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  1. WTS: M3 Greasegun Mags

    Looking for crate or pallet or 45 cal greasegun mags. Not interested in small quantities. Thanks
  2. Combat Commander in a rough box and booklet, 1 mag. 45 acp. The gun looks very good. No major scuffs. Finish looks 92%. Grips have sharp checkering. See the pics. Happy to answer questions. Asking $1000 shipped. Check, zelle, MO, ppal all options for me. I can txt pics. Slide is wiped with oil and I just didn't get good shots.
  3. This is a forged steel champion from circa 1996. 70 series. Bone stock commander sized 1911. Very good condition. Been in my safe as a project platform that has not materialized. Excellent gun as is. Would make a killer custom piece. Comes with 1 springfield mag. Original parked finish. I shot it less than a year ago and it shoots great. $600 shipped [/ This is an excellent pistol 85B. I have shot it sparingly. Comes with new VZs and the original plastic grip panels. 3 hicap mags included, 2 are unmarked polished blue (original?) and 1 is Mecgar May have very mild scuffs being used but nothing worth mentioning.
  4. WTB/Marlin 39A Mountie Parts

    They shrink and may not fit even if you find one Best to make one out of a piece cut from a 5 gal bucket or similar material and grind to fit.
  5. I have a beautiful blue Combat Commander made in 1975. Condition is super. this is a .45acp. The pics do not do it justice and I can get more for serious inquiries. Only lint and some oil showing up in pics. Almost no imperfections of any kind. There is a very faint scratch from the slide release. That's about it. Polished and matte areas both look fantastic. No box, 1 mag as shown. $1300 shipped SOLD PENDING FUNDS will close ad once final
  6. Barrel is about 18.5" measured down the barrel to the bolt face. CYL bore. Tall bead in place. Original Park finish with no pitting but patina and wear. Still a nice tight gun and slicker than owl snot. Nice plain walnut with no cracks that I see. No swivel hole drilled. I find no markings. $600 shipped
  7. This is a 20-6 Riot High Standard. Lots of blue, killer walnut, and original swivels, original butt plate, some cosmetic issues on metal. The left side of the receiver has a weird pitting but not a corrosion or scaling, the barrel has some finish and pitting toward the muzzle but not deep rot. I can txt pics. Tight and slick action. $295 shipped I had 4 HS and this is the last one. The wood alone makes this one stand out. Late 60s guns form what I can tell, not quite C&R yet.
  8. I have a 1976 Saco import HK91. Gun is okay but furniture is not good. If you have any interest let me know. Cash preferred but I will consider select trades. Revolvers, old stuff, interesting stuff.
  9. Springfield BM59 comes as pictured. With my SOT in North Carolina. Asking $14,500 delivered OBO. I don't see any cheaper listed right now. Consider Partial trades: Old Winchester Rifles (>100yrs old), Rolex, Gold coins, plain full size Barrett M82A1, high end scopes (S&B, Unertl, Nightforce). That's it. I am not looking for any NFA and really no other guns. Posted on 2 other boards where I have a good deal of feedback. Serial # begins X and is a 2 digit serial. Comes with 1 mag but reasonably priced mags are beginning to surface. 70473771 zero zero for serious inquiries just call.
  10. WTB: BM59 transferable

    I am looking for a transferable BM59 on a F3 preferably. Not looking for a specific museum piece. Just something to shoot. Please IM me. Thank you
  11. I have 4 mags left. Mini-14 .223 cal 20 rds. LEO restricted stamped post 94 ban era. Just some paint and some blue wear minor surface rust. $80 shipped for 4
  12. Converted to CR123 cells. Plain brass cap without any sign of modern engraving. Comes with the Light shroud and blue filter to signal from ground without giving up location $40 mailed.
  13. I have a Springfield M1A 6 digit receiver. Has NM barrel, TRW Bolt, SA Op Rod (may be commercial), DM (Dennison) marked Hammer. Trigger pack looks to have a GI part #. Super nice condition. In an unmarked thick NM stock (not a super match). Includes an 85 MRT GI leather sling (1918 type) and 2 checkmate mags, 1 loose steel mag that looks good. Has a bayo lug on it. Beautiful rifle. Cannot speak to round count. Asking $1500 delivered. Good deal for a not so run of the mill M1A. Will consider handgun trades, S&W, old Winchester lever guns, long range scope like Razor or NF
  14. I have the following to trade toward a 29" M82A1, collectable Smith & Wesson or collectable Winchester rifles. That's about all I want. Just looking to consolidate and/or conserve space. I will consider other military and sporting guns but nothing black or AR15 related at this point. Plenty of references available. Thank you HK91 IB date code $2150 HK91 IB date code, port buffer and carry handle $2150 SOLD Rem 700 M40A1 - full custom build, clip slotted action, Rock Creek 1:11 heavy AMU match barrel, Mcmillan HTG Desert camo stock. $2000 SOLD Rem 700 - AICS, full build, clip slotted, Kreiger 1:11 heavy AMU match, green AICS folder, Badger knob, badger rail, 2lb trigger, bipod $2800 Ruger 77 Safari in .458 win mag, new in box 1970s. Beauty big bore dangerous game. $1000 Ruger Mini-14 GB series 185 Stainless with normal full stock with 5 factory 20rd mags $750 SOLD Winchester 70 pushfeed in .264 win mag Deluxe, 1980s, really nice walnut monte carlo stock, jeweled bolt. $600 Winchester 70 pushfeed in 30-06, synth hydro dipped camo stock, leupold VXII 3x9 scope nice hunter ready rifle. $500 Beretta 686 12ga Sporting Silver Perdiz O/U, 28" - $1100 SOLD Browning Citori 12 ga, 1974 O/U, 28"- $800 Charles Daly 12ga Skeet O/U, 26" Miroku Japan (1970s ?) - $700 SOLD Colt Police positive 4" 32 cal made 1931 with original box and Colt letter $900 Springfield 1911 Champion Commander made 1996, forged FI Brazil Frame, parkerized original, walnut grips $600 Glock 19 Gen 3 like new, 1 mag $375 Colt 1911 Gold Cup 80 series Stainless 1990 made - $975 SOLD Colt 1911 Gold Cup 80 series Blue 1997 made - $975 SOLD Mossberg 835 turkey gun, camo, chokes, 24" barrel, used on 1 hunt $275 Ithaca 37 - Featherlight 12ga, 28" plain barrel IMP $275 Ithaca 37 - Deer Slayer, factory black choate type stocks, 2 barrels, 20" cyl and a deer slayer slug barrel, rare'ish, parkerized $600 SOLD 3 tins of Russian 7n6 5.45x39 $220 per tin (without shipping) I believe 2 can go together to meet ground weight rules SOLD