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  1. Have you checked on Uzitalk?
  2. Really nice Italian Beretta BM59 kit with a superb stock set with original butt in excellent shape. Includes 2 excellent parkerized PB 20 round mags. You need a barrel and receiver. $600 shipped OBO
  3. This is a clone Winchester Model 1200 Riot Type combat shotgun of the late 1960s. Many parts are genuine surplus and these shotguns rarely appear for sale. A must for a mil shotgun collector. Fully functional pump 12ga 2-3/4 chamber title 1 firearm. $2500 OBO delivered. Includes original printed TM manual shown.
  4. This SCAR17s is in excellent condition. Has a trust laser engraved in the ejection side. I called NFA branch and there is no record of this serial so who knows (perhaps PO wanted to SBR and bailed ???). The rifle is super clean. Still has the bar code sticker with matching SN. Comes with a Geissele super scar trigger. This has the original CH and does NOT have the NRCH feature. Comes with 2 FDE mags. Barrel is proofed on the bottom near gas block. $3300 delivered.
  5. Hosted pics for OP. No affiliation with sale
  6. Charlotte is saturated with FFLs and C3s stemming from suppressor sales and higher income earners in the area. There are numerous indoor ranges within a 1 hour radius of the city that are MG friendly. No way you can make money on title 1 guns in Charlotte. "Outside the city" for charlotte extends 1 to 2 hours drive and land is very expensive. Rural SC is better if you just want recreational property or way up near the VA border.
  7. WTB: Para FH brake for FNC

    Anyone have a para length brake for sale?
  8. This is a PolyTech spiker AKS. Factory 416, marked Beijing China. 7.62x39. This is a 99% gun, strong blue, matching wood in a matte finish, not like the gloss amber wood of a norinco. I can txt additional photos. Imported by KFS Atlanta. Threaded muzzle with perfect detented muzzle nut. Comes as shown, I do not have anything else for the rifle. Cleaning kit is in the butt.
  9. WTT PS M10 for M11/9

    Hey do you have a cash price? Are you a SOT? I am here in NC also and already have a PS Mac but I always look for the old ones and parts. Thanks Terry
  10. Nice original sling. It is MRT stamped and looks like 1965 or 1964 after the month. This is not a repo sling. Has some minor rust and wear, sling is in good useable condition for your M1A or other service rifles. $28 mailed. I am hand picking a few out of a lot with MRT + month + year and will post others.