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  1. For sale is an EXCELLENT to LIKE-NEW condition PRE-86 Dealer Sample Belgian "MiniMi" M249 / SAW belt-fed machine gun chambered in 5.56mm. $42,000 + actual shipping costs (USPS Registered Mail) OR Trade for other machine guns - transferable or pre-may. This MiniMi is absolutely beautiful and shows very little signs of use / shooting. It is in the registry as "Mini Std." and is fully compatible with modern M249 / SAW parts and accessories. The barrels, handguard / foregrip, top-cover, etc., can all be swapped for more modern M249 / SAW parts. This MiniMi will include ONE (1) standard 20" barrel in like-new condition. No links or additional accessories are included. This MiniMi accepts standard M27 SAW links and the emergency magwell will accept most standard AR15 / M16 magazines. This is a PRE-86 DEALER SAMPLE MACHINE GUN. It is NOT transferable to individuals and can only be transferred to an FFL with a valid SOT, however, this gun DOES NOT require a demo letter to transfer to your SOT and may be retained after you surrender your SOT. Please contact me here or call me at 281-467-5424. Thanks!
  2. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

  3. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

  4. Colt Thompson's – Buying or Selling

    I received a new copy of this book from Tom last week and am fascinated with the intimate detail Tom put into this publication. $44 is a minuscule but worthwhile investment for those considering buying OR selling a Colt's Thompson.
  5. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

  6. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

    Received, thanks, sent you an email
  7. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

    Still seeking - let me know!
  8. Looking for a Pre-86 Dealer Sample Danish Madsen M50 It MUST be marked "Made in Denmark" and cannot be one of the South American contract guns. Looking for EXCELLENT+ condition on this one. Please contact me via PM or call me at 281-467-5424. Thanks!
  9. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

    Bump. Still looking!
  10. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

  11. I will take this for the advertised price as per our phone conversation - thank you!
  12. HK MP5-SD Pre-86 Dealers sample PENDING

    PM sent, thanks!
  13. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

  14. These are just back from TPM Outfitters after being freshly refinished and inspected inside and out. They are both in excellent condition and function perfectly. This is a consecutive set of Pre-86 Dealer Sample MP5's, serial numbers 82679 & 82680. These are very early SACO imports and are date-stamped "12/72" on the top of each receiver. One bolt is stamped "4/72" and the other is stamped "IA", so it was updated by the previous owner at some point. Both sets of BCG's show wear and use and were not refinished. Both guns have Navy (tri-lug) mounts for silencers. Both guns have been updated with Navy trigger packs and "F" style stocks. These guns are on a Form 3 in my inventory and ready to eForm to your SOT. $30,000 for the PAIR. Each gun will include ONE (1) H&K 30rd metal magazine. PM me here or CALL / TEXT 281-467-5424 Thanks!