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  1. Great gun at a great price, the host rifle is easily worth $5-6k on its own. GLWYS
  2. Very cool. Looks like a huge flash can. GLWYS
  3. This is a deal. The Howco model FNC is the shorter barrel variant that most everyone covets. It is a big plus in this conversion imho over others. Add in that Houston is a great guy with a stellar reputation, this should be a no brainer for anyone looking for an FNC.
  4. SWD M11 - 9mm SMG - $8100 - REDUCED PRICE

    Do you think the money order is legit? I heard some money orders can be faked, and can take a few weeks before your bank gets the funds withdrawn back against it. So beware of the funky convenience store money orders. You could deposit it and get that clock started, but don't issue a refund until you know for sure its cleared your bank for good. Confirm it with your bank manager. That's another classic scam...you give a refund on something you think cleared your bank but it later comes back denied to your bank. We had a case with one that took 2-3 weeks before the supposed issuer (a payday loan outfit) realized the money order was bogus and never honored it.
  5. Congrats to you both. I'll take seconds if something falls through.
  6. HK G3

    Form 4 is great for those in Tejas or whatever state its registered in
  7. Colt m4 carbine 1000 shipped

    Do you know if this is the 6920 model, or something else? Thx
  8. Its a Sear host. Anyone buying it will be using it with a Sear.
  9. WTS: Sig Sauer 516 7.5 Piston Upper

    I'll take this, PMs sent. Thanks
  10. How about sear relief cuts? I dont know if HK included them on the MR556 or not. If you post a pick of the underside of the upper receiver that will tell the tale. Without the relief, the upper wont close down over a M16 registered receiver auto sear. Thx
  11. What is the barrel length, and does the bottom of the upper receiver have the auto sear relief cuts? Do you have the original handguard? Thx
  12. Yes I can see that. I was asking if the front shelf area has been hogged out to allow it to fit on a semi-auto shelf receiver?
  13. Is this a factory German housing? Is the front area cutout for the semi-auto shelf? I assume no since you mention its full auto. Can we get a pick of that area? thx
  14. WTS Valmet 76 .223

    PMs sent, please check your messages. I'll take the 3 extra mags if Seller will separate, pending some pics of course. Thx