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  1. WTB/ M1Carbine M8 grenade launcher

    Looking for an original - Thanks
  2. WTB/ M1905 bayonet grip screw

    Just need 1 right now - Thanks

    Would you consider selling the .30 carbine ? Thanks don g.
  4. WTB: 5.56 Tracer

    Did you find them ? Got a few around here somewhere. Don in Fl.
  5. WTS "AS NEW" RUGER Single Six w/case "PIC" 350.00!

    If it will qualify for a C&R please send pictures to Thanks. Don
  6. WTB/Marlin 39A Mountie Parts

    Looking for a factory original white buttplate spacer.
  7. WTS: 400 Rds 92gr FMJ Tula 9mm Makarov *PIC*

    Rich. Did you get my email with the address ?? Don
  8. WTS: 400 Rds 92gr FMJ Tula 9mm Makarov *PIC*

    Meant to tell ya, I can do a Paypal "Gift" Don at
  9. WTS: 400 Rds 92gr FMJ Tula 9mm Makarov *PIC*

    Would you send them to Fl. for $90. ? Thanks for considering. Don
  10. WTS : 7mm-08, 25-06, 30-30 brass and 30-06 ammo

    Any AP ? Thanks. Don in Fl. at
  11. WTB/.30-06 AP

    Roland. How are they packed & rds. per container ? Thanks. Don at
  12. WTB/.30-06 AP

    Non-corrosive. Thanks
  13. WTB/ Beretta 948 22LR magazine

    Used ok
  14. JULY 4TH SPECIAL: Pietro Beretta Model 70S .380 Pistol EXC+++/MINT $450 shipped

    Rodney. Can you ship it to my C&R ? Thanks. Don in Florida
  15. WTB/ Beretta 948 22LR magazine

    Factory would be great.