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  1. WTS sold

  2. WTS New Aimpoint ACO $310 shipped. Discreet Paypal or USPS money order.
  3. For sale is an Excellent condition Steyr USR. It had been registered as an SBR with a factory 14" barrel. I have since sold the barrel and removed the gun from the NFA Registry. All you need is a $450 barrel from http://www.pjs-steyraug.com/ . Comes with 2 mags. $1250 shipped to your FFL. Thanks! Roger c) 24O-888-5498 call or text.
  4. For sale is a Steyr USR receiver with a removable flattop rail. It's basically an AUG A2. It was formerly an SBR and is engraved on the top of the receiver. Ready to ship to your FFL. $900 shipped. Obo Roger c3nthusiast@gmail.com
  5. Lightly used Armalite SPR Mod 1 monolithic upper. - Armalite SPR Mod 1 upper - Colt 14.5" M4 barrel with pinned AAC FH - BCG - Charging Handle $525 shipped. Discreet PayPal plus 3%. racuavera@msn.com
  6. Glock 22 and 23 police trade in mags. 5 for $65 shipped.Send questions to c3nthusiast@hotmail.comThanks!
  7. Used condition. $125 shipped. Discreet PayPal plus 3%.
  8. Excellent condition Harris SL. $70 shipped. Discreet PayPal plus 3%.
  9. ......

  10. FS Steyr AUG (USR) 14" SBR

    For sale is an excellent condition Steyr USR on a Form 1 in MD. Comes with a rare factory 14" barrel with original flashider and an AAC Flashider as pictured. Comes with (2) mags and a factory flatop rail. $3000 I pay the 1st tax if out of state.
  11. Various Items for Sale Calico 50 rnd mag $60 shipped Like New Storm Lake Glock 17 TB 1/2x28 $110 shipped HK 33/53/93 30 rnd mag $60 Like New Glock 21 mags $40 shipped (6) Steyr Aug mags $125 shipped Hk 416 Mag $30 shipped Harris SL Bipod $65 shipped Tactical Inc Mag 10/22 $20 shipped (13) New Magpul Gen2 mags in the wrap $125 shipped Hk #7 Locking Piece $60 shipped (2) Hk SL8 Stock pins $30 shipped Sure fire Scout light LED $150 shipped Discreet Paypal. Email for pics. c3nthusiast@hotmail.com
  12. WTB Broken Steyr SSG magazine

    Let me know what you got.