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  1. Update 7-18 New ar-10 308 packages avaliable. Matrix arms reciever set with handguard and bcg. All modifications for link made ready to go. And these have factory full auto marked position for use as select fire host. Just add barrel lpk and stock. 750 shipped for set bcg amd charging handle. I have lower parts kits for 75 bucks and a few select fire link kits left.
  2. FIrearm Insurance

    I use eastern. Not bad bad priced. They cover not just nfa but semi ammo reloading.etc. the best part is they also provide insurance for shipping. They are very easy to work with. Unfourtunatly I actually had a claim a few years back. It was very smooth process. Here's what happened you decide if it's worth it. Ypu do need to list out any item over 10k bit dont need to give serial. I had about 100k insurance for around 300 give or take. Here is what happened. So 2 of us were shooting a suppressed barret. At some point the can was taken off and dropped on the ground. We put the can back on the gun and the next shot the can flewoff like a rpg and buried 6inches in the mud. I was the shooter and I can tell.ypu 50bmg baffel.strike is not fun for the shooter. Was shooting on tripod on a table knocked my ass. Can pretty much destroyed can imagine. Turns out debris in the can from the drop caused a baffel strike. Eastern made me get letter.from barret it was non repairable. Then paid out current market replacement retail. Forwarded one for sale from they paid out that amount plus shipping and TAXES too. Less 250 deductible. Within 2 weeks from the incident. So that is my.experience. I would reccomend it its already.paid for its self. A 50bmg can is not cheap..... also 2 average nfa items.once a year it pays for its self in not having to purchase postal insurance or registered mail.fees.
  3. What where you doing today in 1986?

    I was 9 watching Hanabil Smith the ateam. Probably.where I got the machinegun bug. To this day I'm still wanting a ac556 stainless. I have a few transferrables got my 07 so luckey to have paosties to shoot. I couldnt imagine what it was like in the day to be able to design something build it and keep it. What ashame. Now even if you invented the best mg in the world you could. Never even keep one. agency why you dont see too much new innovation or such in mg's today. Remember Eugene stoner built his first prototype in his garage shop.
  4. Sorry Docs forgot to put price. Added it 750 shipped to your ffl. If you want a kit with it would be 950 shipped.
  5. Stripped reciever set with bolt and paddle ready to go build.your own 7.62 host.
  6. didnt know M60 joe would do shrikes. As far as I know when talked to him he would only do regular ar15 carriers and 9mm colt. Tried to get him to do a 40 bolt. He did a lot of work for me in the past. He specifically would not do any odd setups for links. Shrikes mcr just has a few special things that need done but not hard. Also he was retired 3 years ago. How did you convince him to come out of retirement. Anyway as long as the front of the bcg is ramped to avoid hitting the paddle you are good to go. Will make a fun host for the owner. I shot a few over the years they will bring a smile to your face.
  7. WTB M60Joe AM180 drum loader

    How was his diffrent than the one that val at el mfg makes? I just got a am180 this weekend. I found that el has about everything.
  8. UPDATE 4-18 Cleaning out the shop found a colt style 9mm ar conversion bolt cut and ramped for lightning link. You can use a standard hammer with this bolt. Comes with 1 paddle M4A1 carbine US GOVT PROPERTY reproduction lower by palmetto state armory. Has factory safe semi and auto markings. Brand new All proper relief cuts milled in and ready to go for the link guaranteed to work. AR.10 308 lightning link host build set - Stag Arms striped matched reciever set with modified bcg and charging handle. Complete upper with door and fwd assist. Lower has been milled for clearance for use with link. Bolt carrier has been cut to work with stag arms reciever set utilizing ar 10 tall paddle. Includes 1 paddle. Utilizes readily avaliable DPMS parts kit, barrel nut, barrels and finish off your build. Best part is uses DPMS/Magpul mags not proprietary armalite. Will also work with RLL select fire kit allowing for safe semi full operation with link and guaranteed to work with link. Additional paddles and limited number of select fire link trigger groups in stock. We are working during corona most items ship in 1 to 2 days. John ciszek 510 406 4193
  9. I have a Stag arms Stag 10 complete builders set for use with a registered lightning link. New reciever set with lightning link relief cuts. Also includes bcg cut to sp1 lightning link specs for ar10. Uses dpms parts and handguards and magpul/sr25 mags readily avaliable. Build your custom 7.62mm host. Includes 1 modified tall lightning link paddle for ar10. $750 shipped, $950 with modified burst kit for select fire with the link. Safe semi and auto. We do many lightning link hosts fm9 shrike/mcr ar15 and ar10. We can also build this set into custom 7.62 host to your specs if you desire. Ships in 1 to 2 days. John Ciszek 07/SOT 1.510.306.4193 JECAYC@HOTMAIL.COM
  10. The presamples are coming out in desperation OR

    No diffrent one
  11. The presamples are coming out in desperation OR

    I just picked up an am180.premay at a fair price. Not a firesale.proce but fair to both. So there are some deals.if younhave the cash.
  12. Colt SP1 registered receiver

    Mark. Most recievers nowadays if had any problems they have been corrected. Plus they can be repaired. Check the fitment if uppers and.lowers that should be good. Check the pin holes egging or miss shape. The most critical is the placement of the sear holes. You.can use a sear holendrill jig to test it and verify. I have seen lots if guns where the sear is angled.cockeyed or off a little. Guns so.if looking for a shooter would be fine.
  13. BPP 21E vs. MM 21E

    I also agree mike is way to go. I've had one for about 10 years now. Any problems he has always stood by his work. His turn around time is always good. The other thing is hes been making them for over a decade and still making them so that should tell you something. How many hk builders last only a year or 2 or have come and gone in a decade. And like someone said I've never heard of someone sending one of Mike's guns to someone else.for repair quite the opposite he usually fixes others work. Btw you'll love the 21 or 23. Personally. FU@K Rambo its hard to beat a 21e it is a little pricey on ammo. Mine runs fine on that crappy wolf 308. Spend the cash and get an extra barrel you'll need it.
  14. Just also finished up an AR-10 Boomstick. Can use the link protector and select fire kit. A real A@@kicker. One of my new favorites! Armalite are a little pricey but man they are a sweet looking gun. Nothing like a AR 10 in your hand especially in fa.
  15. The one one I just did was our first and used a fa carrier. Requires a little extra work in the lower and bolt. I'm sure we can make a semi carrier work as well. We are looking to try and make a bolt cut and paddle that would still keep some fa trip surface so mabye 1 bolt for both applications. But it would be a specific paddle and bolt cut.