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  1. WTS: MG42/M53/Mg3 welding jigs $1250

    Last chance to get one for KCR.
  2. These are the absolute best MG42 welding jigs that have ever been available outside of a factory, hands down. The jig runs the entire length of the receiver forcing a straight line thru the center of the receiver. The jig interfaces with the bushing, the barrel stop, the rails, and the rear buffer sandwiching the receiver to the correct length. This is not a backing type jig that goes behind the metal to weld. There is still some clamping and tweaking of the metal needed, these have been widely torch cut and beating around in garages so its expected. We built a prototype jig 2 years ago and have been using it since and built over 100 guns on that single jig. These are professional, repeatable jigs that will last and last. Heat treated for longevity and black oxide finished for beauty. This jig will make your MG42 build MUCH easier by forcing the receiver into alignment and cutting way down on fitting time. $1250 - Can deliver to the Creek with a deposit or payment in full. How to Use Link: https://www.1919a4.com/threads/how-to-use-lewman-arms-mg42-welding-jig.106756/#post-719348
  3. Beautiful C&R 1944 Gustloff MG42 in 3 calibers, 8mm 762nato and 762x39. This gun has been completely gone through by our shop and runs 100%. All parts on the gun are correct German except the barrel and bolt, the original WWII bolt is included but we do use WWII bolts. This gun is on our books, owned by us, and ready to e-file upon receipt of payment. Please ask for specific photos or video of the gun. Gun comes with 1 barrel in each caliber and all the parts needed to shoot all three calibers. The original bolt is included as a collectors item, we DO NOT recommend using any WWII bolt in a live gun. Available for inspection at our location in Central Florida. $58,000. Sale Pending.. Recouperator rebuilt, all rivets inspected, rails checked for alignment, receiver inspected for cracks or wear, gun fully disassembled and deep cleaned, and fully tested in all 3 calibers.
  4. M240b in 762x39

    Quick test and cyclic rate documentation on the 240 running 762x39. avg rpm is about 515rpm. Slow and steady..
  5. .223 M60 Parts - A closer look

    The x39 kit is feeding and we are working through cycling. The 556 kit is cycling but only runs 10-15 rounds before closing on an empty chamber, also working through this. Also have a 240b x39 kit in prototype phase, an MG34 x39 kit in planning.. Fun stuff
  6. WTS: FN FNC, folder, burst - $15.5k

    Bump for $16,000
  7. I have a few kits left in stock. If you want one I will be at KCR next weekend and can deliver.
  8. If you are going to quote me don’t do it like the media. I said “of course the suppressor is banging around in the box, the packing material and machine gun was removed from the box.” You are assuming it was packed poorly because that is how it arrived. That is not how it was packed. I told you how it was packed, but you stopped listening after I said “of course it’s banging around in the box...”. You even told me there was evidence of a rubber glove inside the box, which are not worn on our end during packing.
  9. But we said USPS only right?
  10. Hmm, I don’t ever recall saying 1 single thing about USPS shipping. The item was shipped on your label because we were $500 apart on price. You are a terrible liar. When you called me on the phone you told me you couldn’t even tell someone had been inside the box. Yet here you are saying the packing was terrible. Of course the suppressor was banging around inside the box, the MG was removed. No I’m not going to send you $5000 while YOU fight FedEx For YOUR insurance claim, if you even insured the package. The ATF told me when we filed the lost report that they knew the package came into a sort facility at 16# and left at 8#. But surely it’s my fault.
  11. HTA RR FNC, 3rd burst kit, Para folder. Beautiful gun. 1 original FNC mag. $15,500
  12. The conversion uses standard MG42/MG34 belts.