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  1. WTB: UMP receiver pieces, CETME L/LC barrel or recever

    bump Still looking
  2. Shultz and Larsen Olympic 22 rifle story I got with the rifle is that it came out of one of the com block countries and went to the '84 Olympics but I have nothing to prove that story correct. Lyman style sights Rear quick release peep. Front globe with interchangeable inserts (standard post in now and all that is included). Anschutz style thumbhole stock with adjustable ram horn but plate. Handstop is missing from pistol grip but there is a t-grove track for it. Forward press set trigger inside trigger guard with adjustable post firing trigger. Trigger will set and fire without setting the firing pin allowing for trigger practice without damaging the firing pin. Full no taper heavy barrel Forearm of stock have accessory rail inset for screw in hand stops, sling mount, bi-pod Knurled sling mount included but no sling. I sandbagged the rifle at 40yrds and shot a ragged hole with Wolf target 22. Asking $700 shipped to FFL or local FTF I have pics I can email
  3. Raising fund for other projects Beretta 92FS/M9 mags I believe all are checkmate 15rd capacity still in the brown paper wrap form the government. Asking $15 each plus shipping Buy 4 or more and shipping is free Spikes tactical 24mm adapters both 5/8 x 24 and 1/2 x 28. Thread inserts to use 24mm brakes on AR's $25 for the pair x tech adjustable ar grip $15 Noveske 300 blackout 16" barrel with gas block, gas tube and pins 0 rounds $350 22Lr upper kit. Stripped upper, CMMG charging handle, CMMG 22 bolt, Carbon fiber wrapped barrel, and a barrel nut. I'd prefer to keep it together for now $325 for all ALG 10" Mlok rail as new $90 Hogue Remington 700 SA BDL stock with pillar beding (have 2) $40 ea shipped CETME L kit with fixed stock. Typical APEX import kit No barrel no receiver. Most of the demill has been done, Trigger group has been converted, and it has been sandblasted. The only thing left is to finish grinding the old weld off the cocking tube and put a receiver on it. $400 delivered Tantal kit with Beryl stock. US made barrel with unknown number of rounds on it. I originally bought it to use as a template for a 300 blackout barrel but the project stalled and I have since moved on. Two rear trunions, Bi-pod is in the brown wrapper, trigger guard is in the bag. Will need to finish the demil on the parts, and rivet on a receiver. $400 delivered I can email pics if your interested
  4. Title says it all I have trading fodder or cash Looking for HK UMP receiver pieces specifically the middle Also a "FBI" two position lower CETME L/LC looking for bending jig, HMG receiver flat, Barrel pretty much anything
  5. WTB UMP receiver pieces

  6. WTB UMP receiver pieces

    Still looking
  7. I've had a receiver on order much too long so I'm going to try and get pieces and put them back together Looking for middle section mainly and long rear section Let me know what you have
  8. WTS TPM Outfitters MP5K-PDW SBR Clone

    Sent an email
  9. WTB FN 1903 magazine

    I'm looking for up to 4 FN 1903 magazines Beaters are fine as I will be refinishing them anyhow Prefer aftermarket but original is fine Let me know what you have and how much you want Bulldog896@yahoo.com
  10. Email sent gsa
  11. Bought at a local shop and never shot Spike's tactical ST-15 rifle 14.5" barrel with pinned and welded dynocomp Magpul MOE hand guard, MOE grip, ACR stock. ARMS 19A throw lever mount, Leupold rings, Bushnell AR/223 1-4x24 scope 40 rd p-mag Moe MVG grip Long rail section MOE scout light mount MOE QD mount Asking $1000 shipped for all
  12. Bought this a while back with idea of getting a kestrel That never happened and I can't do anything with this I have $60 invested will sell for $60 shipped
  13. 1960 Polish kit was basically a new kit before cut barrel is intact and in good shape pictures will show shape Comes with 2 handguard sets one wood one bakelite has green canvas cover and tool kit. Also includes semi auto parts Add a receiver and you have everything you need to build a semi rifle Will also include extra feed tray, extra complete top cover I believe to be russian, and a top cover missing the rear sight I had planned on mounting a pic rail on for a red dot optic Asking $1200 delivered if you think I'm too high make an offer also not interested in splitting anything out