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  1. I made a few of these a year or so back. Have another batch. This is specifically for a MAC-10/45 with 2 stage suppressor (RPB or sionics etc) and fits the MAC wire stock as pictured. I have added a slot for a cleaning rod (mine came with an aluminum cleaning rod with a loop bent in 1 end). The foam is CNC cut I will include extra stickers for your tool box, safe etc. The only disclosure is that the Cobray decal covers up an old logo on these cases which cannot be removed. The cases are older gen hardigg cases in OD green. They are very clean (unlike the one at the bottom with the green logo) The price is $250 delivered and there is about a 2 week lead for me to apply the stencil and package these. Limited quantities. The case at the bottom with the green logo and Black Stencil is sold and no green decals available at this time. I do have a 9x19mm stencil. Also the foam shown for a Bowers straight profile can has been sold and was a one-off.
  2. I have a nice foot locker tray with original paint. Not sure of the era, Korea perhaps. The front is slanted and it has lot of reinforcement unlike the Vietnam and more modern trays that are just squared and stapled. Will get a ship quote if you can use it. Would like $15 net for it after shipping. 15" deep x 5.25 tall x 30.5" wide
  3. I have 2 rifles, 5.45x39. These are all matching parts (bolt, carrier, dust cover, trunion), original barrels or at least these do not have US made barrels. I believe these were built by ORF and include AUSA receivers. I have owned > 2 years sitting in the safe. 1 is new, 1 is used. I can tell you that the build quality is very high. Parked finish, not sprayed on. Really nice looking guns. I would like to sell the pair and will include 5-6 mixed mags total. They both have slings and cleaning rods (not pictured) $1700 delivered for the pair. I have around 5K rounds of 7n6 I will negotiate a package deal on. No trades right now.
  4. Good condition IB date code. 2 mags and sling. Has claw and ejection marks like many. Made in Germany HK Arlington VA is stamped on ejection side. Good furniture and overall the finish appears original and in good shape. Very nice bore. Asking $2250
  5. This is an old gen laser for a Sig 228. CNC made and fits very well. I acquired in a lot and had shown a similar model on an old Glock below. $50 delivered, works great
  6. Like new in Box. Black in color. Green laser with IR illuminator. See box label for specs. $1100 shipped
  7. 20" CYL marked with brass bead, 2-3/4 shells +3 tube. Mil/PD smooth walnut stocks rack marked. Lots of "patina". Functions fine. I will add a proper 40x heavy duty swivel to the butt and make it even cooler. $325 shipped. Reparked Wingmaster. Metal trigger group. Factory CYL barrel on it with brass bead, 2-3/4" 12ga, +3 and really nice wood stocks. Great looking gun IMO. $450 shipped
  8. Very good condition, some scars from folder. Barely fired. Comes in Blackheart case with 1 tapco mag. Very high quality rifle, no funky sights or rattles on this. $750 delivered
  9. What do I need to do to be able to post in the classifieds? Was on the old board and successfully bought and sold from the old and new board until recently. thanks
  10. 1950s. FULL choke cut down to 18.5 with fiber bead. Completely reparked, Has the bird scene on receiver. Bottom eject for you newbs. Butt has some repairs, solid smooth walnut. Forearm is excellent. Original butt plate. Slam fire 12ga, 2-3/4 shells $350 shipped SOLD
  11. Remington 700 Custom “M40A1 styling ” E Prefix receiver trued. Clipslotted to Remington 40X specifications Lugged scope base with 30mm dual dovetail rings. Numbered to gun no J lock , Heavy M24 contour Rock Creek 5R SS 1-11.27 twist 7.62 NATO MATCH Black teflon finished. Lug measures .313" thick .875" at muzzle, 1.22" at lug. 25.5" approx. Rifle weighs 13.5lbs empty with bipod on it. Williams 1 piece steel triggerguard with double safety button. Numbered to gun McMillian HTG/M40A1 Desert Camo molded in Has 1 stud set in place with a T nut. . PIllar bedded Test fired only. Needs a trigger (factory trigger with RH safety is on it. $2200 shipped Bipod is not included (one I have owned for too many years and I want to keep it). I will be glad to lap the rings if you want prior to shipping.
  12. Retro vintage B marked aluminum butt. 3 hole buffer tube. Comes as pictured. $250 OBO Terry T Charlotte NC from old board
  13. This tool removed the yoke from cylinder. Handy when they are stuck on tight. Alum and great for box or bench. $35 mailed
  14. No finish. Colt from approx 1915 - 1918. Grips are pretty bad, looks like trigger and thumb safety are newer based on color. Gilbert H. Stewart stamp Found on Colt M1911s SN 101,500 to 230,000. Barrel only has a "3" on underside in front of lug. Please email for more info. Asking $800 shipped.
  15. Chantilly VA HK. 26" screw in choke and factory mag tube and clamp. Some marked on left side of receiver. Looks good overall. A little field wear. Good clean stocks and no rust. $925 shipped