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  1. Handguns/ Rifles

    Grendel P-30 .22magnum pistol w/1 mag $350 Excel Arms Eliminator .22mag ANIB $375 Carbine ANIB $425 HK 91 excellent cond w/ rare heavy bipod, 1200 mtr sites, carry handle, F/A bolt $4000 HK 91 standard battle rifle, $2500 SKS paratrooper new in grease $600 standard SKS used $350 , M takes AK mags $550 Ruger LCR .357 as new $500 Open bolt mac .380 $1800 shipping and insurance is addl will only ship to FFL
  2. have a pair of open bolt RPB mac 11`s in .380 caliber , also have Cobray swat case with two extra 32 rd mags, fake suppresor, barrel extention, mag loader, barrel wrenches package deal or will sell separate $4200 for all , will consider interesting trades
  3. I am selling this scope for a widow friend, was seen on his MI rife , see the pictures has the case and manual, tool, two different mounts. I don`t know the value so help me out I am asking $800 but make an offer and I`ll see . Thanks any RKI`s can e-mail me with any info Thanks
  4. Need to thin the herd, HK 91 green furniture,1200mtr sites, rare heavy bipod (mounts in front of magwell) carry handle,HK sling $3700, HK 91 black furniture standard issue $2500, HK SR-9 , polygonal barrel, standard A-2 stock ,black furniture $3000, HK 93 A-3 $3400,
  5. looking for a claw mount for the HK 91 needs to have a picatinney rail for my scope, have hk parts /mags for trade or cash. Thanks can email direct at
  6. WTB: Factory HK SR9 items

    have a handguard $300 shipped email also have a 1200 meter site $450 and heavy bypod (mounts behind handguard) $500
  7. WTB: M11a1 380acp Mags.

    Joel, Thanks , are they for the .380? if so I`m very interested, you can email me at and we can work out the details. Thanks
  8. WTS Valmet 76 .223

    will keep you in mind bur price is with firearm purchase , separate sale will be higher if not sold with weapon.
  9. Looking for a double stack .380 mag for my Bersa Plus buy outright or willing to trade other mags/parts??? have uzi/hk/AK, assorted others ASK. Thanks
  10. Bersa 380 magazine question

    Looking for a 15? rd magazine for a .380 bersa? friend in need says it takes a double stack mag but I have only seen the single stack 7/8rd mags. I haven`t laid eyes on the pistol so I`m going by word of mouth any help locating a mag would be appreciated. Thanks can email direct to
  11. WTS Valmet 76 .223

    Valmet model 76 .223 caliber excellent condition comes with a port buffer and a Ruger sling ,one 30rd mag selling for a friend so offers will be forwarded asking $3200 and I am told he has three addl mags avail. @150 ea with purchase of firearm so make an offer on all or just the rifle.Mags will sell separate after weapon has sold but price will be higher.
  12. Open Bolt RPB Mac11 hard to find in .380 Excellent condition for it`s age , also avail is an RPB Open bolt M-10 in 9mm with a custom polished bolt These open bolts are getting harder to find asking $2000 each your choice or make an offer
  13. Semi Autos for sale.

    is the mini uzi still avail.
  14. Cobray M-11 Mags wanted

    Looking for a couple extra mags for my M-11 .380 I have lots of HK parts if you want to trade THANKS you can email me direct at
  15. open bolt m-10 custom polished bolt $2000 open bolt mac m-11A1 .380 $1800 open bolt Voere .22LR $1200 HK 91 A-2 have both green and black rifles your choice $2500 HK SR-9 $3800 all firearms must ship to your local FFL shipping cost is extra