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  1. WTB M60 barrels.

    Ive got an e3 barrel if interested

    Last chance before going to gbroker.
  3. WTS: M60E4mod1 railed handguard

    Please PM me if you are interested

    Excellent condition M60E3 upgrade kit. Includes E3 long barrel, E3 handguard and forward grip, E3 bipod, E3 butt assembly, E3 rod and spring, e3 feed ramp and ammo hanger. See pics. Perfect upgrade for your M60 to E3 mod, or as spare parts. E3 barrel excellent condition. Will fit any M60 model. E3 barrels and parts, and M60 parts in general getting harder to find. $3600
  5. Like new M60E4mod 1 railed handguard with heat shield. Perfect upgrade for your M60E3. Will fit any M60 model. E4 parts, and M60 parts in general getting harder to find. $500+ shipping
  6. Need a e3 or 4 trigger group. Consider a e1 if price is right Thanks
  7. WTS: Gyrojet pen flare pilot flare

    Sent paypal f and f. Fred wilson 7980 county road 407 Fulton MO 65251 Thanks
  8. WTS: Gyrojet pen flare pilot flare

    Pm'ed. Ill take it
  9. Wtb. M60E3 top cover and e3 op rod

    Pig needs a few final parts on its upgrade
  10. Sb tactical mp5 stock Mounted and decided to go another direction. Will ship in its box. $225 HK UMP rear stub, front stub and charging handle parts to upgrade your Gideon or building a TMP receiver, or use stub for a plastiweld conversion with Bostic $125 Offers considered, trades for ump mags, mp5 mags or? Free ship if using zelle or paypal friends and families crossposted@hkpro
  11. Chinese RPG Scope with Carry Case

    Ill take it. Pm sent
  12. WTS: Saco Defense M60 Trunion (Reweld)

    Pm sent
  13. WTS: Mp5 and hk91 parts and Mags

    Pm on ump mag and cleaning kit