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  1. I will take it @ 9,500.

    What method of payment would you prefer? Would you send a picture of the Form 4, a picture of the can, mailing address and telephone number?

    Thank you

    Dan Neff


  2. Smith Wesson 76 with AWC Suppressor $9500.00

    I will take it PM to follow.
  3. I will take it. PM to follow.
  4. Still looking..........
  5. I know this is a long shot but.......Browning tripod still available?
  6. Looking to buy an original Marlin Arms Corporation Model 1914 (Potato Digger) cloth belt.
  7. Looking to buy a fully functional MG34 Lafette Tripod
  8. For sale Chatellerault 24 parts

    Still available?
  9. Still looking.