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  1. Rules on creating a Stenling

    I would do this... Contact John Andrewski......I had a Wilson Tube Sten Mk II and I talked to John about it. Based on where the serial numbers where on the tube, he stated that he could not do the conversion without damaging the original serial numbers and you simply cant just "remark" an NFA item (this is what he told me). I ended up buying a DLO Sterling tube and 2 kits and sent them off to John Andrewski ... All I can say is wow.. the man is the Obi Wan of Sterlings. 100% Satisfied with the gun.
  2. 5320.20 Approval Times

    Just received them today... mailed 11/1 approved12/14 received 12/26
  3. 5320.20 Approval Times

    Mailed several on 11/1/2017. I have not received anything back yet.
  4. smith for M16

    This is all correct.. they recommend a form 5, but when I sent my M16 lower to M60 Joe, I included a copy of my form 4 and a letter from me to him, granting permission to repair and test the lower for a certain amount of time.. Joe did great work... i shipped insured too GMANINGA
  5. HK smith to work on trigger packs?

    Mike Woodward fixed my 4POS2RB pack with a Fleming sear lickety split when it busted.. He turned it around in 2 days, and was nothing short of great to deal with. I am sure there are others, but I have only dealt with Mike on my Packs.
  6. WTS-Stemple STG-U9 with suppressor $7,500

    Host the photos on another site such as . It will generate a URL with you can post here or use the "Insert other media Button" to publish.. Here is an example of my STG Stemple Tube M1A