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  1. Everything I listed is sold pending funds. These are Plastic Scepter Cans - US Gov/Mil surplus I do have 1 nice metal can in good shape inside and out. Maybe Nam era if you need one.
  2. I have several Jerry Can brackets that hold NATO and Scepter 5 gal Jerry Cans. I also have surplus tan and green scepter jugs for $40 + shipped The brackets are $130 ea + shipping. They are steel and have multiple mounting options and a lockable steel security strap. If you need something like this for you vehicle please contact me
  3. Frag vest, size Med. DSA date shows 69 Good zipper and snaps. No tears or bad odors or stains. Has tape residue on back. Overall in good shape and nice OD color.
  4. USP compact 9mm. 2 x 13rd mags. 99% in original box. LEM trigger DAO. $925 shipped to your FFL Incorrectly listed before as 45acp.
  5. Prices do not include shipping. Ppal, zelle, venmo, MO. Fast shipping within 24 hours 45ACP COR BON +P 165gr Soft Point $40 COR BON +P 165gr JHP $40 COR BON +P 230gr JHP $40 COR BON +P 230gr JHP $40 Win PDX1 230gr $35 (several boxes available) 9MM Para 9mm Luger COR BON +P 165gr $40 Hornady 115gr XTP $35 44 Magnum 44 Rem mag SOLD Samson box of 50 JHP $40 ea per 50 Hornady 300gr XTP $40 per 20 Speer Gold Dot 240gr $40 per 20
  6. Maybe IO Inc I believe from North Carolina
  7. I believe this fits the Romanian PSL SVD tiger type rifle. Great shape. As shown. Not sure what other hardware is required. $75 OBO delivered
  8. Replied. Sorry was a spam issue
  9. 1 of 135 with S&W archive letter. Comes in original case with correct labels. Prev owner polished this gun they do not come this way. Looks pretty good but not quite a python mirror finish. Pre lock revolver. Very nice gun, looks to have been fired but I would guess sparingly. I had many S&Ws and have peared down my collection recently. $2000 Shipped.
  10. A1 butt stock. Swivel was ground off and like this when I found it. Could possibly drive out pin and replace. The old A1 swivel really protruded so someone didn't like it obviously Rubber butt pad is good. Somewhat mottled but mostly all black in color. $30 shipped
  11. DSA FAL SA58 Short Belgian Titanium Flash Hider - 9/16x24 LH $40 shipped - This is in the white One on Top Bought new for a project I abandoned.
  12. BUMP - I have a couple more available then they're gone