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  1. WTS: M249 Para Barrels and Collapsable Stocks - New and Used! M249 Para Barrels - SPF I have two brand new M249 paratrooper configuration available for sale. Both units have been removed from their original wrappers and exhibit some light storage wear but are otherwise beautiful. The adjustable gas regulators show no carbon scoring and the bores on both are nice and shiny. Also included are the factory flash hiders and carrying handles. These would make an excellent addition to a 249s setup allowing for the look and feel of a true shorty 249. -Price: $250.00 each -Shipping: Actual cost -Contact: PM or email me at (remove “NOSPAM”) -Payment: Paypal (standard plus the fee) or USPS money order M249 Collapsable Para Stocks In addition to the barrels listed above I also have several M249 collapsable paratrooper stocks available. The stocks are in great shape with most featuring some light handling and storage marks. They are 5 position adjustable and each comes complete with hydraulic buffer. These are ideal to have on hand as spares or would be perfect to complete your shorty look. I have several available at the moment (more than in the photos) for those looking for multiple units. -Price: - NIW - $100.00 (only 1 available) - SPF - Used: $60.00 each -Shipping: Actual cost -Contact: PM or email me at (remove “NOSPAM”) -Payment: Paypal (standard plus the fee) or USPS money order
  2. WTS: Chinese Flat Back AK47 Magazines - Like New!! I have a small number of original Chinese flat back AK47 30 round 7.62mm magazines available for sale. These are pre ban mags and feature a beautiful deep dark blued finish along with the desirable flat spine. All of the magazines are in new old stock condition with many still covered in the original factory grease. Don't miss this opportunity to fill out your collection with desirable and hard to find mags!! -Price: $35 each, bulk pricing available for large quantities -Shipping: Actual cost -Contact: PM or email me at (remove “NOSPAM”) -Payment: Paypal (standard plus 3.5%) or USPS money order, all sales final
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