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  1. Rock Island Armory transferable M60E6 RIA

    PM sent. Thanks - Boatie
  2. WTS: Transferable M60

    PM'd as well. Boatie
  3. WTS: Broadhead Armory RDIAS

    Can you send me pics, please? Thanks - Boatie
  4. WTS: SWD M11/9

    PM Sent
  5. Colt AR15A2 with Spare .22 LR Upper

    Is the RDIAS steel or aluminum? Thanks - Boatie
  6. WTS: FNCs with S&H sear

    Can you send me pics of the Howco? Thanks - Boatie
  7. WTS: Subsonic 9mm-147gr RN $299/1000

    Thanks Ed for the prompt reply.
  8. M60 Predator Pack - Guide how to build it - Video

    Great video. Thanks for sharing this!!! Boatie
  9. WTS: Subsonic 9mm-147gr RN $299/1000

    Do you offer a price per round discount on these at 10k round count? Boatie
  10. WTS/T Micro Galil

    Was not familiar with this build.... Making an update accordingly. Good looking! GLWS
  11. Message sent. Thanks, Boatie