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  1. Here is a Cobray stamped mag pouch made from crappy 80s camo nylon. Holds 3 M10/45 greasegun mags. Nice collector item. If you have the Camo assault bag, this is the exact same fabric. The inside dividers are torn but the pouch is intact. Mags not included. Asking $40 shipped OBO
  2. This is for old MAC10/45 like PS or RPB. Screws onto 7/8x9 thread. Alum 4" handguard. Keeps your hand on something other than the strap hanger while not using a suppressor. you can have the black one or the gray alumahide/park colored one. $75 shipped.
  3. DE 44 in box with and papers. IMI Import. No rail, must the plain old DE. Signs of use but not abused. I shot 20rds recently and it works flawlessly and makes a big fireball. Comes as shown. I have nothing else for the gun.
  4. Very seldom used Socom 16 with 2 mags, GG&G scout optics rail. $1300 shipped
  5. Bump Location is always under the posting title
  6. Old Skool Folding stock with mounting bolt. Excellent shape $195 shipped
  7. I have an excellent HK91 wide forend and bipod. The forend is IB coded. The Bipod looks excellent. If you HK experts can help I will verify as original. The feet mating to the forend is excellent and the welds are very smooth and uniform. $350 shipped. I do not want to separate the pieces at this time.
  8. Mint Model 16 SP1 Fighter. $600 shipped OBO. Ships from Charlotte NC
  9. WTS: M3 Greasegun Mags

    Looking for crate or pallet or 45 cal greasegun mags. Not interested in small quantities. Thanks
  10. Combat Commander in a rough box and booklet, 1 mag. 45 acp. The gun looks very good. No major scuffs. Finish looks 92%. Grips have sharp checkering. See the pics. Happy to answer questions. Asking $1000 shipped. Check, zelle, MO, ppal all options for me. I can txt pics. Slide is wiped with oil and I just didn't get good shots.
  11. This is a forged steel champion from circa 1996. 70 series. Bone stock commander sized 1911. Very good condition. Been in my safe as a project platform that has not materialized. Excellent gun as is. Would make a killer custom piece. Comes with 1 springfield mag. Original parked finish. I shot it less than a year ago and it shoots great. $600 shipped [/ This is an excellent pistol 85B. I have shot it sparingly. Comes with new VZs and the original plastic grip panels. 3 hicap mags included, 2 are unmarked polished blue (original?) and 1 is Mecgar May have very mild scuffs being used but nothing worth mentioning.
  12. WTB/Marlin 39A Mountie Parts

    They shrink and may not fit even if you find one Best to make one out of a piece cut from a 5 gal bucket or similar material and grind to fit.
  13. I have a beautiful blue Combat Commander made in 1975. Condition is super. this is a .45acp. The pics do not do it justice and I can get more for serious inquiries. Only lint and some oil showing up in pics. Almost no imperfections of any kind. There is a very faint scratch from the slide release. That's about it. Polished and matte areas both look fantastic. No box, 1 mag as shown. $1300 shipped SOLD PENDING FUNDS will close ad once final
  14. Barrel is about 18.5" measured down the barrel to the bolt face. CYL bore. Tall bead in place. Original Park finish with no pitting but patina and wear. Still a nice tight gun and slicker than owl snot. Nice plain walnut with no cracks that I see. No swivel hole drilled. I find no markings. $600 shipped
  15. This is a 20-6 Riot High Standard. Lots of blue, killer walnut, and original swivels, original butt plate, some cosmetic issues on metal. The left side of the receiver has a weird pitting but not a corrosion or scaling, the barrel has some finish and pitting toward the muzzle but not deep rot. I can txt pics. Tight and slick action. $295 shipped I had 4 HS and this is the last one. The wood alone makes this one stand out. Late 60s guns form what I can tell, not quite C&R yet.