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  1. By all means, please explain how 6 small screws will attach the rail to a M249 which is in front of me. I am all ears.
  2. Please be advised that if you buy a M249 top 3 side rail from Alpine Military Concepts don't expect it to come with any mounting hardware so you can use it. And another thing, don't get your hopes up that he will have anything in-stock which he advertises but he'll try and sell you stuff that you don't want/need
  3. WTS: 5,000 M27-SAW Links / $150.00

    PM Sent for Batch!
  4. Penn Arms 37mm Launcher and lots of factory-loaded ammo. Have you ever faced a barricaded subject? Have you ever wanted to disperse an unruly crowd? I've spent a good amount of time putting this collection together. In fact, I'd wager no one else has amassed a collection like this in the US with the exception of police departments. In fact, all distrubutors of these launchers and ammo will only sell to law enforcement/military. The CS smoke rounds and the OC bursting rounds that I have sell for between $75-$100 a round on gunbroker regularly. This stuff is legal to own as the launcher is smooth-bore and the rounds are not anti-personal (like batons). The 37mm launcher made by Penn Arms SL6-37 model, 6 shot, 6 inch, smooth bore. I bought it as a factory reburb and nothing I've seen on it would disput that fact. It's in great shape. Just wind it up, load, and pull the trigger 6 times to fire all 6 rounds. I've never fired it myself. What's particular unique about this model/varient 6-shot 37mm launcher is the fact that it has a small lip inside the chamber which is about 4.2 inches from the rear of the breech. This allows the unit to use the unique Sage/Arwen rounds which are rebated. It also will fire many of the other commercial 37mm rounds. I have 122 factory-loaded rounds for this launcher. -97 rounds are made by Sage Control Ordnance and are designed as barrier penetrators (glass, wood) and CS smoke rounds. They are broken down as follows: BP50C (Barrier Penetrating)-44 toal (30 in their individual boxes, 14 loose) BP5CS (Barrier Penetrating)-11 total (3 in their individual boxes, 8 loose) BP5P (Barrier Penetrating, Practice)-5 total (5 in their individual boxes) BP5LPOC (Barrier Penetrating)-15 total (11 in their individual boxes, 4 loose) BP5LPCS (Barrier Penetrating)-9 total (9 in their individual boxes) K02LRCS (CS smoke)-7 total (7 in their individual boxes) K02SRCS (CS smoke)-6 total (6 in their individual boxes) -25 rounds are made by ALS Technologies. They are broken down as follows: ALS 7727 (CS smoke)-20 total (20 in cardboard sleeves) ALS 6227 (OC bursting)-5 total (5 in cardboard sleeves) Data for the ALS 7727 Date for the ALS 6227 I have 14 boxes of 50 propelling charges (K01PC) (700 total). These are full power, 44 cal. shells which hold Black Power and are designed to charge the empty Sage shells. That's right, with this stuff you will have the ability to reload and make 700 of your own rounds made to your own specs and design. I have 53 empty cases. Most have been once at least once and some are still dirty and have the used primer in place. I also have two reloading kits. The tools are loose and the kits are missing the hammers (nothing special about them). This is a metric shit-ton of stuff and will cost an arm and a leg to ship. Therefore, to make things easier, I have included shipping into the price. I want $6,500 OBO for everything, shipped. FTF in Des Moines Iowa available for a lesser cost. No FFL needed for any of this items. No trades at this time. Payment by personal check (I wait until it clears), MO's orders I guesss whatever works but no paypal. I have all positive feedback on gunbroker,, cmp forums, gunboards etc all under the same used name. My email is My name is Jonah and I live near Des Moines, Iowa