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  1. MP5K with DLO Trigger Frame

    You are just so bad, on sooooo many levels :-)
  2. MP5K with DLO Trigger Frame

    ^^^^^^^^This. And no. I've never heard of a sear "breaking".
  3. Guys: We're all on the same page....he is indeed a solid seller. If I had the funds....I'd be buying it. I just wanted clarification for another guy that expressed interest. I had hoped that he would snatch it up, and cure me from slobbering over it . :-)
  4. So, just for my own clarification, it was built as an SD Pistol on a Special Weapons receiver? This way, the sear could be separated from the actual firearm without requiring an added tax stamp???? Just want to clarify. Thank you in advance. B
  5. WTB: MP5K parts kit

    Hey guys: As stated in the subject line, I'm in search of a HK MP5K, MP5K-N, or MP5K PDW parts kit, for use in my next project. Please PM me with your prices/pics. Thank you in advance. Brad
  6. NFA Branch Head Count

    Wow.....just wow.
  7. That would make it a Post 86 MG.....the same as drilling the dreaded third hole on an AR receiver. As Sardo_67 Said......ummmmm no......just no.
  8. Should We Add an HK Specific Market Board?

    OUTSTANDING SUGGESTION. Put it up, and watch it explode. You'll probably have to divide it into sections {i.e., handgun/long gun} Just a thought. B
  9. Welcome to the New Forums!

    Nicely done guys!!! Thank you!!!

    "Personally speaking".....the old site was simple to navigate. And don't get me've obviously put a lot of time, effort, and money into the new site. I'm just the village idiot trying to navigate around in the new terrain. So with that said...looks very cool.....(for me)....very hard to navigate. No offense. Love your boards buddy!!!!!