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  1. Non-oem UMP mag loaders?

    Has anyone made some affordable ones? Thanks. Chris.
  2. Looking for a lower-priced one in less than good condition, if such an animal exists. Thanks. Chris.
  3. Any quantity. Any condition. Thanks.
  4. Need complete fcg set. Thanks.
  5. Wtb: TSMG lowers, any condition.

  6. Complete or stripped. M1 and/or 28. Thanks.
  7. WTB: HK G36 backplate

    Title says it all. Thanks.
  8. WTB: HK G36 backplate

    No text
  9. Any condition as long as it's serviceable. Thanks.
  10. WTB:HK21 mag adapter.

    Hi. Looking for a 21 magazine adapter (FMP). Used is good. Thanks.
  11. Can be new or used (preferred). Thanks. Chris.
  12. Can be new or used. Thanks.
  13. WTB: G36 receiver pieces

    Thanks. I just ran a WTB ad here for a SL8 rear piece. Maybe I'll have muck with that.
  14. WTB: SL8 rear stub

    The longer, the better. Thanks.