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  1. Test Fired Less Than 1 Mag..Box All Paperwork.Original Reciept.A Little Gem.-$650/Delivered. Contact JON@PVPS(775)475-0186 or Email pvps775@tekne t
  2. Smith and Wesson Pre-Model 10 .38 S&W British Proof Marks/Lanyard Ring.Good Condition.All Original.Nice Tight Crisp Action.-$425/Delivered. Contact JON@PVPS(775)475-0186 or Email
  3. Marlin Camp 9 9mm Carbine 98%+.Fired Less than 50rds. Still has rack Stickers on it.With(1) Marlin Marked 12rd. Mag.-$925/Delivered Contact JON@PVPS(775)475-0186 or Email
  4. (1) Original H&R Reising .45acp. 12rd. Mag.Patina.Straight/Good Condition.-$125/Delivered
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  7. Goes by the handle maschinenpistole on Sturm.His email is .Emailed and P.M.ed me "Jon, I'll take the rifle" on an expensive rifle I had listd for sale.Left a phone number.Never returned calls or emails and basically just blew it off.Just irks me when people won't even man up and tell you when the want to crawfish on a deal.I personally would never take any offers to buy from this guy seriously.
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    Price Reduced to $4200
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    New Pictures.Better pics of this nice rifle.
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    Pics added
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    Pics added.
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  13. New Old Stock Sealed on card Mauser HSC SUPER .380 13rd. Mag.Marked Mauser/Interarms.-$100/Delivered Contact JON@PVPS (775)475-0186 or Email