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  1. NEW Subsonic 5.7x28mm 55gr FMJ

  2. FS: Cycling 110gr subsonic 223/5.56

  3. Subsonic 5.7X28mm $26/20

    More available!
  4. WTS: Linked M249 SAW Ammunition with 4:1 Tracer

  5. Subscribe & Save

    With the rise in popularity of Amazon subscription programs, you can get nearly anything on a reoccurring schedule. The problem for gun owners: Amazon does not sell ammunition. We recognized this fact and built a service providing gun owners with a regular purchase program for select ammunition. Our program gives firearm enthusiasts a way to stock up on ammo every month. Customers purchase small amounts of ammunition but get bulk ammo prices. Ammunition inventory accrues for as long as the customer requests it. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!
  6. WTS: 9mm Luger 124gr Shellshock NEW

    9mm Luger 124gr Shellshock Condition: New Bullet Weight: 124 Grain Bullet Type: Round Nose TMJ Ammo Casing: NAS3 Ammo Caliber: 9mm (9x19mm) Primer Type: Boxer Muzzle Velocity 1080fps $13.99/50 or subscribe and save up to 15% BUY NOW
  7. FS: Cycling 110gr subsonic 223/5.56

    Condition: NEW Bullet Weight: 110 Grain Bullet Type: Jacketed Frangible Ammo Casing: Brass Ammo Caliber: .5.56 NATO Primer Type: Boxer Quantity: 20 Rounds Velocity: 1050 ft/s Price $41 AMMUNITION ORDERS WILL ONLY SHIP VIA UPS. PURCHASE HERE
  8. NEW Subsonic 5.7x28mm 55gr FMJ

    Condition: NEW Bullet Weight: 55 Grain Bullet Type: FMJ Ammo Casing: Brass Quantity: 20 ROUNDS Ammo Caliber: 5.7x28mm Primer Type: Boxer Velocity: 1000 Ft/s Price: 25.99/20 Rounds AMMUNITION ORDERS WILL ONLY SHIP VIA UPS. PURCHASE HERE This subsonic ammunition is intended for suppressed rifles.
  9. Subsonic Controlled Fracturing 50 BMG 725gr Condition: Factory Remanufactured Bullet Weight: 725 Grain Bullet Type: Lehigh Controlled Fracturing Ammo Casing: Brass Quantity: 10 Ammo Caliber: 50 BMG Velocity: 1020 Ft/s PURCHASE HERE
  10. Linked M249 SAW Ammunition with 4:1 Tracer Bullet Type: FMJ, (Full Metal Jacket) Bullet Weight: 55gr Bullet Jacket: Copper Tracer Color: Red Case: Brass Velocity: 2900 fps Powder: Non-Corrosive Primer: Boxer Non-Corrosive Amount: 200 round 4:1 tracer linked with M27 links for M249 SAW PURCHASE HERE Metal machine gun links are considered “feeding devices” so if your state has a magazine capacity restriction, we cannot ship links of any quantity as they could easily be made into capacities over the limit.
  11. Subsonic 5.7X28mm $26/20

  12. WTS: Subsonic 10mm AUTO 220gr RNFP

  13. WTS: Subsonic 458 SOCOM 500gr JSP $59.99/20

    On Sale!