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  1. WTB AK 74 parts Kits

    WTB AK 74 Parts kit origional barrel not necessary. Thanks Ken
  2. WTS: 1919 Spade Grips - Pics

    Do you have any still available?
  3. Sorry haven't responded or posted in a while...Are these still available Im 07/02 AZ
  4. WTB Cobray Arms Pocket Pal

    Want to buy a cobray arms 380/22 Pocket Pal revolver, please email with price and dated pic thank you
  5. For sale converted Arsenal 106ur SBR to 300 Black Out with AAC 7.62 sd. Cycles with subsonics with can and down to 125 gr without can. Can change colors this is magpul stealth grey. Usps money orders prefered, thanks for looking, Ken Owner WB ENT
  6. WTB: Polish P64 Pistol Parts

    Want to buy polish p64 pistol parts, have extra barreled frame, would consider trading as well ,depends on what you have , let me know what have , thankyou Ken
  7. Id like 2 of them if you still have any avaiable, what would Shipping be to Tucson Az
  8. WTS : 8" Saiga 12 transfers on a form 3, your choice of Duracoat color/colors. 2160.00 shipped for this model add ons available. One left at this price. Please Email me with any questions thanks for the board Buddy