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  1. WTS: Foot locker tray - WW2 or Korea

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  2. Display or to compliment your China 84s rifles. 55gr china. 20rd. $20 per box shipped OBO I have 2 spam cans of Russian 7n6 for AK74 (5.45). 1080 rds ea tin. Asking $225 per tin plus actual ground shipping. I believe 2 can go together UPS ground
  3. Preparing for move. Want to down size/consolidate to conserve space. Will trade for NFA, antique Winchester, Smith & Wesson, Rolex: +/- cash. Thank you. HK91 IB - $2250 + 10 mags, carry handle and port buffer HK91 IB - $2200 + 10 mags, carry handle HK Mark 23 - $1550 Rem 700 M40A1 - full build, trued - clip slotted action, Kreiger, Mcmillan $2200 Rem 700 M40A1 - full build, trued - clip slotted action, Kreiger, Mcmillan $2200 Rem 700 - AICS, full build, trued - clip slotted action, Kreiger, green AICS folding stock, Badger knob, Badger rail, 2lb trigger, bipod $2800 Colt 1911 Gold Cup 80 series Stainless, Eliasson rear sight, 1990 made - $975 Colt 1911 Gold Cup 80 series Blue, Eliasson rear sight 1997 made - $975 High Standard Riot 12ga, model 20-6 $375 High Standard Riot 12ga, model 20-6 $350 High Standard Riot 12ga, model 18-7 $375 High Standard Riot 12ga, model 18-7 $350 Ruger 77 RS Safari in .458 win mag, new in box 1970s fancy walnut $1200 Ruger 77 Safari in .458 win mag, new in box 1970s $1100 Winchester 70 pushfeed in .264 win mag, 1980s, factory monte carlo stock, jeweled bolt. $650 Winchester 70 pushfeed in 30-06, 1980s, factory monte carlo stock, jeweled bolt. $550 Beretta 686 12ga, Sporting Silver Perdiz 12ga, 28" - $1100 Browning Citori 12 ga, 1974, 28"- $900 Charles Daly Miroku 12ga Skeet O/U, 26" (1970s or 80s beauty) - $750 Mossberg 835 turkey gun, camo, chokes, 24" barrel, used on 1 hunt $275 Ithaca 37 - Featherlight 12ga, 28" plain barrel IMP $275 Ithaca 87 - Magnum Deer Slayers, factory black choate type stocks, 2 barrel set, 20" CYL plus 3" deer slayer slug barrel, parkerized $550
  4. Looking for a Knights 45 suppressor for HK mark 23 pistol
  5. 5 for $10 mailed. If you want a bunch I will discount. Leftover from my custom case projects.
  6. Book is signed but not personalized. Early book about Vietnam war and USMC tactics. Jack is in bad shape but book is okay. $25 mailed
  7. I have 2 left. Suprisingly most sold on ebay rather than the boards I am on...
    I had black writing with yellow logo for .45

    Another is an earlier case that has more surplus wear, yellow writng with yellow logo
    it also does not have the cleaning rod slit which I later added

    They come with extra stickers


    1. Rebel Rifle Ordnance LLC

      Rebel Rifle Ordnance LLC

      K, I may like one.  How much?

  8. Vintage xenon strobe. Has been converted to use 2 CR123 cells. Works great. Xenon tube looks weird but it works just fine. Neat piece of gear from a pilot vest and also worn on the helmets of warriors, rescue swimmers etc. $40 shipped
  9. This is an older gun. All steel forged Brazilian frame. Springfield Champion 45ACP. Comes as shown with 1 mag. I fired about 50 rounds through it and it shoots very well. This is a bone stock gun. Keep it as-is or hot-rod it. $700 shipped
  10. Black carrrying case for M240G MG. Very good condition just dirty. $75 shipped
  11. I made a few of these a year or so back. Have another batch. This is specifically for a MAC-10/45 with 2 stage suppressor (RPB or sionics etc) and fits the MAC wire stock as pictured. I have added a slot for a cleaning rod (mine came with an aluminum cleaning rod with a loop bent in 1 end). The foam is CNC cut I will include extra stickers for your tool box, safe etc. The only disclosure is that the Cobray decal covers up an old logo on these cases which cannot be removed. The cases are older gen hardigg cases in OD green. They are very clean (unlike the one at the bottom with the green logo) The price is $250 delivered and there is about a 2 week lead for me to apply the stencil and package these. Limited quantities. The case at the bottom with the green logo and Black Stencil is sold and no green decals available at this time. I do have a 9x19mm stencil. Also the foam shown for a Bowers straight profile can has been sold and was a one-off.
  12. I have a nice foot locker tray with original paint. Not sure of the era, Korea perhaps. The front is slanted and it has lot of reinforcement unlike the Vietnam and more modern trays that are just squared and stapled. Will get a ship quote if you can use it. Would like $15 net for it after shipping. 15" deep x 5.25 tall x 30.5" wide
  13. I have 2 rifles, 5.45x39. These are all matching parts (bolt, carrier, dust cover, trunion), original barrels or at least these do not have US made barrels. I believe these were built by ORF and include AUSA receivers. I have owned > 2 years sitting in the safe. 1 is new, 1 is used. I can tell you that the build quality is very high. Parked finish, not sprayed on. Really nice looking guns. I would like to sell the pair and will include 5-6 mixed mags total. They both have slings and cleaning rods (not pictured) $1700 delivered for the pair. I have around 5K rounds of 7n6 I will negotiate a package deal on. No trades right now.
  14. Good condition IB date code. 2 mags and sling. Has claw and ejection marks like many. Made in Germany HK Arlington VA is stamped on ejection side. Good furniture and overall the finish appears original and in good shape. Very nice bore. Asking $2250 SOLD