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    Pictures of the receiver, please
  2. SEE PICS Transferable FN M240b (MAG58), $275K

    I think he means transferred out of FN-USA in the early 2000s and not manufactured at that time, as in registered prior to 86 but sold in the early 2000s.
  3. Good to very good condition COMPLETE HK416 parts kit. Everything minus the full-auto lower receiver. "AG" 2006 date code, this is one of the first gen production models. Shows wear and use from being with a PD, carried a lot but fired very little. Bore is bright and shiny. GG&G front sight installed. Comes with everything pictured. $3000 shipped or best offer CALL or TEXT 281-467-5424
  4. I have a few NEW Osprey Defense piston conversion kits for the AR15 / M16 carbine length gas system. These are a really cool system that allows you to quickly convert your gas-impingement AR15 or M16 into a piston-driven gun. Kit comes with EVERYTHING you need including bolt-carrier, handguards, piston rod, pins, etc. These are $300 on Brownells $210 SHIPPED to your front door CALL or TEXT 281-467-5424 Military Arms Channel Review:
  5. I have a large batch of H&K MP5A3's and Colt Commandos available out of a local Sheriff's office. The Sheriff has already signed off on these to move out so they are ready to be papered to your SOT. Demo letter required for "Heckler & Koch MP5A3 9mm" or "Colt M4 5.56mm". The MP5A3's are in very good + condition and have an A3 stock, Navy trigger pack (safe, semi, auto), tactical carrying bag, and ONE (1) 30rd German H&K magazine. They are $1850 shipped for one or $3600 shipped for a consecutive pair. The Colt Commandos are in very good condition and feature an 11.5" barrel and railed uppers with detachable carry handles. They are factory Colt guns all the way around. They include ONE (1) 20rd Colt mag each. They are $1000 shipped for one or $950 shipped for a pair. My Form 5's submitted via fax are taking approximately 2 weeks for approval. CALL or TEXT me at 281-467-5424.
  6. We have some as-new / surplus Zastava, Serbia / Yugo Post-86 dealer sample machine guns in-bond and ready to be sold. These models will require a demo letter. Payment is NOT required until we file the Form 2 once the gun is out of bond and ready to Form 3 to you. - Zastava, Model M70B1, 7.62x39mm - full-size underfolder AK47 variant, includes FOUR (4) 30rd mags, sling, BFA, accessories, and manual. - - $1250 shipped - Zastava, Model M72B1, 7.62x39mm - LMG variant of the AK47. Includes FOUR (4) magazines, sling, cleaning kit, oil can, BFA, Tritium rear sight, drag bag, ammo bag, and manual. Bipod comes attached to gun. - - $1750 shipped - Zastava, Model M84, 7.62x54R - Zastava, Serbia version of the PKM. This is the COMPLETE SETUP for a very rare PKM. Tripod, 250rd drum / belt, 100rd drum / belt, sling, BFA, spare parts, tools, accessories, drag bag, manual, AND SPARE BARREL - - $7000 shipped You must provide a demo letter and a dealer order letter / purchase order. I have both of these templates that I will send buyers. Condition will vary slightly, however, these guns are all surplus / as-new and still in the cosmoline. CALL or TEXT 281-467-5424
  7. WTS: No letter Post, Pre May samples and a transferable

    I will take the pre-sample AR10 and Micro Galil
  8. Very good condition Post-86 Dealer Sample Steyr MPi-81 9mm SMG Includes FOUR (4) 32rd mags with loader. Aftermarket weaver rail attached on the underside of the fore end. Currently with a PD on a Form 5, ready to transfer out Requires a demo letter requesting "Steyr MPi-81 9mm" $1550 shipped or best offer Call or text 281-467-5424
  9. WTB: Pre & Post 86 Dealer Sample Machine Guns

  10. Concur fully John took 3 no-letter posties from me and was phenomenal to deal with!
  11. Looking for some Steyr-Solothurn MP34 parts in 45ACP Bolt Top Cover Barrel Magazine(s) Also interested in any 9mm parts for the same gun
  12. WTB: Pre & Post 86 Dealer Sample Machine Guns

  13. WTS: Ruger AC556 Post-86 DS $1k (Requires Demo Letter)

    You got it, sir, meeting my chief for lunch this week, I'll add the BREN to the letter. PM me with address / details for payment
  14. WTS: Ruger AC556 Post-86 DS $1k (Requires Demo Letter)

    I'll take the BREN