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  1. I have some items I was thinking of selling, and was wondering if I should sell them individually or as a group- Items are: RDTS MP5/10mm Gemtech Raptor 40/10 used (very lightly) Transferable S&H sear German HK21 parts kit SAR-3 Accessories such as stocks, forends, mounts, trigger packs, housings, magazines, etc. I am not 100% sure that I want to sell all of this yet, but looking for input, so please don't send me offers for anything just yet... Please advise-
  2. Colt AR15 full auto auto sear pin hole egged out?

    Are you tryna fix it yourself or have it repaired by a 'smith? If the latter, contact M60 Joe-
  3. Still available?
  4. Is this a package deal or will you break it up and sell items individually?
  5. How many are left? I would like to buy a couple -
  6. WTB: M16 4 Way Selector Kit

    Yes I am definitely interested- how should I contact you?
  7. WTB: M16 4 Way Selector Kit

    I am looking for a 4 position (safe, semi, burst, full) fire control group parts set for a registered receiver AR lower, preferably DPMS or Bushmaster. Does not have to be NIB-
  8. I am looking for an FNH P90 factory 3 point sling. Not to concerned about the condition as long as it still functions.
  9. Should We Add an HK Specific Market Board?

    I like the idea of HK only board but at the same time I am a little concerned that once you start down the path of specific board topics, it may be hard to stop & then you end up with 30+ separate board topics that may make the site too broken up...
  10. AR R.R. large pin trigger question

    Thanks for the reply- I guess replacement parts will be hard to find...
  11. Buddy- thank you so much for your hard work & diligence maintaining the site over the years. I hope to continue to read your words of wisdom and especially see the great pics you share!