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  1. If you are going to quote me don’t do it like the media. I said “of course the suppressor is banging around in the box, the packing material and machine gun was removed from the box.” You are assuming it was packed poorly because that is how it arrived. That is not how it was packed. I told you how it was packed, but you stopped listening after I said “of course it’s banging around in the box...”. You even told me there was evidence of a rubber glove inside the box, which are not worn on our end during packing.
  2. But we said USPS only right?
  3. Hmm, I don’t ever recall saying 1 single thing about USPS shipping. The item was shipped on your label because we were $500 apart on price. You are a terrible liar. When you called me on the phone you told me you couldn’t even tell someone had been inside the box. Yet here you are saying the packing was terrible. Of course the suppressor was banging around inside the box, the MG was removed. No I’m not going to send you $5000 while YOU fight FedEx For YOUR insurance claim, if you even insured the package. The ATF told me when we filed the lost report that they knew the package came into a sort facility at 16# and left at 8#. But surely it’s my fault.
  4. HTA RR FNC, 3rd burst kit, Para folder. Beautiful gun. 1 original FNC mag. $16,500
  5. The conversion uses standard MG42/MG34 belts.
  6. We have a small number of our MG42 7.62x39 barrels available after our pre-orders. If you want to shoot cheap ammo through your MG42 don't delay, we won't be doing another batch until 2020. The kit consists of: 1 barrel, New USA made chrome lined, on a surplus barrel extension 1 booster assembly. 1 top cover 1 feed tray 1 booster box 1 instruction and use manual A kit with 1 barrel is $1250 Additional barrels are $325 Feel free to call the shop should you have any questions. 863-430-627zero
  7. Pre-may Guide Lamp M3A1 with integral - $10.5k

    Sold pending funds
  8. Pre-may Guide Lamp M3A1 with integral - $10.5k

    Drop to $10,500 for the package.
  9. Pre-may Guide Lamp M3A1 with integral - $10.5k

    Price drop. Selling as a package.
  10. We partnered with a shop in GA to bring these to market again. We did a limited run and when they are gone they are gone. They are shipping now, so if you want one get one. https://store.fmjarmory.com/parts-gear/upper-conversion-kits-high-capacity/rpd-semi-auto-conversion-kits-2031759
  11. Beautiful Guide Lamp M3A1 Grease gun with SCRC integral suppressor. This gun is a Pre-May dealer sample, this is not transferable to individuals. Pre-May guns can be kept after you drop your SOT. This is a nice example of the war ear submachine gun. The gun includes the original GL barrel, 1 magazine, and the SCRC integral suppressor. Both are on our books and ready to transfer via E-File upon payment. $10,500 CC+3%
  12. WTS: Vickers MK1 pacakge - $27k - F3

    Will deliver to Knob creek to save buyer shipping
  13. We have a very nice Vickers MK1 package we are selling. This package has some extremely hard to find accessories including a Maxim Vickers belt loader. The barrel jacket on the gun is amazing condition with only one small dent, circled in the photos. The gun is a FAKTS gun, in our inventory, ready to transfer on a F3 via E-file. This is an amazing package and you will be hard pressed to find some of the accessories. Dont miss your chance to own this turnkey package. Locks, barrels, dial sight, belt loader, tripod, transit chests, and much more. $27,000, buyer responsible for shipping as it is a lot of extras/accessories. 110 photos in this gallery. We will gladly take any photos you wish, upon request. https://imgur.com/a/ZAMUM3P