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  1. I will take the Lewis Drum / Pan Crate for $200. Please let me know what form of payment and shipping. Brian
  2. M1A1 Thompson kit with cut receiver

    Hi Stripper Clip, I sure could use the M1A1 parts kit. I have a papered DEWAT M1A1 Savage Thompson that I have paid $200 & filed a form 1. Now I am waiting for up to a year to get my Stamped form 1 back so I can REWAT my machine gun. If you don't need it and it is still is available, please give me a lead on it. Thank you, Brian
  3. 30.06 Lake City(En Bloc/Bandoleers)280rds

    Hi Nick, I sent you a text. Browning1917a1
  4. SPF: Transferable 8mm BESA Mk2 beltfed

    What a great story. I have an 08/15 Maxim drum holder/bracket that was Dolf's at one time and of course his books. I have a ZB26 that I will be working on and wish I had this Besa to go with it. I hope you find a good home for it. Brian
  5. czech zb30 to zb26 barrel mod.?

    It took me a year to find a ZB26 barrel for sale. A lot of 30's were out there. I was told that it is possible to machine a 30 barrel to fit a 26, but I don't know what it takes. I placed a WTB message on different forums until someone had an extra that they were willing to part with. I am getting ready to file a form 1 to activate my ZB26 dewat. Browning1917a1
  6. I know that this would be a long shot, but do you have a Spring of 1945 Steyer made stock for a BNZ45 K98? browning1917a1
  7. WTB Chauchat Registered dewats buggered guns etc

    A Sidarme Chauchat went for $8400 counting auction fees at the James Julia Auction this week. These weapons are steadily gaining popularity in my opinion. I own and shoot two over the past 12 years. I think they are interesting and historically significant weapons.
  8. WTB ZB26 barrel

    I need a ZB26 barrel to Rewat a Dewat ZB26 machine gun. Please let me know what you have and how much. Please include a picture of the chamber end of the barrel to verify that it is for a ZB26. Thank you, Brian
  9. Your Postal Money Order went out in todays mail. Brian
  10. I'll take the 15 used Sten magazines for 150 shipped. Please PM with your mail to information. Thank you, Brian
  11. I'll take them. Please message me with your mailing information. Brian
  12. I am sending you an email taking all of these. Brian
  13. I am sending you an email that I will take these. Thanks, Brian
  14. WTB: Transferable Reising/Sten/Mk760

    Bob Ness has I believe 3 that appear to be nice shooter grade Reising model 50's that he is brokering. Bob is one of our top machine gun collectors and gunsmiths that we are blessed to have in the NFA world. Black River Militaria. If I didn't have one, I would buy one of these, they are priced right in my book. Brian
  15. MG42/MG3 Belt Loader

    I think I have one that I bought years ago, but wound up not using. I made a quick look but didn't see it. I will try to look harder this weekend. Brian Tribrothers on