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  1. WTK: Sideplate Vickers price?

    We just sold one locally with the tripod for $18.
  2. We are brokering this item for a local client whom has cancer and needs to move this gun. We can/will transfer straight to your dealer on a F4 to cut down on transfer times. The gun is in our vault and held by us until the transfer is approved. Buyer is responsible for shipping, the 1st tax stamp is included in the price. Phoenix Arms tube gun. $13000. Feel free to contact me for more info or more photos.
  3. WTS: RPB Overstamp M10/9mm F3 Lage $7.6k

    Awesome package deal. F3 are taking 24hrs or less.
  4. WTS: RPB Overstamp M10/9mm F3 Lage $7.6k

    Price drop. Excellent deal.
  5. RPB overstamp M10/9mm transferable machine gun. On a form 3 and ready for immediate transfer to your dealer. Comes with Gen 1 Lage upper, Regualr M10/9 upper, Original stock, AR15 stock and adapter, MagPul BUIS, 3 magazines, and an original carry case. Awesome packaged deal. - $8000 to your dealer. Price drop to $7600 for the package.
  6. I have listed several of these kits. We have a couple tucked away still. $1500 with an NOS barrel or $1300 with no barrel.
  7. This one sold, I have another tucked away if you are interested.
  8. WTS: Post Sample Build Services

    That would depend on what you are asking exactly. If we are building you one to sell or building on your parts etc. Emailing us would help us determine your needs better.
  9. WTS: Post Sample Build Services

    We do not currently help with demo letters.
  10. WTS: Post Sample Build Services

    Build it
  11. WTS: Post Sample Build Services

  12. Torch cut but complete receiver. IMHO this is a better start than the BRP receivers on the market. This kit is complete with everything but a barrel. Included is a "new" barrel bushing (MG3 take off I believe, but 100% usable) and a set of MG3 takeoff rails. Everything else that a standard M53 kit comes with is included. Kits with all the cut pieces are hard to come by these days. $1500 plus shipping. We re-welded one just like it a few months back into a beautiful post sample. It took us about 8 hours to have a full functional M53, semi mods would take a bit longer but you get the idea. Available separate is an MG1 top cover, feed tray, and booster for 308 conversion. $200
  13. WTS: Post Sample Build Services