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  1. WTB M2 Carbine

    message sent to bravo
  2. Thinning collection for other projects. Neil Smith made transferable HK trigger pack. The Steel box is the the registered part. So no wear and tear on small parts. Super easy to swap between hk93, hk94, and hk91. But way more important for most people, its swaps quite easily into any of the inexpensive clones! This way you can pick up one of the century C93 and not worry as much about the barrel to swap between guns it takes about 2 minutes. You just pull pack out and swap ejector. Very easy. $35,000 for the pack plus freight and insurance. I will cover first stamp. ******sold pending funds***** contact
  3. To make more clear, it is currently on a form 4 in ohio. Says so in the title line but I've received a few questions.
  4. Item sold

    Sold, pending funds
  5. Item sold

    Form 4 in Ohio. I will pay first transfer tax on all guns. Will accept check/mo/wire prices do not include freight to your dealer we can work out exact cost for that after location set
  6. Item sold

    I did not state that it was a C&R gun. you can not see a weld mark so my presumption is that it was a well made tube gun. My asking price was a shot in the dark. I've not seen one sell for a few years and it was 12,000 last i saw. Rory
  7. Item sold

    Parts sold with gun
  8. Item sold

    MK2 is listed in box 4d
  9. Item sold

    price reduced
  10. FS or Trade: Ramo 1917A1 Water Cooled 30-06 $17,500

    Private message sent.
  11. anyone have a shrike that they dont use any more? I think that i would like one but no interest in paying retail for a new item that i don't think i will use that often either. let me know what gen you have and if there are any issues. rory (dot) benson at gmail (dot) com
  12. I closed down my FFL last year and sold off all of my posties. The rest that i am moving is all boring title I stuff. Except for my prized possession. Sadly the time has come to release this trophy back into the wild. The MG81z is a mythical beast, as rare as a unicorn... or at least a Sasquatch. This Twin is a true matched pair. Consecutive serial matching numbers set.Each side shoots at a blistering 1600 Rounds per minute. That is 3200 rounds per minute!!! I've never shot these as i just thought they were too pretty to shoot. I have about 3-400 links that will be included with the gun. The first 15 photos do not have the mg81z attachment point that ties the barrels together. in photo 15, I have a tie piece that will hook up to an m2 pintle. In photo 16 and 17 it is shown with the native mg81z tie piece. Both are included with the auction. Maybe you have a plane that you want to mount the gun to The cone flash hiders are even more rare than the gun itself. They were used to make Han Solos blaster, so the few that hit the market, end up going to Star Wars reenactors/collectors for cubic dollars. A set this nice has not come to the public market, that I have seen, for at least 7 years if not longer. The price is $60,000. I am willing to do a 50/50 on payment. 50% down, remaining 50% when the paperwork clears NFA. C&R 2 stamp set. Because i have released my FFL, these will transfer out on 2 form 4s. Either to the FFL dealer in your State or direct to your C&R FFL. I am in Cincinnati Ohio. you can reach me at rory dot benson at gmail dot com or via phone 614 657 3726 plenty of references available.
  13. updated to include last remaining item for sale. added mg81z 21 dec 2017
  14. updated original post. very little left over
  15. A couple without licences wasted some time. Here is an updated list of what is currently available. Almost everything has been sold.
  16. almost all sold pending funds Original post is edited to reflect what is remaing
  17. Frank has one for sale asking was 16,000
  18. I have updated the list to reflect remaining Qty only.
  19. Absolutely NOT. You must have an FFL AND BE AN SOT.
  20. I am almost surprised that I need to reiterate this, You must be an SOT to own these.
  21. QTY listed in first post is accurate to what is available well, pending funds edited this post to remove qty. remove any confusion. Everything listed in top post.