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  1. I have a east german AKM kit if your interested. Pebble stock with Matching numbers and have new ak-builder chrome lined barrels available but it is not populated. I also have A WASR front barreled assembly with rommy trunnion and handguards you can pick between dong grip or standard furniture (no bolt) if you interested Send me a PM if your interested in or would like to trade for anything
  2. For sale or trade is a group of AMP-69 i have sent years collecting. Included is a rarely seen grenade launching optic (has a torn rubber eye piece), optic mounting rail, proper locking recoil spring assembly, Pistol grip with original cover and grip mount, recoil reducing hand guard with sliding rail assembly (springs are not original however can be used).. I am asking $450 for the collectionFor those unfamiliar with the AMP-69 it is a rare grenade launching variant spun off the AMD-65 most well known for its spring loaded rear stock and hand-guards... this build would be best completed using a amd-65 kit Cashed preferred but all offers and trade offer will be entertained Kits/guns/optics (both modern and orginal) are a few trades idea but not limited tooPlease do not hesitate to make a offer or tradeThanks guys