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  1. 5320.20 Approval Times

    Just received them today... mailed 11/1 approved12/14 received 12/26
  2. 5320.20 Approval Times

    Mailed several on 11/1/2017. I have not received anything back yet.
  3. smith for M16

    This is all correct.. they recommend a form 5, but when I sent my M16 lower to M60 Joe, I included a copy of my form 4 and a letter from me to him, granting permission to repair and test the lower for a certain amount of time.. Joe did great work... i shipped insured too GMANINGA
  4. HK smith to work on trigger packs?

    Mike Woodward fixed my 4POS2RB pack with a Fleming sear lickety split when it busted.. He turned it around in 2 days, and was nothing short of great to deal with. I am sure there are others, but I have only dealt with Mike on my Packs.
  5. WTS-Stemple STG-U9 with suppressor $7,500

    Host the photos on another site such as . It will generate a URL with you can post here or use the "Insert other media Button" to publish.. Here is an example of my STG Stemple Tube M1A