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  1. WTB: Lewis Gun Pan

    Hello, I have three Lewis pans and a loader in an IMA repro streel carry case. These are working pans ready to go. $200 ea. for the pans or buy all three and get the loader free. Plus if you buy all three I will throw in the steel carry case for cost of shipping. Lee Franklin reply to wfranklin@cfl.rr.com
  2. MP5N SBR. Original conversion from serial no. 1000 HK94 by John Weaver of JRW Sports, Edgewater, FL. Conversion was probably done in 1994 or 95. I bought the gun in 2000. Sear ready, mag flapper, German three lug flash hider, NOS German three lug barrel recently installed and only about 100 rounds fired since. $8000 on a form four.
  3. WTB: Thompson M1 lower frame complete

    No, I don't have a stripped frame.
  4. Title says it all, any condition. 352-978-0098
  5. WTS: Sturmgewehr 44, STG44 parts kit

    With a cut receiver the parts kit is legally a non gun, if it were to be welded back together by a 07 manufacturer that has a current special occupation license to build NFA items it would become a legal post sample machine gun. It is possible for an individual to weld it together and build a semi-auto rifle if they follow the correct procedure. But that is something I could not advise you on.
  6. Complete STG44 (Hanel) parts set ,excellent barrel, comes with one magazine and includes 2 saw cut receiver for $6500. 07/02 will complete as a post sample with your completed form 2 for a total price of $7000 and guarantee