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  1. Wtb uzi bolts

    found a couple 9mm bolts
  2. WTB: Uzi Semi Auto Components

    PM me at for the Uzi parts.
  3. Janda John scammer?

    just emailed me two weeks ago wanted electronic pmt, would not give phycical address or phone#, knew it was a scam with the new in box price was way less than new wholesale price , I played him for a week and finally he stopped emailing me. yea, WTB`s bring out the cockroachs, just get references and ck them out . Be safe and happy Holidays to all
  4. RKI needed Galil post-ban

    The post ban Galil sporters do not have flashhider but it has a plastic wrap around the end of barrel, is this wrap covering the threads or is the barrel turned down?? I don`t want to cut the plastic off if it is not threaded . anybody allready take the plastic off and know if the barrel still has threads??
  5. Wtb uzi bolts

    have a Heavy open bolt for the .45 $900, never used
  6. HK or Clone

    was told the R is for the Raddick installed bullet button mag catch??
  7. HK or Clone

    trigger pac is silver same as bolt and carrier , ejector lever has XX on it , the serial # has an R in it , never saw numbers on hk serial #
  8. HK or Clone

    thinking about picking this up owner says genuine HK MP5 but it is a semi and the mag well is marked with R and made in usa, see pic`s, barrel under handguard is marked NP3D, no markings on bolt carrier or bolt head. Thanks all
  9. WTB semi-auto mini-uzi barrel for an SBR .

    still need the barrel , have a few options
  10. WTB Valmet Magazine

    have a 10 rd out of a 76 i picked up
  11. WTB: Micro Uzi Parts

    I have a bolt and barrel 9mm unfired old stock make me an offer
  12. WTB Colt Factory SP1 Carbine Stock

    still looking for a stock , might consider removing mine and selling.
  13. Have a NIB IMI Action Arms Galil sporter .308, model 329S unfired in the box , this is a post ban , thumbhole stocked , no flashhider version. asking $3500 will consider interesting trade/s looking for a mini Uzi semi
  14. WTB: HK A2 Stock

    looking for the all plastic or the one w/ metal attach plate.?
  15. WTB Threaded Uzi SMG barrel 9mm

    still need one? P.M. me