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  1. WTB: M249S

    I have a NIB extra barrel if interested , $350 shipped CONUS
  2. RKI needed HK claw mount Question

    Thanks for your response, I am mounting the claw on an SR9 , I just needed a rail to mount the HK scope onto and was curious if it mattered which way the arrow pointed as it fits on receiver both ways . Thanks all for your responses.
  3. RKI needed HK claw mount Question

    Thanks Buddy for the info , the HK scope I have has a plastic housing and is built for picatinny rail, I`ve had it awhile , actually bought it here off the boards and never installed it . Again, Many THANKS to your knowledge and help Buddy
  4. RKI needed HK claw mount Question

    Big Thanks to all, got my picatinny ordered.
  5. I have a German claw mount for the HK 9 series and on the bottom of the mount the wording SchuBrichtung and an arrow My question is does it really matter which way the arrow is pointing when I mount it to the rifle ?? I am looking for a picatinny rail I can mount to the claw mount to install a scope. Thanks to ALL
  6. WANTED Sig MCX Rattler canebreak .223

    Thanks, thats what I thought. Why the lack of availability? are they that nice. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Looking for a friend, wanted a Sig sauer MCX Rattler Canebreak in .223 , looks like trying to find the holy grail, anybody have a clue where to find one of these? Thanks
  8. Mini Uzi Slow Fire Bolt

    still looking? have a tungsten bolt
  9. WTB HK 91 a3, 93 a3, MP5SD

    HK 93-A3 hk blue/grey color $3500 if serious email
  10. Voere Sam-180, Grendel P-30

    Yes , standard 10-22 internals
  11. WTB: Colt SP-1

    what price range are you looking to spend.
  12. Voere Sam-180 Christopher & assoc. Import , excellent condition safe queen comes with one steel mag, detachable stock ser# A00XXXX $2100 Grendel P-30 .22 magnum 30rd mag $350 ea or both for $675 shipped shipping/ insurance is extra local sales must pass Brady/nics
  13. WTS: Vector Uzi $1550

    any trade interests in the vector mp5? any pic`s? send to
  14. it is a semi bolt , here is a pic