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  1. WTS: Post May Dealer Samples, M-60E3, RPD, Bren

    Interested in taking the RPD & Philly Ord. Thompson - PM sent
  2. As per our agreement, I will take this package Payment inbound 6/30/2020
  3. WTB: Post-86 Dealer Samples $$$$

    I would be
  4. WTB: Walther MPL / MPK Parts

    Re-Up ad Looking for all Walther MPL / MPK parts Thanks!
  5. Transferables & New Pricing on Pre86DSs

    I will take the Mini Uzi pre-may sample as per our conversation
  6. Transferables & New Pricing on Pre86DSs

    Email sent on PS Mini Uzi, Thompson, and Transferable MK Arms 760
  7. WTS HK UMP .40 S&W post sample

    Phil, we will take all of these Please call me Thanks!
  8. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

    Sunday Bump Still Looking Transferables, Pre-86 Dealer Sample, FACTORY Post-86 Dealer Samples that require a DEMO LETTER
  9. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

  10. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

  11. WTS: KRISS VECTOR .45 SMG post sample

    I will take this, good sir.
  12. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

    Bump - still looking - let me know what you have available
  13. WTS: Pre-May Dealer Samples, Etc

    Just bought a couple of pre-mays from this seller - top-notch service and easy to do business with! Very fair prices on many of these guns - buy with confidence!
  14. I will take both of these as per out text conversation
  15. Selling off a few of my transferable and pre-86 dealer sample machine guns to make room for incoming inventory. Prices INCLUDE shipping. I can email or PM a Google Drive link with HD photos as there are too many to upload here. ALL items are on a Form 3 in my inventory and ready to eFile to your SOT. CALL, TEXT, or PM me with offers - 281-467-5424 PRE-86 Dealer Sample Beretta PM12S - excellent condition - $12,000 - 1x 32rd mag included, more factory Beretta 32rd mags available @ $75/ea - SOLD TRANSFERABLE Machine Guns: C&R Danish Madsen M50 9mm - good to very good condition with wear, original leather stock wrap, mag loader, 5x 32rd mags - $14,000 Wilson Arms MP40 tube built on German, Nazi-marked MP40 parts kit - excellent - $16,000, 1x 32rd mag, additional Nazi-marked MP40 mags are available - SOLD AWC MP38/40 tube built on German, Nazi-marked MP38 parts-kit, slab-side magwell, brown bakelite stock - excellent condition - $16,000, 1x 32rd mag included, additional Nazi-marked MP40 mags are available - SOLD