also approved on the 10th anniversary of 911. The approval stamp is 9-1-11 But definitely transfers on 3. even buy something for personal it is on a 3. I tried to buy something on a 4 once and pay the tax and they bounced it back and said I needed to acquire on a 3. You can then log it out to your self personally. When they did my inspection the ones logged out as personal they did not ask to see. However don't abuse this if they see 50 pct of your stuff logged out as personal it would be a problem. Just my experience
  12. AM180 help

    I had a similar problem but it was easily corrected when I sent it back. Also every mg has some little quirk. My 180 is a premay sample. It will not run on the lexane bottom plate. All my.mags have to have the aluminum and it runs like a top. On the lexane plates it does a lot of what you are saying. I never nailed the cause because it runs great with the metal bottoms. That's just the way it is sometimes. I have a beltfed I have to hand chamber the first round when it's cold to run. After its warm no problem to just hk slap it normally. Mabye you can find your 180s quirk. But mabye try a metal base plate.
  13. Update 7-18 New ar-10 308 packages avaliable. Matrix arms reciever set with handguard and bcg. All modifications for link made ready to go. And these have factory full auto marked position for use as select fire host. Just add barrel lpk and stock. 750 shipped for set bcg amd charging handle. I have lower parts kits for 75 bucks and a few select fire link kits left.
  14. FIrearm Insurance

    I use eastern. Not bad bad priced. They cover not just nfa but semi ammo reloading.etc. the best part is they also provide insurance for shipping. They are very easy to work with. Unfourtunatly I actually had a claim a few years back. It was very smooth process. Here's what happened you decide if it's worth it. Ypu do need to list out any item over 10k bit dont need to give serial. I had about 100k insurance for around 300 give or take. Here is what happened. So 2 of us were shooting a suppressed barret. At some point the can was taken off and dropped on the ground. We put the can back on the gun and the next shot the can flewoff like a rpg and buried 6inches in the mud. I was the shooter and I can tell.ypu 50bmg baffel.strike is not fun for the shooter. Was shooting on tripod on a table knocked my ass. Can pretty much destroyed can imagine. Turns out debris in the can from the drop caused a baffel strike. Eastern made me get letter.from barret it was non repairable. Then paid out current market replacement retail. Forwarded one for sale from they paid out that amount plus shipping and TAXES too. Less 250 deductible. Within 2 weeks from the incident. So that is my.experience. I would reccomend it its already.paid for its self. A 50bmg can is not cheap..... also 2 average nfa items.once a year it pays for its self in not having to purchase postal insurance or registered mail.fees.
  15. What where you doing today in 1986?

    I was 9 watching Hanabil Smith the ateam. Probably.where I got the machinegun bug. To this day I'm still wanting a ac556 stainless. I have a few transferrables got my 07 so luckey to have paosties to shoot. I couldnt imagine what it was like in the day to be able to design something build it and keep it. What ashame. Now even if you invented the best mg in the world you could. Never even keep one. agency why you dont see too much new innovation or such in mg's today. Remember Eugene stoner built his first prototype in his garage shop.