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  1. Both Colt SMG's are SPF
  2. I have THREE (3) Gemtech Outback IID silencers that are new in the box and sealed in the original plastic sleeves. Manual included. $200 shipped to your SOT. CALL or TEXT 281-467-5424
  3. Currently on a Form 5 with a PD and ready for transfer to your SOT. Demo Letter required TWO (2) Excellent to Like-New condition Glock 18 consecutive set. $3500 each shipped or $3450 for the consecutive pair. Original blue-label boxes with matching serial numbers are included with each Glock 18. Each one will also include one each 17, 19, and 33rd magazine. [SOLD] TWO (2) Very good to Excellent condition Colt M16A2 9mm / SMG. $1350 shipped each or take 2 for $1300 each. One 32rd mag included with each. [SOLD] CALL or TEXT 281-467-5424.
  4. I do both title I & II transfers Sienna Armory 281-467-5424 Missouri City TX
  5. WTB: Pre & Post 86 Dealer Sample Machine Guns

    PM me here or email me at
  6. $2500 shipped to your FFL or best offer! Like-new LMT LM308MWS in .308 Win / 7.62x51mm. About 100 or so rounds fired. Cleaned and oiled. Upgrades include installed SilencerCo Specwar QD 7.62 muzzle brake and PWS ratcheted castle nut with QD end plate. (~$100-120 worth of parts). Original factory muzzle device and castle nut / end plate are included. Muzzle device is only torqued on (no rocksett) so it can be easily removed. Includes everything from the LMT factory in the factory box! 1x 20rd PMAG, torque wrench for barrel changes, LMT fixed battle sights (no longer included on the newer rifles), 3x rail covers, sling, and all LMT literature / warranty card, etc. I am an FFL dealer in the Houston area so this rifle is available for local pickup! I am also willing to trade for Dan Wesson 1911's + cash or ammo. No sales where prohibited by local law! The seller is responsible for knowing all state and local laws pertaining to this purchase. CALL or TEXT 281-467-5424. Thanks!
  7. Fully transferable registered B-G Machine Uzi Bolt in an Action Arms Model B host. Currently on a Form 3 and in my inventory ready for immediate transfer to your SOT. $12,500 SHIPPED Includes original case with 3x 25rd mags and sight adjustment tool. Runs great!
  8. For sale is a very good condition, Post-86 Dealer Sample FACTORY Glock 18C machine pistol. This is NOT a conversion. Includes 1x 17rd and 1x 33rd (not pictured) Glock magazine. Comes with the factory "Tupperware" box. This machine gun is currently on a Form 3 and will require a demonstration letter for "Glock, G18C, 9mm". You must be an FFL / SOT to own this machine gun and the demo letter IS required. An eForm 3 will be filed so this will clear QUICK! CALL or TEXT me at 281-467-5424 Thanks!
  9. Very good condition FNH-Belgium SCAR 16 CQC in FDE with 10" barrel and GG&G extended charging handle. Each gun includes 1x 30rd FDE steel magazine Brokering these for a PD that has a few available - these are on a Form 5 with a PD and will require a demo letter for "FNH SCAR 16 CQC 5.56mm" These have seen light to medium department use but are still in very good condition with some wear. $3050 shipped - deduct $100 from the total if you take 2, consecutive serial numbers are available Thanks!
  10. WTS: Glock 18C Post Sample

    PM sent - I will take them both
  11. FN Mag58 (240)-No law letter

    PM sent, interested in your 240 and more MG's if available
  12. WTS: Post-86 Dealer Sample GLOCK 18 - $3500

    PM sent, sir
  13. WTS: Post-86 Dealer Sample GLOCK 18 - $3500

  14. Lots of guns on Form 5's waiting in PD's to transfer out to SOT's with a demo letter Faxed / electronically submitted (non-eForm) Form 5 clearance is down to about 2 weeks lately I have MULTIPLES of each gun except the Glock 18 H&K HK416 10" - $4250 - Excellent condition with HK sights and one magazine H&K MP5A3 w/ Navy trigger pack, A3 stock - $1850 - very good condition with carry wear H&K MP5A3 w/ SEF trigger pack, A3 stock - $1700 - very good condition with carry wear FNH SCAR 16 CQC 10", FDE - $3250 - very good to excellent condition Glock 18 - excellent condition, Glock factory G18 - SOLD H&K UMP40 - $1200 - very good to excellent condition, Navy pack and folding stock, 2 mags each - these will be available early to mid-May All guns include 1 mag unless otherwise specified, shipping is included in price Pictures available upon request, just shoot me an email or text me I am looking forward to doing business with you! Please contact me via Sturm PM, or by voice or text at 281-467-5424 Thanks!