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  1. WTS: P35 Radom & Hi Power Holsters - WW2 German Production 1940 Radom Holster: This is the most spectacular example of a wartime Radom holster that Ive ever had the pleasure of having in my collection. Its an early 1940 dated example with crisp WaA169 stamps and a CNY makers mark. The stitching is tight and leather is a stunning reddish brown in amazing shape. Structurally it is supple and retains its shape almost perfectly. This is a virtually un upgradeable example and would be an ideal mate to an early war gun. Contact as noted below with any questions. Price: $500.00 1943 Hi Power Holster: This is an extremely clean example of a mid war Hi Power holster. The condition is very fine but it does exhibit medium wear and marks throughout. The medium brown leather is supple and the closure strap is solid. It bears a slightly faded waffenamt along with a CGN makers mark and 43 year marking. All together this a very nice and intact example of a mid war holster, most of which saw hard use and few of which survived. Price: $300.00 Shipping: Actual Price Payment: Paypal plus the fee Contact: Email - PM or email at (remove “NOSPAM”)
  2. BTT - All offers and trades considered
  3. BTT - All offers and trades considered
  4. WTS: Russian And East German Bakelite 30 Round Mags - AK47 & AK74 I have a total of 8 30 round bakelite magazines available for sale, 4 East German AK74 and 4 Russian Tula AK47. Details are annotated below. Payment: Paypal plus the fee Shipping: Actual Cost Contact: PM or email at (remove NOSPAM) Russian AK47: All 4 of these are ridge backs and bear the Tula star and are in very nice condition. Each shows light wear from storage, if they were used it wasn’t much. One has an EP mark at the top of the mag. Price: $110 each, $400 for the lot of 4 East German AK74: Each of these mags is in like new condition with only the lightest storage wear visible to the bodies. These are nearly un upgradable and would be perfect additions to any collection. Each mag bears mold # 22. Price: $105 each, $400 for the lot of 4
  5. WTS: German G/K43 Magazines - WW2 and Post War I have 10 different G/K 43 magazines available for sale. 8 of the group are original WW2 German production 10 round mags which bear the proper wartime codes and waffenamts. I also have a single cut down 5 round mag as well as a single post war mag marked "Made In Denmark". All mags are in very nice condition and are fully functional. Prices: WW2 mags - $250 each 5 round mag - $175 Danish mag - $200 Payment: Paypal plus the fee Shipping: Actual Cost Contact: PM or email at (remove NOSPAM) Denmark:
  6. WTS: M3A1 Grease Gun Complete Bolt Carrier Assembly - Like New I have a single complete M3A1 Grease Gun bolt carrier assembly available for sale. The entire assembly is in like new shape complete with grease paper over the bolt face. There is some light storage wear but that’s it. This is a perfect spare to have on hand and is drop in ready. Price: $360 Shipping: Actual Price Payment: Paypal plus the fee Contact: Email - PM or email at (remove “NOSPAM”)
  7. Yes, they will run in full auto no problem. You’ll just need a seat trip kit from CMMG in addition to the bolt.
  8. WTS: Mint Pre Pearl Harbor Lend Lease M1 Garand It pains me to let this one go but its time for this war horse to find a new home. This rifle is as close to a factory new M1 that you will find, a real crown jewel to any collection. The 6 digit SN puts production by Springfield in November of 1941, just prior to the attacks at Pearl Harbor. Additionally, the barrel bears proof marks from Birmingham indicating transfer to the British government as a lend lease item. The front sight is the correct blade type with seal present and the rear adjustment drums bear the early “Battle Range” markings. The barrel is dated 11/41 and is in fantastic condition with sharp lands and grooves and a beautiful shine. The stock is beautiful and bears the correct narrow channel, the S.A./G.H.S stamps, the ordnance crossed cannons, and the “P” firing proof. I would rate the finish at a very conservative 98% with nearly no noticeable wear with the exception of the gas cylinder (see photos). Overall this is a nearly un-upgradable example of a pre war Garand with its own unique and verifiable history. Shipping and fees additional. Individual part numbers are as follows: Bolt: D 28287-2 S Trigger Guard: C46025-3 SA Trigger Housing: C46008-2 SA Hammer: C46008-2 SA Op-Rod: D 35382-3 SA Price: $4800 or best offer