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  1. WTS retro m16 barrel and parts

    Sold. Thx
  2. Front sight assembly and triangle handguard retainer along with flat delta ring assembly. Also is a new chrome lined 1-7 twist barrel with .625 gas block area. Sold and shipping. OBO
  3. WTS Colt 6720 lightweight carbine NIB

    Sold pending funds
  4. Factory Colt New in box lightweight carbine flattop with detachable carry handle, light barrel. $sold and shipping Crossposted
  5. WTS retro m16 barrel and parts

    $ done obo
  6. Gen 2 Sig 516 uppers with adjustable gas blocks, new! Has normal/adverse/suppressed settings! 10.5” upper SOLD and a PDW 7.5” both new in box! drops into any mil spec AR15 lower. Includes buffer and spring. lowest price on complete adjustable gas piston uppers!
  7. 10.5” sold. 7.5” PDW upper still available. Crossposted.
  8. 10” and 7.5 still available
  9. Pm sent, no sights with these.
  10. New in box, 762x39 Galil ACE Rifle Folding collapsible stock. $1299 plus S and I
  11. WTS HK 416 14.5” AGB upper receiver groups

    14.5” still available. Make offer!
  12. 1. Nice HK 416 with 10.5 barrel, unvented has block, HK quad rail. All 416, no MR parts. Serialized upper. $SOLD 2. WTS: HK 416 AF DC 14.5” upper Low round count Hk marked upper with true Hk 14.5 barrel with markings. Hk AGB, geissele extended rail, surefire brake, HK 416 bolt and carrier. $3000 add S and I. PayPal ( f&f) for immediate shipping.
  13. WTS HK 416 14.5” AGB upper receiver groups

    10.5” upper spf. Thx
  14. WTS: (SOLD )Springfield M1A BUSH rifle

  15. 14.5” HK marked AF 14.5” 416 barrel (not a cut down MR556) , 416 gas block with bayo lug etc, on a HK unmarked upper,HK quad rail, and HK 416 Full Auto carrier, unknown round count but barrel looks sharp. No sights or charging handle. $sold plus Shipping to you PayPal f&f or add 3% for PayPal
  16. WTS: (sold) HK 416 upper 14.5” barrel

    Complete bolt and bolt carrier included Will try to post pics again.
  17. WTS: (SOLD )Springfield M1A BUSH rifle

    Bump with lower price!
  18. WTS: 1919 parts kit in 308

  19. 1919 parts kit with left side plate still attached, see pic of all the parts, what you see is what you get . $1100 plus shipping thanks
  20. WTS: (SOLD )Springfield M1A BUSH rifle