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  1. WTS: USGI M14 parts

    Bump. Accepting offers
  2. Got a couple of the WOLF Gas Piston Uppers, which are based on the Taiwan Military T91. Drops on standard AR lower. Has FA compatible bolt carrier. Neat set up. $599 plus actual shipping by USPS Priority. Thanks SPECIFICATIONS: Short Stroke Piston System Hammer Forged Barrel (5.56 NATO) One Piece Bolt Carrier 1-7 Twist Rate Flash Suppressor Proprietary RAPID CLEAN One-Piece Piston System Authentic T91 Hand Guard Authentic T91 Charging Handle NO REAR SIGHT INCLUDED
  3. WTS: USGI M14 parts

  4. WTS: SOLD

    Price drop SPF
  5. WTS: USGI M14 parts

    SA pics
  6. Wtb. HK MR556 barrel

    Need a mr556 take off barrel. Thanks
  7. WTS: USGI M14 parts

    TRW bolt SPF; others available. Thanks
  8. WTS: USGI M14 parts

    Pics. PayPal (friend family only) or USPMO.
  9. WTS: USGI M14 parts

    WTS USGI M14 trigger groups 1. HR-N $200 2. SA USGI $185 3. TRW $200 4.M1Garand Trigger group SA $150 USGI M14 bolts (complete) 5. HRT $165 6. TRW $sold 7. M14 Op Rod HRA $130 these are ALL USGI, Not Springfield Armory. Open to package deals and offers. Cross posted. Thanks!
  10. WTS: SOLD

    $SOLDplus shipping
  11. WTS: SOLD

    Like new HK
  12. Btt
  13. Looking for Colt delta hbar parts, to include pistol grip, and cheek piece. Found the other parts! thx
  14. Potential Scam Accounts

    do they just cut and paste a bunch of ads hoping something will stick? I see my ad in that list you have there in the email. Obviously a scam.
  15. WTS: HK G36 SL8 Conversion

    -Sold HK G36C marked Bostic Conversion SL8 -SOLD HK SL-8 with SW HK G36 stock available! As are the following parts! SL-8 is Set up currently with heavy barrel and Handguard with Harris style bipod. -Spare G36K barrel and K handguard for bipod. -Spare HK SL8 Heavy barrel, Threaded ½ x28 with G36E Handguard with HK bipod. -G36 Magwell -HK G36 Single Optic carry handle (not shown) -HK G36 3 position trigger group (modified for semi use) -XM8 bolt release -HK ARMORERS MANUEL, BARREL WRETCH AND BARREL MANDREL (swap barrels with ease and without damaging the receiver!!) -Spare parts, pins, full auto trigger group parts -Spare bolt/carrier/recoil rods and springs to keep it running indefinitely! -HK G36 mags