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  1. These are just back from TPM Outfitters after being freshly refinished and inspected inside and out. They are both in excellent condition and function perfectly. This is a consecutive set of Pre-86 Dealer Sample MP5's, serial numbers 82679 & 82680. These are very early SACO imports and are date-stamped "12/72" on the top of each receiver. One bolt is stamped "4/72" and the other is stamped "IA", so it was updated by the previous owner at some point. Both sets of BCG's show wear and use and were not refinished. Both guns have Navy (tri-lug) mounts for silencers. Both guns have been updated with Navy trigger packs and "F" style stocks. These guns are on a Form 3 in my inventory and ready to eForm to your SOT. $12,750 EACH or $25,000 for the PAIR. Each gun will include ONE (1) H&K 30rd metal magazine. PM me here or CALL / TEXT 281-467-5424 Thanks!
  2. NEW, OLD STOCK, Osprey Defense, Model OPS-416 / OPS416 Piston Conversion kit for the AR15 or M16 with carbine-length gas system. These CARBINE kits are compatible with 11.5" to 16" barrels. This is the COMPLETE KIT in NEW condition. They are $200 each + shipping costs. CALL or TEXT me at 281-467-5424. Kit includes complete set of handguards, stripped bolt-carrier, piston op-rod system, small pins, etc., everything that comes from the factory. No factory box or manual is included. I also have SPARE BOLT CARRIERS ($100), SPARE "BLEM" BOLT CARRIERS (minor rust / pitting) ($75), FREE FLOAT CARBINE OP RODS ($50), STANDARD RIFLE LENGTH OP RODS ($50), and FREE FLOAT RIFLE LENGTH OP RODS ($50) available in limited quantities to buyers! Happy to combine shipping for the purchase of multiple kits. Standard shipping is $10 for 1-2 kits. I can ship UP TO 5 kits for $20. Please check with me for shipping cost for 6 or more kits. Payment via USPS money order or cashier's check. Ships via USPS priority to your front door, fully insured! Please contact me with any questions and thanks for looking!
  3. Transferable DLO MG40 (ANM2 / AC30) Belt-Fed machine gun

    Bump. Still available.
  4. Fraud Alert!!!!

    Just caught a scammer in the act on Frank's board at MGC. He had an AC556 posted for $8500. He refused to send any copies of Forms for verification and finally sent a heavily-redacted Form 4. The problem is that the serial number on the Form 4 didn't match the serial number on the "original box" in the pictures of the gun. He sent me a copy of "his" FFL, which I googled, got the phone number, contacted, and asked if they had any machine guns for sale. "no, sir, we are not an NFA dealer." Filled in the owner of this FFL on the situation and he is now in touch with his local ATF and Sheriff's Office. Scammer info is as follows: email: phone: 910-479-5640 no name provided, communicates via text, will not answer a phone call He deleted the ad on MGC yesterday afternoon after he started texting with me about the gun.
  5. I have an EXCELLENT condition DLO sideplate MG40 belt-fed machine gun currently set up in .30-06 and on a Form 3 in my inventory. Model is "A/C" on the Form 3. This is the much higher rate of fire aircraft variant of the 1919. The weight is also significantly lighter than a standard 1919. This gun will include the pictured tripod, T&E, and about 500 links. It has been completely gone through to verify function and test-fired with 100 rounds and runs flawlessly. $25,000 plus shipping costs or best offer. I am also open to trade offers for other machine guns. PM me here for any additional information. Call or text me at 281-467-5424. Please let me know if you require additional pictures.
  6. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

    Bump. Completed a deal with Mike Pappafotis @TECHARMAMENT - outstanding gentleman to do business with and highly recommended! Still looking for Pre-86 dealer samples and possibly some POST-86 dealer samples that will need a demo letter to transfer. Thanks again!
  7. Received and responded, thanks!
  8. Email sent
  9. Contact KYLE at 210-213-1710 to purchase or with any specific questions I am brokering a batch of Post-86 dealer sample machine guns, transferable silencers, and parts / accessories for another local dealer. ALL items are ready for immediate transfer. The Post-86 dealer sample machine guns WILL require a demo letter and will transfer to your SOT on a Form 5 from an LE agency. All silencers are with an SOT on a Form 3 and will transfer directly to your SOT on a Form 3. Prices are all negotiable and price breaks are available for the purchase of multiple machine guns or machine gun(s) with silencer(s). Machine Guns: Price varies depending on condition / wear and configuration (stock, trigger pack, etc.). Conditions vary from GOOD to VERY GOOD to LIKE NEW. Buyers have the option of a 3-position "Navy" trigger pack or a 4-position pack. Stocks available are the A2, A3, or "F" style stocks. Choose from a standard widearm foregrip or a modern dog-leg style SureFire foregrip. YOU pick the condition of the receiver and the configuration and we can negotiate price. Cerakoting options are available. All machine guns will include ONE (1) factory H&K 30rd magazine. Heckler & Koch, "MP5N", 9mm - $2250 to $2750 Heckler & Koch, "MP5/40-A3", 40S&W - $1800 to $2000 Silencers: Knight's Armament (KAC) "Navy", 9mm - $500 to $900, condition ranges from POOR to GOOD to EXCELLENT. These are DIRECT-THREAD 1/2x32 9mm silencers built specifically for the MP5N series. A very small number of these have baffle strikes and price will be significantly lower on those. Fully transferable to individuals. Gemtech Raptor-40, 40S&W - $500 to $700, condition ranges from GOOD to VERY GOOD. These are TRI-LUG style attachment silencers and will attach to EITHER the MP5 series in 9mm or the MP5/40 series. Fully transferable to individuals. Parts & Accessories: We have HUNDREDS of factory H&K parts available as either a package deal or as individual small parts. We are offering them for 30% OFF of what you would find them listed at HK Parts for. This list is too extensive to list here so please EMAIL or PM me directly for a list of parts - MP5/40 spare mags and mag couplers are also available.
  10. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

    Email sent
  11. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

  12. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

  13. I have some very nice Pre-86 Dealer Sample machine guns and ONE (1) Transferable machine gun available for sale. All of these machine guns are on FORM 3's and ready to eFile. Prices are negotiable and we can work out a deal on multiple guns. I am also happy to entertain trades for other NFA weapons or rare Colt revolvers or pistols. Pre-86 Dealer Samples: Heckler & Koch, HK53, 5.56mm, very good to excellent condition with 0-1-25 trigger pack and one (1) 40rd H&K mag - $11,500 Heckler & Koch, HK53, 5.56mm, like-new / as-new condition with 4-position trigger pack and one (1) 40rd H&K mag - $12,000 Heckler & Koch, MP5, 9mm, excellent condition with Navy pack and KAC rail, A3 stock, and one (1) 30rd H&K mag - $12,500 Saco-Lowell, M37 (1919), .30-06, excellent condition, includes tripod and T&E - $11,000 Transferable: Vector registered-receiver full-size Uzi, 9mm, excellent condition, with one (1) 25rd mag - $12,500 Please call me at 281-467-5424 or email me at / PM me here. Thanks!