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  1. I have a Mint Winchester 1200 Trench gun or riot gun correct 6 row holes , Vietnam Issue , Hand guard with bayonet lug , gorgeous Orig. Grey parkerized finish I have not even wiped off with CLP yet it is as I got it , with numbers in casting on left side , perfect for US Military shotgun collector or to replace that missing guard on your US 1200 ( they is a complete US 1200 shotgun listed on GB right now for $6 Grand , I am asking $ 600 shipped , thought I would run it on here before ebay or GB, very rare piece to find on the loose , I also have an Original 1968 US manual for this shotgun somewhere I would sell also if I can find it , thanks in advance Steve K in Tn .
  2. WTS : 8 MM Mauser JR Brass $ 55 shipped

    I have two full boxes New Old Stock Norma 8 MM Mauser Rimmed Brass JR ( for Drillings and double rifles ) and a box of once fired RWS brass with 15 pieces in it , Norma cost on this now is over $2.00 per case $ 55.00 shipped to the 48 states , thanks for the use of the boards Steve k in TN
  3. Need copies of loading manuals for these , emailed would be great , helpful info etc would be great thanks in advance Steve K in Tn
  4. WTS : Chinese .308 Sealed Crate $ 350.00 delivered to KCMGS

    Still have this if anyone is interested in it please LMK thanks Steve K in Tn
  5. WTB : Browning Hi Power Pistol parts

    I need an Original Slide Stop and a Recoil Spring Guide Assembly and Recoil Spring for a WW2 FN Nazi Hi Power or Early Era Belgian Pistol , Have checked on web and all usual sources either out or too pricey any help greatly appreciated , thanks in advance Steve K in Tn
  6. WTN Value on Early Armalite AR 180 Magazine

    Thanks Buddy , Is this mag older or newer than the ones u had ? Same value or - / + u think ? Thanks again Steve k in Tn
  7. Grey colored 95 % small rivets , bottom plate ArmaLite Inc. Small round emblem with AR 18 in it thanks in advance Steve K in Tn. 20 Round
  8. WTS : Chinese .308 Sealed Crate $ 350.00 delivered to KCMGS

    Bump , I still have this and I will ship it to someone if we can work out something thanks Steve k in Tn
  9. WTS : Chinese .308 Sealed Crate $ 350.00 delivered to KCMGS

    No I still have it
  10. WTS: USGI M14 parts

    pm sent on TRW Stuff
  11. I have one still sealed crate of the late 1980's Chinese .308 Winchester / 762x51 mm Nato 560 rounds in the commercial boxes , buyer can pick up Friday afternoon at the creek , nice throwback to the late 1980's era when the good stuff came in from China , not just the crap like now ! and we have progressed how ? anyway , thanks in advance , Steve k in Tn
  12. 22 Hornet is all sold
  13. Will go out today man , thanks , Steve K in Tn
  14. Hey man I want this , please send me ur address and I will get check out Monday , Ok to hold till clears bank , thanks Steve k in Tn