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  1. WTS: Transferable Thompson M1A1 C&R

    There should also be a good amount of British proof house markings on the right side of the barrel.
  2. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

  3. M2HB 50cal transferable machine gun

  4. Received a pre-may Walther MPL from Tom a few months back. Gun and experience were both superb.
  5. Trade for pallet of AK receivers?
  6. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

    Email sent
  7. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

    You definitely do need some cool shit with all that garbage in your collection ;-)
  8. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

    Looking to pick up a few PRE-86 dealer sample machine guns Please let me know what you have. Thanks! CALL or TEXT 281-467-5424 or PM me here.
  9. I have a couple Colt Commando complete kits with 11.5" barreled uppers and detachable carry handles. These kits include EVERYTHING except for the stripped lowers and are in very good condition overall. $750 shipped or best offer. These have minor wear from storage and carry. CALL or TEXT 281-467-5424
  10. Cleaning out the last of a Sheriff's office stock of SWAT guns and these need to go. These will transfer out on a Form 5 and previous guns have only been taking 7-10 days for approval. NFA has been contacting CLEO's lately and verifying demo letters and you can expect they will contact your Chief or Sheriff - please let your CLEO know to expect a call. H&K MP5A3 - $1550 shipped - 1x 30rd mag, tactical bag, Navy trigger pack, A3 stock, very good to excellent condition (multiple available) H&K MP5SD3 - $2750 shipped - 1x 30rd mag, soft case, Navy trigger pack, A3 stock, very good condition, rubber handguard and silencer have heavy wear. Colt M4 Commando - $750 shipped - 1x 20rd mag, 11.5" barrel, detachable carry handle, all factory Colt (multiple available) A DEMO LETTER IS REQUIRED FOR PURCHASE, guns are lettered as "MP5A3", "MP5SD3", and "M4" CALL or TEXT 281-467-5424 I will make package deal on multiple guns and I will chop guns.
  11. WTS: HK G36C Post Sample

    I'll take them all. PM sent.
  12. I have a local PD that has had these stripped lowers for a few years after another company came in and bought the kits. These are factory HK / Germany HK416 stripped lower receivers. These are registered post-sample machine gun receivers and will require a letter. Demo letter must request "Heckler & Koch HK416 5.56mm". "HK416D" should also work - I have seen both fly in these instances. The PD wants these gone! $150 each + $10 shipping. FREE shipping for a pair (consecutive sets available). We should be able to start paperwork / transfer process towards the end of the month, but I can put your name in queue.
  13. I have a batch of NEW NHMTG (OEM for Colt) Aluminum 20rd AR15 / M16 magazines $10 each plus shipping Quantity determines shipping cost - I can ship flat rate USPS. I can fit a total of 25 of these in a medium flat rate box and ship for $15 CALL or TEXT 281-467-5424 / PM me here I have about 50-60 of these remaining
  14. WTS: Colt AR-15 Model 614

    I will take it as per our conversation, Thank you!
  15. I have ONE (1) Heckler & Koch MP5SD3 in good to very good condition currently with a Sheriff's office on a Form 5 and ready to move out. This MP5SD3 has some wear and tear from standard department use and handling, but functions perfectly. This MP5SD3 features a collapsible A3 stock and Navy trigger pack. There are some holes drilled in the rubber handguard where rails and lights were attached, but this can be replaced easily. The silencer is scratched up and is in good condition but also works just fine. Gun includes ONE (1) German H&K 30rd steel mag and tactical bag. Price includes shipping to your SOT. $3000 This gun will require a demo letter and is lettered as "Heckler & Koch MP5SD3 9mm" CALL or TEXT 281-467-5424