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  1. WTB a CETME LC Parts kit

    Hello, I am looking for a CETME LC Parts kit. This is the one with the collapsible stock. Please email me at with pictures and prices. I might be interested in several sets.
  2. Could you please send me pictures of the MG08/15 too?
  3. Can you take a picture of what is in the bags?
  4. Test

    How many posts do you need to host images here?
  5. Test

    How many posts do you need to host images here?
  6. Value of Type 99 LMG and accessories?

    I have had the ATF tell me several things about my gun that was not true. They questioned the standard barrel length of my last Maxim transfer! Its a Fing watercooled gun. NO one cuts them down. I just sent the ATF pictures and she took them without any real question.
  7. Was Vaughn from Autoweapons Ever Sentenced?

    Got any links?
  8. Potential Scam Accounts

    I had someone email me from my WTB ad offering a real good price on a scope. Just needed to send some money to S. America. Just have to be careful!
  9. Hello everyone, I recently bought a Jap Type 96 MG and I am looking for some items to complete it. I am looking for a 7.62 Conversion, a Mag or mag parts, Optics... really just about anything. Please email me and let me know what you have for sale! Thanks!
  10. Firearm torque wrench

    So you are never going to use it... so why spend a lot? This should do the job. Yeah its not as nice and more old school but you are not really going to use it anyway... hard to beat it on price. Why spend 3x on a tool you will not use?$24
  11. SAR East Show

    Oh well, I don't know if that picture is going to work. If not you can see it here:
  12. SAR East Show

    I went and had a good time. I was disappointed more vendors were not there! No OOW or AA ( or IMA....etc. I really enjoyed those that did show up, like US Armament. I bought one guy out of Maxim parts. I then headed down to the Antique show in Maryland. I actually got a great deal there too! Two M16 Edgewater buffers for $15! It was not as good as old SAR shows but still the best show around by far. I love that Dodge City Steak house! We have gone there twice now and will go there every year they continue to have this show! Just an awesome steak and great food in general! I highly recommend it. Here was my take:
  13. WTS Belt-Fed MK46 M249 $7850

    If I recall, Len's Mac RPD or PKM... or whatever it was... was ruled to be a MG in and of itself. Never had ATF approval The relationship to the Mac was not the only killing point. If I remember correctly. BRPs was not a MG but they had not made it clear it would only be added to a semi lower. Back to the original question.... Look, if this is legal to drop a transferable HK sear/Pak on... this opens up a whole new world of MG design. These will sell like crazy as who with a HK sear would not want to have a SAW for $8k more. I mean thats cheaper than the HK clones and not much more than some of the HK host guns. I could see that driving HK sears up another $10K. However we know this gun has been around for a while. Its pretty clear to me that the manufacturer knows what answer they will get from the ATF and so it not going to ask it. They know they will sell a certain about to those who either don't know or wish think that its legal. So its getting an official letter can not be a loss for them. They are probably running out of people willing to drop $10K on semi and now dropped the price 20%. While I am considering eventually starting a FFL/SOT and making a post sample out of one... I have only the slightest hope that this might be legal to drop a transferable sear on...