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  1. I have a Thompson 18 round "shot cartridge" magazine not sure what it it is worth. How rare is it? How do I list it? Thanks Steve 616-723-7443
  2. Updated quantities and prices
  3. I have a bunch of SWR (Silencerco) Silencer parts along with Tubes. Email with any questions at . Shipping is $9 on any size order. Check, Cashiers Check, Money Order will ship after it clears. US Postal money orders will ship the same day I receive it. Pay Pal +3%. will ship in 48 Hours. Octaine 9/45 Aluminum tube, threaded at both ends 1 3/8" dia, 20tpi x 6 3/4" long $35ea, 3/$100, 20/$500 Anodized or Raw 99+ available Spectre 22 Stainless Steel threaded at both ends 1" dia. x 5" long $35ea or 3/$100 Raw or Black oxide 50 available 5 lug barrel adapter 1/2-28 thread $35ea - 16 available 5 lug mount for silencer comes with ss cup and spring $30ea - ALL SOLD 10mm x 1mm, FN 5.7 adapter fits the Spectre 22 silencer $40ea - 20 available Not sure what these fit. 1.250" x 4" threaded at both ends raw aluminum $20ea - 3 available Octaine 9/45 booster housing, threads into 1 3/8 tube $25ea - 11 available Bi-lug adapter $10ea - 28 available (Not for tubes above) Bi-lug adapter housing threaded at both ends $20ea - 30 available (Not for tubes above) Bi-lug adapter housing spring (not pictured) $2ea - 70+ available (Not for tubes above) 3 lug adapter (just the housing, no other parts) $15ea - 80+ available Not sure what this is. Very coarse 1 3/8" inner threads, knurled on the outside, anodized $15ea - 17 available Not sure what these fit. 1.250" x 2.5" threaded at both ends anodized $20ea - 7 available
  4. Time to move on! $5000 + $100 shipping takes it all. Or I can bring it to Knob Creek in the Spring.
  5. I have in (one lot) a Bunch of Colt, GM (General Motors) and H&R (Harrington and Richardson) M16 Full auto fire control parts. $2200 shipped. All NFA rules apply. Will only ship to where legal. 19 sets of Hammer, Trigger, Disconnector, Disconnector spring and 3 position selector (No tic) 6 No tic 3 position Selectors 200 hammer springs 6 GM Triggers with disconnector springs 21 Early type Colt Triggers with Disconnector Spring 100 Colt Triggers with disconnector springs
  6. All parts are up to date. Lowered some prices. Make offer on the Lot.
  7. MK93 Softmount Cradle .50 cal. large ammunition can Bracket in new condition. These are for the 13" tall 200 round 50 MBG ammo can. I have 10 of them to sell. I can deliver them to Knob Creek (Oct. 11-15th) $100ea + $25 shipping. US Postal money order only.
  8. Add is up to date as of today. I lowered some of the prices also.
  9. I am going to bring all the parts to Knob Creek next week to sell. Make offers before they are gone.
  10. $5000 + $100 shipping takes it all. Need to move these parts on. Add is up to date as of 3/1/18 The best would be face to face in Michigan.. Shipping and insurance is extra. Payment by USPS Postal Money Order. Email me at Here is what I have. 5 M60 barrels with bipod and gas system $450ea 1 M60 barrel No/bipod or gas system internals, cut sight tower $225 1 M60 barrel No/bipod or gas system internals $250 1 M60 barrel No/bipod, cut sight tower $275 1 set up for blanks $150 1 Receiver Gage kit $150 4 M60E3 Drive Rods $30ea 12 M60E3 springs $10ea 1 M60 Drive rod $25 4 M60 springs $10ea 2 M60E3 oprods $250ea 3 M60 oprods $225ea 3 M60E3 front Grips $55ea 2 M60E3 Heat shield with front grip NO mount $140ea 1 M60 bipod $150 SOLD 2 sets of M60 bipod legs NEW $60 pair SOLD 1 M60 night vision mounts $30 2 M60 gas piston $30ea 3 M60 gas cylinder extension $50ea new 1 is used $35 3 bolts with left lug chip $20ea 10 used firing pins $12ea 1 M60 buffers $100 4 M60E3 Feed Cam Assembly new $175 SOLD 1 M60 Feed Cam assembly new $165 2 New in Wrap M60 flash hiders 40ea 1 new broken shell extractor $10 5 new combination tools $3ea