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  1. How about sear relief cuts? I dont know if HK included them on the MR556 or not. If you post a pick of the underside of the upper receiver that will tell the tale. Without the relief, the upper wont close down over a M16 registered receiver auto sear. Thx
  2. What is the barrel length, and does the bottom of the upper receiver have the auto sear relief cuts? Do you have the original handguard? Thx
  3. Yes I can see that. I was asking if the front shelf area has been hogged out to allow it to fit on a semi-auto shelf receiver?
  4. Is this a factory German housing? Is the front area cutout for the semi-auto shelf? I assume no since you mention its full auto. Can we get a pick of that area? thx
  5. WTS Valmet 76 .223

    PMs sent, please check your messages. I'll take the 3 extra mags if Seller will separate, pending some pics of course. Thx
  6. Michaels Machines MP5 10mm Pistol

    I'll take this, email sent. Thx!
  7. MP5K with DLO Trigger Frame

    It is my understanding that an unaltered DLO trigger frame can only work with SEF pack internal parts and a SEF trigger housing, and to make it run in burst/ambi mode (Navy configuration) would require modification to the DLO trigger frame itself. Ex: I think the selecter lever is a larger diameter for the Navy pack and thus would requires a larger diameter hole than what is in the unmodified DLO trigger frame. If your DLO trigger frame will run in burst/ambi mode then I think it must have been modified from its original configuration after it left Doug's shop back in 1986. This would not necessarily a bad thing as some would see it as a positive that it could run a Navy lower (bust/ambi). Terminolgy Reference: Trigger Box or Frame=the metal box or cage (as in your closeups) with no internals installed. Trigger Pack=the trigger box/frame with all internal parts installed. Trigger Housing=the black plastic pistol grip housing that the trigger pack drops into.
  8. I'll take seconds if something falls through. Thanks
  9. WTS M11 .380

    It is likely an SWD double stamp, completed by SWD after buying out RPB parts inventory. Many of them out there. Thus the RPB type small magwell in an SWD registered gun.
  10. WTS: Colt 6520 Govt Carbine upper $400 5.56

    Nice chatting with you, I'll take it pending pics we discussed. Thx
  11. Wts/tpm outfitters p5sd firearm

    Very nice. TPM does great work. GLWYS
  12. Yep, fakes are out there. As suggested if you use the 1-800 verification system described above, it will alert you as well. The verification system is great as it takes the burden off of a visual inspection. The scammers are getting too damn good at making real looking fakes.
  13. Hello all. In case you weren't aware, there is a number you can call to verify USPS Money Orders. It is fast and easy, and allows you to ship items same day if you want (Buyers love it). The number is 1-866-459-7822. It is all automated. Just type in a few key numbers off the MO and it verifies if it is a good one or not. See this link for more info: https://www.usps.com/shop/money-orders.htm However, as Don noted in his post last year (link below), this verification system has been experiencing issues for about a year now. For me and some others, it is not working for money orders exactly equal to $1,000. Anything under $1k and it will verify as it should; equal to $1k and it just says to call back as they are experiencing technical difficulties. So to avoid this you may want to request Buyers only send denominations less than $1k. Here is Don's post in another forum: http://www.sturmgewehr.com/forums/index.php?/topic/10755-usps-money-order-verification-system-not-working/ Hope this helps somebody. Tall
  14. USPS Money Order Verification System Not Working

    I am having the same exact issues, so this glitch is still going on. I plan to request future Buyers no longer send $1k denominations, make them all less than $1k if they want same day shipping. Good luck to us all. Thanks to Don for raising the issue...gives some comfort I am not the only one experiencing this weird error. Tall