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  1. Any quantity. Any condition. Thanks.
  2. Need complete fcg set. Thanks.
  3. Wtb: TSMG lowers, any condition.

  4. Complete or stripped. M1 and/or 28. Thanks.
  5. WTB: HK G36 backplate

    Title says it all. Thanks.
  6. WTB: HK G36 backplate

    No text
  7. Any condition as long as it's serviceable. Thanks.
  8. WTB:HK21 mag adapter.

    Hi. Looking for a 21 magazine adapter (FMP). Used is good. Thanks.
  9. Can be new or used (preferred). Thanks. Chris.
  10. Can be new or used. Thanks.
  11. WTB: G36 receiver pieces

    Thanks. I just ran a WTB ad here for a SL8 rear piece. Maybe I'll have muck with that.
  12. WTB: SL8 rear stub

    The longer, the better. Thanks.
  13. WTB: G36 receiver pieces

    HI. Did you happen to end up with any extra rear pieces? Thanks. Chris.
  14. Ok. Thanks. I'll check on the Beretta and get back to you. Thanks.
  15. Posting for a friend. In need of -a complete 08 Maxim topcover or a complete 08 sight assembly. -Blueprints for US M6 survival rifle. -Bolt assembly for Beretta "Model Olympic" .22 semi-auto rifle. Thanks.