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  1. Open bolt Mac-10 9mm comes with one mag $1900 Open bolt Demro Fox carbine in original box 9mm $1600 open bolt Voere .22LR $1200 HK 91 A-2 have both green and black rifles your choice $2500 HK SR-9 $3800 all firearms must ship to your local FFL shipping cost is extra
  2. RPB Mac-10 9mm one mag, standard phosphate finish has usual scuffs from use $1500 Demro Fox 9mm excellent (could be unfired) in original box, detachable stock, has one mag $1500 Voere model 2005 .22LR original box and owner never fired has some safe rubs on the wood $1000
  3. IMI .45 cal magazines in the blue/white box, 16rd $125 each also have a few 9mm 32rd in the white box and a few in blue/white box @ $25 used 9mm mags @ $12ea email me direct at
  4. Demro Fox open bolt 9mm , detachable stock, original box looks unfired from an estate disposal sale asking $1300 + ship
  5. RKI Wanted info on HK21

    I have an opportunity to purchase a Vollmer converted HK 21 belt fed, what are they going for in very good condition, most likely I will buy and make a safe queen out of it. Thanks for any price guides.
  6. HK SR9, 91, 93

    HK SR-9 excellent condition, hk 91 rear stock with MG buttpad $4000 HK 91 HK date code collapsible stock, Heavy bipod, 1000m rear site excellent cond. $3200 HK93 A3 safe queen, $3500 pictures are avail. @
  7. HK heavy bipod WTK

    just picked-up a 91 with the heavy bipod and was thinking about selling it, what is one worth as I haven`t seen very many and none were offered for sale? Thanks all if you prefer to email me direct it is
  8. HK RK I needed What do I have ?

    Thanks Buddy for all your knowledge and these great boards.
  9. HK mg3 magazine for .308 have three $30 for all, straight stick mags for 94,sp5k, mp-5 30rd excellent almost new $15 ea (2 avail) curved 40rd LIQ $30, 10rd curved $35, HK93 30rd ?/25rd? $40ea shipping by priority mail $10 CONUS
  10. I have three of these Items I picked up with some MP5 mags at an estate sale, don`t know what they are or value . They look like for .308 belts, round holders??? Thanks
  11. Reference ck GomielKiev

    AS everyone knows CERTIFIED BANK CHECKS CAN AND ARE FORGED AND YES YOU CAN GET IMMEDIATE CASH BUT WHEN THE CK BOUNCES AT A LATER DATE FUNDS ARE REMOVED FROM YOUR ACCOUNT Since you failed to send payment as requested you will need to wait 30 days or you can have the check cancelled and send funds as requested for next day shipping. Go read your emails and stop constantly calling , it just makes this transaction all the more looking like a scam.
  12. just cking on Seaman GomielKiev @gmail .com, lives in Denver, did not send payment type requested so I`m doing my checking to see if anyone has dealt with him or is this a possible scammer. Thanks all This is a GREAT board
  13. you can email me directly at
  14. Here is a pic of the Fox
  15. Marlin Stainless steel Camp 9 excellent cond, Choate side folder, scope rail.(1) one stainless mag $700 Saiga .223 as new,AR-15 mag conversion,picatinny riled handguard, collapsible stock $700 Rossi Curcuit Judge NIB , 22/22mag $400 Henry .22magnum pump NIB $400 American 180 .22Lr semi-auto as new, 3 assorted rd count magazines, 2 loaders detachable walnut stock and furniture, factory soft case $1500 Fox Demro open bolt 9mm carbine like new , original box $1300