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  1. Looking for Colt delta hbar parts, to include pistol grip, and cheek piece. Found the other parts! thx
  2. Potential Scam Accounts

    do they just cut and paste a bunch of ads hoping something will stick? I see my ad in that list you have there in the email. Obviously a scam.
  3. WTS: HK G36 SL8 Conversion

    -Sold HK G36C marked Bostic Conversion SL8 -SOLD HK SL-8 with SW HK G36 stock available! As are the following parts! SL-8 is Set up currently with heavy barrel and Handguard with Harris style bipod. -Spare G36K barrel and K handguard for bipod. -Spare HK SL8 Heavy barrel, Threaded ½ x28 with G36E Handguard with HK bipod. -G36 Magwell -HK G36 Single Optic carry handle (not shown) -HK G36 3 position trigger group (modified for semi use) -XM8 bolt release -HK ARMORERS MANUEL, BARREL WRETCH AND BARREL MANDREL (swap barrels with ease and without damaging the receiver!!) -Spare parts, pins, full auto trigger group parts -Spare bolt/carrier/recoil rods and springs to keep it running indefinitely! -HK G36 mags
  4. WTS Retro COLT M16A1 upper SACO barrel Type D stock

    All still available. Barrel receiver and stock. PM sent on the stock.
  5. WTS Retro COLT M16A1 upper SACO barrel Type D stock

    still available, PM sent.
  6. WTS: M14 kit with USGI parts

    Btt. Cross posted
  7. Btt
  8. WTS: M14 kit with USGI parts

    weekend bump, and last price reduction then goes to gunbroker
  9. Weekend bump
  10. WTS: M14 kit with USGI parts

  11. New prices
  12. WTS Beretta AR70 80% Receiver and Plans-$100

    Pic of the receiver?
  13. WTS: M14 kit with USGI parts