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  1. Like new with Colt factory box, 16" tactical heavy barrel, Colt flat top upper, Colt B/BC/ CH and the carry handle. $sold Paypal f2f Thanks
  2. FN/ PSA chrome lined 20" gov profile barrel on a flat top upper, desert tan magpul rifle length handguards. PSA 20" CHF 1:7 A2 RIFLE LENGTH 5.56 NATO PREMIUM AR-15 UPPER ASSEMBLY - NO BCG/CH $275 PayPal f2f Thanks
  3. Test

  4. Issued M16A1 stock, rack marked #13, buffer tube, spring, buffer, pistol grip, triangle handguards, one tooth chipped ( see pic) and a 80% receiver. $200 PayPal f2f
  5. WTS: American 180 metal drum lower price

    It appears to be brass. Counter offer PMed
  6. No sear cut, my plan was rmto use a dias. They can be added easily.
  7. 16" standard barrel, receiver has not neen messed with.
  8. HK MR556 low round count upper that I had the barrel tab professionally machined off so a full auto 416 bolt carrier will work. Once that was done I swapped the carrier for a early 416 bolt carrier. Has a Troy Ind. Carbon fiber handguard. This really takes away the front ended weight. $1550 obo Prefer paypal f&f or you pay the upcharge or USPMO.
  9. Nice American 180 drum, metal not plastic. Make me an offer $215 paypal f2f or uspmo
  10. WTS Factory Colt Tactical A3 HBAR carbine upper. 16" barrel. Looks barely used, low round count. Super accurate upper. C AF stamps on the upper. Includes carry handle, bolt, CH. $600 Add shiping and insurance Paypal f2f or USPMO
  11. WTS: HK93 33 G3K Wide Handguards w/ bi-pod all steel

    PMed you on the remaining bipod
  12. WTS: American 180 metal drum

    Barrel SPF to MrM1A1. American 180 drum still available.
  13. Pic Original metal American 180 drum, 22lr. Drum only no winder. $305 PayPal f2f works best. Consider offers.