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  1. I have a 35rd mag shown on the right for a MAC10/45. It is not marked and shows some age. $60 shipped OBO. No relief cut on the mag release, i.e. just like a M3 GG mag. I also have a short 10rd mag that has a phoenix bird stamped on it. $35 if you combine with the other one and I will ship together free.
  2. This fits only MAC10/45 barrels. It is a 4" tube, alloy. These are experimental parts. Just an option if you decide to remove the front strap hanger and strap. The original MAC steel strap hanger requires the barrel to be removed to remove the hanger. This does not require the strap/hanger to be removed. $70 shipped
  3. WTB: BM59 Mags

    I am looking for a few BM59 mags. I will take on more if the price is right. Please message me
  4. "predator" pack with no minigun vids. Blasphemy.
  5. Ain't no forend furniture when hanging out the door of a UH1
  6. See pics. New in package. $100 shipped ground rate.
  7. I have several of these. Please check the difference on the slide for the 500 and 590. These are Laser Products forends with xenon SF lights. I have tested these with fresh batteries. Some models have an on/off lockout to prevent inadvertent pressure switch activation. The 590 shown is stuck on the forend. I tried to remove the ring so you can just swap your entire forend and slide tube. $95 shipped each, no batteries.
  8. Early Bushmaster ACR with fixed stock. Excellent condition. Safe queen. B MP 5.56 barrel 1/9. $1700 shipped
  9. Happy to answer questions about hammers and trigger etc and provide pics which may take a few days to respond. Message me with a number if you want pics txt'd back for quickest response.Not wanting any trades at this time. Smith & Wesson model 29 44 mag 8-3/8 barrel, blued in presentation box, very good $1,200 Smith & Wesson model 629 44 mag 8-3/8 barrel SS $900 Smith & Wesson model 10-5 4 inch 38 spc in original box $425 Smith & Wesson model 10-5 4 inch 38 spc in original box $425 Smith & Wesson model 1905 5 screw M&P 38 special ctg Nickel no box. Orig grips. right Panel is # to the gun. $400 Smith & Wesson model 37 flat latch Airweight 38 special good box/papers not no end label. Pinned barrel. $600 Smith & Wesson model 19-4 4 inch, excellent nickel in original box $1,100 Smith & Wesson model 19-3 4 inch blue, very good with target grips $700 Smith & Wesson model 19-4 4 inch Nickel no box with target grips $650 Smith & Wesson model 19-5 4 inch Nickel no box Semi target hammer (.400") has some small bad spots near top of grip. Otherwise really nice and tight. $625 Smith & Wesson model 19-4 2.5 inch round butt blue beauty $800 Smith & Wesson model 624 4 inch 44 spc stainless square butt made 1985-1988 $800 Smith & Wesson model 27-2 blue 6 inch mint in box $1,500 Smith & Wesson model 27-2 Nickel 4 inch in wood box $1,000 Smith & Wesson model 66 no dash pinned and recessed $700 Smith & Wesson model 67 in box 38 spc stainless in original box $650 Smith & Wesson model 60 no dash 38 spc with ajax grips semi polished $425 Smith & Wesson model 657 in 41 mag 3 inch combat grips not original box $1,300 Smith & Wesson model 625-7 Lew Horton 45 Long Colt 3 inch with Archive letter and matching box. Previous owner polished it $2,300
  10. Used. Wear on some high spots. Night sights have some decent life left. Comes as shown w 1 mag. This is double action only. $425 shipped[/IMG]
  11. Looking for a group buy type deal. 8-10 pistols. Dealers in my area did not get the elite type allotment. If you have multiples of these please let me know. Also interested in consecutive #s guns. Thanks
  12. Blackwater P226 in matching case. Some cosmetic dings and scuffs but looks barely fired. See pics. $650 shipped
  13. HK91 collapsible stock. Very good condition. Still has lots of finish and tight. HK marked and dated but no SN stamping like some surplus items. 1 HK preban steel mag marked and dated. $275 shipped OBO