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  1. I would like to purchase 10-20 of the sten mags and a loader. Would it be possible to send me a picture of some mags and loader? Thanks
  2. WTS: 13 Sten Mags $320 Shipped

    I will take them. I will email you for details and payment. Thanks
  3. WTS: 13 Sten Mags $320 Shipped

    Is 320 your current price? Thanks
  4. Is this gun still available?
  5. Are the prices listed above the current prices? Would there be any room if I purchased both of them? Thanks
  6. Hopefully not to stupid of a question but will this run in a 1919?
  7. Thanks very much. FFL and SOT have been emailed and Funds are on their way. Appreciate the deal.
  8. Sending you email. I would like to make a deal on it. Thanks
  9. mac10 9mm w/lage upper

    Very interested, please email me some pictures. Does it also have the original parts? Thank you
  10. WTS: Mac 10 45acp w/ Lage upper and Bowers Suppressor $6500

    What kind of condition is it in and does it have all original parts with it? Can I see a picture of it.
  11. I am very interested in the Mac's. Please let me know additional details and/or pictures. Thanks
  12. If you still have 1 I would like to purchase one. Please send me an email and I will get payment out. Would be interested in other 1919 parts as well Thanks
  13. Looking for a Pre 86 dealer sample HK sear or trigger pack. Would also be interested in a HK transferable sear or pack, host gun would be fine. Also interested in other dealer sample HK guns. Please PM with what you have and what you are looking to get for it. Thanks for looking.
  14. WTS - Post Samples, Giving Up SOT So No Love Letter Needed

    Sending email to you. I will buy the Sten, and Savage/Thompson. Thanks