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  1. Hi. For awhile now, I’ve been wanting to build a Ruger .22 pistol using a parts kits and home-made receiver tube/upper. Does anyone have recommendations for sources of the 80% (steel) receiver tubes? Thanks.
  2. WTB: 20” hbar chrome bore...

    Bbl, not complete rifle.
  3. HK 91 globe front sights?

    I feel like I saw a globe-type replacement front sight blade for HK rifles, but I can’t remember where I saw them. Rtg sells cross hair-type FSs, but not globe (aperture) FSs. Thanks.
  4. Stripped or not, used or new. Thanks.
  5. Wtb: Mg34 bolt head.

    Looking for a serviceable 34 bolt head. Also looking for other parts, except bolt carrier. Thanks.
  6. Hi. If one had a stripped 34 carrier, where might one find the parts to make a complete bcg? I emailed Allegheny, but no reply. Thanks.
  7. WTB: HK G36 rear stub

    Can show wear/use. The longer the better. Thanks.
  8. WTB: HK21 bipod head and ejector.
  9. Hi. I'm in search of a '28 rear sight base that's been around the block, pitted, bent, etc. Looking for a bargain. Thanks. Chris.
  10. I have an acog (ta01?) that went awol- s/n removed. Wind & elev knobs don't work. Is there a source for repair, other than Trijicon?
  11. I need a plain-jane lower for a plain-jane upper. Doesn't have to be pretty. Thanks.
  12. WTB: Mac 10 .45 bolt

    Looking for complete bolt assy. Thanks.