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  1. Savage Commercial 1928 Thompson $22.5K delivered

    Hello...In response to "the Market is soft"...I think I know why it is..If Democrats {socialists} get control of both houses and the presidency next year [pray they dont] ,they will attempt to outlaw everything down to butter knives..A lot of potential buyers, like me, are probably afraid to tie up lots of money in any more NFA stuff until we see what happens with these lunatic politicians in this next year..There aint no doubt about the government knowing who has NFA items..Your Thompson is a beautiful weapon, and I would think someone would jump on it..Its a great deal for sure..Good luck!
  2. WTS WH TSMG 1928A1C

    Nice looking West Hurley..May send you a personal message about your Thompson............Personal message sent..
  3. WTB: NIB transferable Colt M16A2 Rifle or Carbine

    David Spiwak [Class III dealer] has at least 3 new M16A2s currently..
  4. I can vouch for Justin..He is a good guy!..I bought one of his items recently..He shipped fast, and the items came in good from Justin with confidence..
  5. Thanks, Justin..I will look forward to receiving that Colt 10.5" 9mm upper, with the magazine adapter, 9mm magazine, 9mm buffer and spring, and 9mm ramped bolt assembly, and charging handle..I'm sure you will find a buyer for the registered lower receiver..Your bank check, for the agreed amount is on its way to you...When I receive the upper and all, I will post a good review under one of your adds..
  6. Would you mind to give me your email address, Justin, or phone number, and I may make an offer. I'd like to talk to you about it before I throw a price out here..Thanks...John
  7. Would you be willing to sell just the upper, magazine, and mag well adapter....Thanks
  8. WTB MK 760

    Hello Joe...I'm John in Okla..I have a MK760 that I might consider selling..It has several add ons that I think make it a much nicer gun, to include a forward hand grip, a picanny rail with a Fastfire red dot site, and a custom Thompson type stock in place of the hack saw looking folding stock.[ I have the folding stock]. I also have about 7 or 8 mags.The gun is in excellent condition..It is on a form 4....With all of the add ons, I would have to have $6600 and you pay the transfer taxes and shipping...I will not want to try selling the gun with and the add ons separately...If you are interested, I can send pictures to your email..Mine is nospam..Thanks PS..I don't know how to post pictures to this site..
  9. WTS HK94 w/access. $4500

    Forgot to add in above comment..It also had the teardrop forward assist..John
  10. WTS HK94 w/access. $4500

    I'm sure that you know what you're talking about, Buddy..Maybe the Colt SP1 that I use to have had been modified..It maybe had a M16A1 upper with a AR15 bolt carrier?..Thanks
  11. WTS HK94 w/access. $4500

    Thanks, Buddy..All that I can say for sure is, I had a SP1 in the mid 80s that had a teardrop forward assist..Maybe the first ones that came along with the assist after the original ones with no forward assist were built with the teardrop..John
  12. WTS HK94 w/access. $4500

    Hello Hurrycane..You say you are almost certain it has the forward assist?..Do you not have the gun in your possession?..All of the older SP1s , or at least I think most of them had the teardrop assist..The round ones did not come into production until later years as I understand it..John
  13. WTB: Colt Sp1 SN: SP05600 to SP08249

    Hello again Hurrycane..Sorry I'm so late responding..The forward assist is the large button on the right side of the upper receiver that is rarely needed, but in case a round does not seat is used to slam the bolt carrier closed by a hit with the heel of your hand..Some SP1s had them, and some didn't..I'm looking for one that does, if it's at the right price..Thanks, John
  14. WTB: Colt Sp1 SN: SP05600 to SP08249

    Hurricanecharlie...I don't know if Christian Soldier is interested in your SP1 or not since I don't see a reply..I might be if your gun has the teardrop forward assist..Your price, even new in the box, I'm not sure about..
  15. WTB Transferable Machinegun under $5500

    You might try this site..David Spiwak has at least a couple of items that might fit what you are looking for...