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  1. Sneak peak at our MG42 7.62x39 conversions

    Chrome lined barrels are being tested now. We are opening up a pre-sales list. We will begin with customers who want to supply their own top cover, feed tray, and barrel extensions as this will cut a bit of cost off the kits on both sides. See breakdown below. Modify customer supplied parts, supply booster assembly, supply bolt head, supply and headspace barrels. $650 + $300 per barrel. Our barrels are 4150, chrome lined, and parkerized. The booster assembly is totally adjustable to allow you to dial in the gas to each gun, also allows cyclic rate adjustments. The kits DO run semi auto guns as well. These are a true drop in conversions, no mods to your springs or your gun. Drop the parts in/on and run 7.62x39. The conversion uses original MG42/M53/MG3 belts, it does like tighter belts as the rounds tend to fall out of looser belts. The belts are easily pinched to tighten them up as you load the ammo. We will be placing our barrel order based on the pre-sale list. The barrels are the longest item to get and once we have a list of customers we can get lead times on the barrels. Email Jessica to be placed on the list. Name, phone number, email address, and how many barrels. Jessica@lewmanarmsmanufacturing.com You will be updated from there VIA email. Once we do the 1st batch of customer supplied parts kits we will open up general sales with us supplying all the parts. Stay tuned for those kits availability. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uc-RPv7WtUM
  2. Sneak peak at our MG42 7.62x39 conversions

    More progress on these conversions..
  3. Misc extras I have and dont need. PP or USPS MO. Buyer pays actual shipping cost. 1.) M203 KAC QD front bracket. - $50 2.) M249 handguard set, upper and lower. Good to excellent condition. - $50 3.) M249 rear sight assembly, missing peep but otherwie complete. - $75 4.) M240 top cover, complete. - $150 5.) M240 feed tray. - $100 6.) M240 RH feed tray. - $100 7.) M240 stock, complete with buffer. - $75 8.) M240 long Upper Handguard. - $25 9.) M240 NOS buttplates with screws, 2 available. - $25 each 10.) M240 Feedramp/rail, 2 available. - $100 each 11.) M240 charging handle rail/bracket, 2 available. - $50 each 12.) M240 buffer tube. - $10
  4. M1917A1 Group Ind. $21k delivered F3

    Sold pending funds. Will update when paid.
  5. I have a bunch of these sets, that is per set.
  6. USPS MO, PP F&F, or CC+3%. Price is shipped to your dealer. 7.62x39 Nodak NDS-3 receiver with carrier and complete bolt. - $125 ,several sets available.
  7. M1917A1 Group Ind. $21k delivered F3

    Price drop to $19.5k delivered. On a F3 ready to transfer.
  8. Group Ind side plate on a matching #s M1917A1. The box, top cover latch, and grip was parkerized by someone previously. Gun runs flawless. Setup in 30-06. Comes with the water chest and tripod.$21,000 delivered. On a Form 3 in our inventory ready to transfer via E-Forms.
  9. This is something we have been working on for a bit. We are expecting to be starting production on these soon. At 1/3 the cost of regular 8mm or 762 nato it has intrigued quite a few MG collectors. Enjoy Lewman Arms
  10. WTS: Phoenix Arms MP40, F4 13k

    Updated photos.
  11. WTK: Sideplate Vickers price?

    We just sold one locally with the tripod for $18.
  12. We are brokering this item for a local client whom has cancer and needs to move this gun. We can/will transfer straight to your dealer on a F4 to cut down on transfer times. The gun is in our vault and held by us until the transfer is approved. Buyer is responsible for shipping, the 1st tax stamp is included in the price. Phoenix Arms tube gun. $13000.
  13. WTS: RPB Overstamp M10/9mm F3 Lage $7.6k

    Awesome package deal. F3 are taking 24hrs or less.
  14. WTS: RPB Overstamp M10/9mm F3 Lage $7.6k

    Price drop. Excellent deal.
  15. RPB overstamp M10/9mm transferable machine gun. On a form 3 and ready for immediate transfer to your dealer. Comes with Gen 1 Lage upper, Regualr M10/9 upper, Original stock, AR15 stock and adapter, MagPul BUIS, 3 magazines, and an original carry case. Awesome packaged deal. - $8000 to your dealer. Price drop to $7600 for the package.