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  1. Eric, go look at my original post, WHERE you stated you will take it dated Feb. 20, it is now the 27th and you just emailed today saying you have the money which the picture you sent shows 3 M.O.`s in the amount of 2057$ MY original post stated 2150 which I had and waited on you NOW 7 days and counting, MY offer to hold for (5) FIVE days is up and am now raising the price and moving on.I`m Sorry you went to sleep on this deal but it`s time to move on.
  2. Marlin Camp 9 9mm excellent condition comes with 2mags $700 American 180 semi-auto .22lr, like new poss. unfired, 3 different capacity mags (164,200,250??) two loaders, factory carry case, walnut furniture $1600 Saiga .223 carbine, collapsible stock,quad rail, for-grip Tricked out nice $700 New in case HK SP5K $2200 NIB GSG-5 HK MP5 clone in .22lr $400, your choice
  3. WTS HK SP5K NIB $2150

    SOLD pending funds
  4. Antitum gunshop

    Did anyone else get an email from Antitum gunshop selling off all their class 3?? Is this for real or a scam?? I didn`t see anything on the boards for sale so I am asking if it is for real or a scammer?? Thanks and be safe.
  5. Micro Galil any available?

    Gentlemen, anyone know where I can find a Micro Galil in .223, I haven`t been able to shake any out so I`m turning to you good folks to help. Thanks in advance.
  6. Excellent condition Savage western style single shot revolver, cylinder looks like 6 shot with dummy rds , swings open to expose single cylinder, 4" barrel. $125 I upgraded my grandson to a 6stot Ruger so this is avail. Great to start the kids with shooting sports. reply to
  7. New in HK case HK SP5K all accs. new version of SP-89, same caliber 9mm reply here or direct at
  8. Beretta 92 , excellent like new, Italian mfg, comes with 1 mag, has trijicon nite sites
  9. HK SP5K

    NIB HK SP5K 9mm new version of the old SP-89 have two consecutive serial # . price is $2250 plus shipping / insurance must ship to FFL
  10. Daisy / Heddon VL Presentation model caseless .22 excellent mechanical condition has a few rubs from safe comes with 200rds of ammo ( more avail.) $200 w/2oo rds of ammo must ship to FFL
  11. DELETE

    looking for a factory mag for my Valmet .223. Thanks Found a couple THANKS
  12. Uzi Pistol Conversion unit in 9MM , bolt, barrel and 20rd mag $325 may also work in the mini-uzi however the bolt has the notch on the top for pistol cocking catch., new old stock found at the bottom of safe during inventory.
  13. GSG-5 NIB unfired $375, MPA-45 45acp , carbine excellent condition, 1 mag $500, SKS model M takes AK mags average condition stock, mecanically very good, no bayo $600
  14. Wanted: Mp5 curved mags

    Brian, email me at I have 15rd and 30rd mags
  15. HK SP5K

    New in Box HK SP5K , have two consecutive numbered available $2450 each shipped lower 48